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Liu, who lives in Wuhan, recently found a print shop near home with "new features". Usually only when you need to print, but now the print shop has more services. At the print shop, you can pay phone bills, return credit cards, buy tickets, and even pay traffic fines. This undoubtedly increases the frequency with which he visits the print shop, "before this only part of the chain of convenience stores can pay for water and electricity."

This is actually a win. For Liu, more and more practical requirements can be addressed within the community, and for print shops, not only can you get rebates from a variety of value-added services, increase profits, the print shop is turned into a community center for small life, and it just adds to the frequency of customer patronage.

That's what 19e is doing. The use of the Internet, communications, e-commerce combination, set up a variety of convenient services in one service platform, through the integration of various entities around the community stores (convenience stores, communications shops, newspaper kiosks, internet cafes, etc.), the construction of "hundred steps within" the convenience of Life circle. With such a service platform, community residents can solve a series of payment problems in the smallest scope. The most important thing is, for users who do not have the habit of consuming and paying on the internet, it is convenient and safe to face the entity shop directly.

According to Beijing 19 easy station Http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/8002.html "> E-commerce company President Li Weibin introduced," the company's current market coverage of the highest concentration in the eastern region, these provinces and cities to accept better, In particular, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Fujian, Shanxi, Jiangsu, provinces and other places to develop better, in these areas to walk a few streets will encounter 19e franchise stores. ”

Since the establishment of the 2008, 19e has been exploring the line and offline integration of the market, and ultimately the core of the business identified in the "convenience services." It is understood that the current 19e owned 200,000 online franchise stores, more than 20 provinces in the country more than 300 cities, more than 50 million times a month to provide convenient services. 19e The current plan is, at the end of 2012, will be the number of online franchise to break through 500,000.

In fact, for the electrical business, the online market is important for horse racing, the integration of offline power has become a key force against the cold winter. By the end of 2011, through its cooperation with the MTRC, the company has been able to take advantage of the dense terminals of the MTR convenience stores to pick up the goods from the nearest subway convenience store. Coincidentally, Shun Fung (micro-Bo) also began Cross-border, in Shenzhen, Dongguan and other place to open a convenience store. On the surface, both want to use convenience store mode to ease the "last kilometer" distribution costs of pressure. On the other hand, the coveted market can not be ignored. In Taiwan, Japan, a convenience store for distribution channels of the model has long developed mature. In the United States, Amazon (micro-blog) has been formally and 7-11 cooperation, together line online sales.

However, according to the "China Business newspaper" reporter understand that in the cooperative mentality, the current domestic convenience store for the electrical business is not high degree of openness. "After all, there is a certain degree of overlap between the goods sold online." It's easier to work together in a service area like 19e.

In addition, the laying of channels not only stay in the convenience store, communications shops, newspaper kiosks, flower shops, grocery stores, internet cafes, small hardware stores, photo studios, copy shops and so on are likely to be 19e franchise stores. This helps to pave the way for wider and more dense channels. 19e to the requirements of the franchise is not high, while maintaining the original business at the same time, the store as long as there is a computer can be connected to the Internet can be completed on the 19e platform of all transactions. According to Li Weibin revealed that, from the current statistics, 19e can for the average monthly franchise to bring at least 1500 yuan of pure profit.

The previous 19e business to independent procurement, at present, the concept of 19e is more inclined to create an open platform for the third party to provide sales channels, but also constantly enrich their business varieties. At present, a wide range of services include: phone recharge, game recharge, ticket ordering, train ticket purchase, water and electricity charges, cable TV fees, heating fees and so on.

Even so, Li Weibin that this is just the beginning, because on the one hand, 19e involved in the hundreds of millions of of the ticket market, the phone market, in addition to the market with the vast demand for convenience, 19e is currently pry into the market is only the tip of the iceberg. 19E's focus is on the elaborate layout of the national market, the current business has covered more than 300 cities, is expected to be the end of 2012 to fully cover the entire country in more than 600 cities. Occupy the market, can seize the opportunity.

Crucially, there is a need to find a clever balance that combines online and offline potential effectively. In the electric business into the cold winter, the vertical web site desperately fighting, the line under the indisputable become no one can not ignore the market.

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