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If there is a sound but no small horn icon, you can click "start" → "Control Panel (C) "sound, voice, and audio devices" → "Sound and audio devices" → open the "Sound and audio device properties" window → select the "volume" tab → select "put the volume icon in the taskbar "(I) "→ press" application (A) "and" OK. If a prompt says "no volume control program is installed ...",

You can accidentally delete the volume control program file sndvol32.exe. You can solve the problem as follows:

Method 1:

1. Insert the Windows XP installation disc to your computer's CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, and hold down the Shift key while inserting the Windows XP installation disc to prevent the disc from running automatically.

2. Click start, and then click Run.

3. In the open "run" dialog box, type cmd and click OK.

4. type the following command line at the command prompt and press Enter at the end of each line, where X: is the drive letter of the computer that contains the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive for the Windows XP installation disc, Y: is the drive letter (usually C :) of the system disk with Windows XP installed on your computer :):


Cd i386

Expand sndvol32.ex _ Y: \ windows \ system32 \ sndvol32.exe

For example, if the computer's CD-ROM drive is E:, the system disk installed with Windows XP is C :, enter the following command line at the command prompt (Press Enter at the end of each line ):


Cd i386

Expand sndvol32.ex _ c: \ windows \ system32 \ sndvol32.exe

5. Type exit to exit the command prompt.

6. Verify that you can enable volume control and display the volume icon in the notification area (If this option is selected ).

Method 2:

1. open my computer, click "Tools" in the menu bar, click "Folder Options", select the "View" tab, and deselect the box in front of "Hide extensions of known file types", and press "OK ".

2. You put the XP installation CD into the optical drive. For example, if your optical drive letter is F:

3. Search F: The sndvol32.ex _ file under the disk.

4. copy and paste the sndvol32.ex _ file to c: \ windows \ Users.

Method 3:

Copy the c: \ windows \ drivers file on a normal computer to c: \ windows \ system32 on your computer, and press the mouse button on the left to double-click sndvol32.exe.

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