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No surprises, 2013 will officially become "the year of large data."

Of course, the concept of "big data" here is far more than a lot of data (TB) and technology for processing large amounts of data, or the so-called "4 V" simple concepts, but it covers people on the basis of large-scale data can do things, and these things on the basis of small-scale data is not achieved. In other words, big data allows us to get great value products and services, or insights, in an unprecedented way, through the analysis of http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/13584.html "> Massive data, Ultimately the power of change.

In the case of the United States, this change is taking place. Internet industry, business intelligence and consulting services, retail industry and medical, health, transportation, logistics and even biotechnology, astronomy ... The big data age has shaken all aspects of American society, from business technology to health care, government, education, economics, humanities and other areas of society, and has spawned transformative forces in all walks of life.

It is noteworthy that "large data" in addition to business value and industry change power, but also a matter of national economic and social development of the overall strategic industry. The Obama administration announced in March this year that it would invest 200 million of billions of dollars in launching large data research and development programs, formally raising big data to "national will". China, by contrast, is on the eve of a big data explosion, but in the new revolution of big data-led, China is the smallest in the world, and in some areas there is even the possibility of innovation and leadership.

Large data in 2013, will officially go down the altar, in-depth various industries in various fields, resulting in great changes in the force, which is the "Big data Year" the core of the essence.


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