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"Editor's note" If you think the advantage of open source software is free and doctrine, then you are wrong, in today's software market, open source projects more and more dazzling, the choice of open source software is the biggest advantage is low risk, product transparency, industry adaptability and so on, but in the open source project area really influential enterprises, It is absolutely the enterprise that contributes the most code to this project. Network name for the architect of the blogger Li Qiang summed up the worthy attention of the 10 open source projects, are very valuable, the following is the original:

1. Appium

Official website: http://appium.io/

Appium is an open source automated testing framework that is used primarily for native mobile applications or hybrid mobile applications.

Appium uses Webdriver:json wire Kyoto to drive iOS apps and Android apps.

Note: Webdriver is a selenium based automated test class library that is not a JavaScript program running in a browser, but can interact with and control the browser. All implementations of Webdriver communicate with browsers, and remotewebdriver servers should use a common connection protocol that defines a restful API that uses the JSON format implementation based on the HTTP protocol. To use Appium, install Node.js first.

2. Docker

Official website: https://www.docker.io/

Docker is an open source application container engine that allows developers to package their applications and dependencies into a portable container and then publish to any Linux distribution or virtualization. Containers completely use the sandbox mechanism, and there will be no interface (similar to iphone app) with each other. There is little performance overhead and can be easily run in machines and data centers. Most importantly, they are not dependent on any language, framework or package dependencies.

Docker uses the concept of standardized containers to accommodate software components and their dependencies-binary files, class libraries, configuration files, scripts, virtualenv, jar packs, gem packages, raw code, and so on- And it can be run on any 64-bit (x64) Linux kernel that supports cgroups. Such containers can be deployed in notebooks, distributed infrastructures, clouds, or elsewhere, and their retention of the environment applies to a wide range of uses: continuous deployment, Web deployment, database clustering, SOA, and more.

Docker itself is developed using the Go language and uses Linux's Cgroup, namespacing, Aufs file system that supports write-time replication features, and LXC scripts.

3. Exercism.io

Official website: http://exercism.io/

Exercism.io is a new generation of code review tools that subvert traditional code review concepts. Exercism.io is developed based on the Ruby language, and the PostgreSQL database is used later in the table.

4. Influxdb

Official website: http://influxdb.org/

Influxdb is an open source distributed timing, event, and metrics database. Influxdb is written using go speech without external dependencies. Its design goal is to achieve distributed and horizontal scaling expansion.

In the INFLUXDB database, everything is based on time series, and you can still perform those standard functions, such as the minimum number min, the maximum number max, sum sum, count counts, average score, median median, Percent percentile and so on.

The INFLUXDB database collects data at any time interval and completes the calculation rollup, which tracks hundreds of metrics to millions of metrics.

The data model of the INFLUXDB database supports arbitrary event data.

HTTP-based APIs are built into the INFLUXDB database, so it is convenient to read and write data through JavaScript.

INFLUXDB database has its own management tools to visually manage databases, users, and permissions.

5. Opendaylight

Official website: http://www.opendaylight.org/

Opendaylight is a community-led open source framework designed to promote innovative implementation and transparency in software-defined Networks Sdn. In the face of the trendy SDN network, you need the right tools to help you manage your infrastructure, which is Opendaylight's specialty. As the core of the project, Opendaylight has a modular, pluggable, and highly flexible controller platform as its core, enabling it to be deployed on any Java-enabled platform. The controller also includes a set of modular collections to perform network tasks that require rapid completion.

The opendaylight is roughly divided into three layers:

Network app and business process layer

Controller Platform Layer

Physical and virtual network device layer

6. Openiot

Official website: http://openiot.eu/

Openiot is an open source solution that combines the Internet of things with cloud computing, and the Openiot project focuses on providing an open source middleware framework that enables the IoT application of the Internet of things in the cloud environment to be formulated and managed. Therefore, the Openiot middleware framework will serve as an ambitious blueprint for the application of IoT, making the delivery of Internet applications more automated and more adaptable to cloud infrastructure.

Openiot creates an Open-source middleware that can get a huge amount of information from the sensor cloud without having to worry about what sensors are used specifically.

7. Serverspec

Official website: http://serverspec.org/

Serverspec is intended for puppet, chef, or other configuration management tools to test the correct configuration of the server. It can write RSpec tests.

Note: RSpec is a ruby-based testing tool that holds the banner of behavioral-driven development to make test-driven development TDD more efficient and enjoyable.

RSpec Features:

Rich command line programs

Text descriptions for instances and groups

Flexible and customizable reports

Extensible Expected language

Built a mocking/stubbing framework

With Serverspec, you can write a RSpec test to check that the server is configured correctly. Serverspec through SSH access to test the actual state of the server, you do not have to install any proxy software on the server, and no matter what configuration management tools you use, such as puppet, Chef, Cfengine, etc.

8. Tox

Official website: http://www.tox.im/

Tox tools allow you to protect your meaning from the government's pervasive spying while communicating with your family, friends, and loved ones. In other words, it is a counter listening tool that protects personal privacy.

Tox tools free, open source, is an instant messaging application with the goal of replacing Skype.

The goal of Tox is to become an easy-to-use, full-featured communication platform that currently supports text and audio and will support video chats in the future. Ensure the user's privacy and secure delivery of the message.

9. Xprivacy

Official website: http://repo.xposed.info/module/biz.bokhorst.xprivacy

Xprivacy is a privacy manager for the Android system. Xprivacy is a modular application based on the xposed framework, which manages all applications that may disclose privacy rights, and cheats on applications that may cause crashes, and provides false information.

Xprivacy is a rookie of rights management, that is, tick-action, the main focus on privacy-related permissions, the type is very detailed, but also the benefit of the users can not use pdroid.

10. Reservations

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