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Yoursqldba translation (6)

Before running the following stored procedure, deploy yoursqldba and execute yoursqldba_installorupdatescript. SQL. script. Then run the following stored procedure to configure your yoursqldba

This stored procedure creates two tasks in the sqlserver proxy. The descriptions of these tasks are included in the Maint. yoursqldba_domaint stored procedure.
Task 1: Execute the yoursqldba_fullbackups_and_maintenance job at midnight. This job is used for daily maintenance, including full backup database
Task 2: Execute the yoursqldba_logbackups job every 15 minutes. This job is used to back up transaction logs.

Yoursqldba creates a database email profile named yoursqldba_emailprofile
This profile has an account named <servername>. <InstanceName> @

<Servername> is the name of the computer on your server.
<InstanceName> is the name of your sqlserver instance.

Yoursqldba will also create an sqlserver proxy operator named yoursqldba_operator, which contains the @ email parameter

Yoursqldba will configure an alarm to send an alarm to your email address based on the database email you configured.
Yoursqldba will change the default number of SQL Server errorlogs. The default number is only 7, so that you can trace a longer errorlog history.


Initial setup

Updated: 2010-10-06

Before to run it, deployed yoursqldba solution by running the script yoursqldba_installorupdatescript. SQL.

Then run this procedure from yoursqldba database.


 1   Exec  Yoursqldba. Install. initialsetupofyoursqldba  2     @ Fullbackuppath   =   '  C: \ isql2005backups  '         --  Full backup path destination  3 ,@ Logbackuppath   =   '  C: \ isql2005backups  '     --  Log backup path destination  4 , @ Email   =   '  '                --  Email recipients (or distribution list)  5 ,@ Smtpmailserver   =   '  Mymailserver  '               --  Mail Server that accept SMTP mail  6   7 , @ Consecutivefailedbackupsdaystoputdboffline   =   0000   8                              --  Maximum number of consecutive days of failed full backups allowed 9                              --  For a database before putting that database (offline ).  10                              --  You must choose a value between 4 and 9999.  11          --  Important: Your can read the explanations in the initialsetupofyoursqldba page  12          --  For using the @ consecutivefailedbackupsdaystoputdboffline parameter. 


Click here to get the full description of the call to the procedure "Install. initialsetupofyoursqldba ".

The procedure create two tasks in SQL Server Agent that invokes the Maint. yoursqldba_domaint procedure.

At midnight: yoursqldba_fullbackups_and_maintenance: Perform daily maintenance including full backups of Name:
Every 15 minutes around the clock: yoursqldba_logbackups: Does log backups
It creates a database mail profile named yoursqldba_emailprofile which contains a account named

<Servername>. <InstanceName> @

<Servername> is the name of the server.
<InstanceName> is the name of the instance if it is not the instance by default.

It creates an SQL Server Agent operator named yoursqldba_operator which contains the value of the @ email parameter.

It configures SQL Server Agent alert system to have yoursqldba_emailprofile.

It modifies log archive number limit on SQL server instance, so it is possible to have a longer SQL server error logs history


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