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In the domestic cities, Chengdu has always been known as the "Capital of Leisure". According to the "2014 Capitol City Eating and Drinking Index" newly released by the Public Comment Network, the name of Chengdu is absolutely deserved reputation. On the basis of its own website data, the public comments on the 31 provincial capitals and municipalities in China from May last May to May this year, consumer data collation and analysis from the life convenience index, consumer price index, consumer contact index and consumption Happiness index four dimensions, depicting the consumer and daily life closely related to the "eating and drinking index," Chengdu score in the country ahead of the city in the western city is ranked first.

Public comment network official said that in recent years, China's rapid economic development, but also to promote the prosperity of the local life service industry, this "eating and drinking index" to some extent become the provincial capital city's economic development level "barometer."

The most convenient

Domestic convenience of living tied for the third country

Eating, shopping, entertainment, watching movies, outside of working hours, these needs of eating and drinking are not only the necessities of life, but also to improve the quality of life guarantee. An important indicator of how convenient your life is is how easy it is to get these services?

For the convenience of living in Chengdu, many Chengdu people may have the feeling: there are supermarkets downstairs, there are restaurants across the street, turning two bends have a KTV. However, the "Index of Eating and Drinking" released by the public comment website for the first time made everyone feel more intuitively about the convenience of life in Chengdu.

Statistics show that shopping convenience in Chengdu ranked third in the country, apparel shoes and bags business distribution density ranked third in the country, entertainment and entertainment business ranked fifth in the country density. Chengdu has a strong business climate with a high degree of convenience. According to the statistics, Chengdu has the third-largest living convenience in Beijing and ranks second only to Guangzhou and Shanghai in terms of living convenience. It is even far ahead of the western cities.

Most casual

Chengdu paste "slow life" label

What is the most popular in each city, often can also represent the character of the city. In the public comment network of the release of "eating and drinking index," a set of data has drawn concern: After the statistics of various categories of businesses, come to the highest categories of businesses included in all categories, from which we can see Out of the various consumer groups in cities have different preferences for eating and drinking.

In contrast to fast-paced Beijing, which has the largest number of sports venues and petty bourgeoisie in Shanghai with the largest number of flower shops in the country, the business structure of Chengdu is particularly different: Chengdu boasts the nation's largest teahouse with a total of 9,264; and the unique string of incense Shop, up to 1302, while Chengdu's bookstore is also the country's largest, a total of 1129.

Teahouse, bookstore, string of incense, these very different but also linked to the eating and drinking project, constitute the most distinctive urban character in Chengdu, Chengdu, the report therefore marked "slow life" and "leisure" clearly labeled.

The cheapest

Per capita consumption amount of Chengdu is not ranked number

"It's delicious, not expensive." This is the most rewarding experience for many foreign tourists after they have tasted the delicacies. Chengdu not only convenient living, consumer leisure items, the price is approachable, so that living in Chengdu, happiness index "burst."

According to the report, in Chengdu, the per capita consumption of a single person in Chengdu is 71 yuan, much lower than that of the top-ranked Shanghai. The average per capita consumption of Chengdu is 100 yuan, lower than 87 yuan in Beijing ranked second. Ranked third in Urumqi, a single per capita consumption amount is as high as 81 yuan.

Not only that, the average unit price of movie watching in Chengdu is also very low, the top three are Shanghai 42 yuan, Xi'an 37 yuan and Harbin 36 yuan, in the top 10 list can not see Chengdu Of the figure, the group buying movies on average only 24 yuan Chengdu let into the theater has become more and more people like Chengdu weekend leisure.

In addition, other leisure and entertainment projects, Chengdu, the average per capita spending is only 54 yuan, compared with 117 yuan in Lhasa, almost hit 50% off, so that consumers in Chengdu called "too cost-effective!"

The most family

Chengdu people buy consumer super national average

Although the entire group purchase industry no longer the hustle and bustle of the year, but with the entire industry reshuffle, the public comment network as the representative of the local life platform has won more users. The report shows that in the past year, the 31 provincial capitals per capita purchase amount increased by 8%, which also shows that the national consumer groups in the consumption of this spending more and more.

Although the price level in Chengdu has been quite attractive, Chengdu-based consumers will still find a suitable group buy in advance to save money.

"Eating and drinking index" shows that Chengdu, the number of users in the group ranked sixth in the country, the Chengdu average per capita spending over the past year on the group purchase amount of 2834 yuan, more than the national average of 2529 yuan, ranked first in the western cities , Shows that Chengdu people in the purchase of consumer activity. This reporter Wang Xin photography Martin

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