72.3% of people support the use of false certificates should be credited to the personal credit file

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Not long ago, a number of media reports, with the Spring Festival rush, with fake student card to buy Half-price train tickets more and more common phenomenon.  In fact, daily life, with fake student card to buy Half-price Park tickets, film tickets, the phenomenon has long been nothing new, many people even regard it as a "rational choice" and "normal behavior." Last week, China Youth Daily Social Research Center through the public opinion China Network and Sohu News Center, according to a survey of 2820 people, 68.7% said they had a fake student ID around, and 30.9% said there were "many" or "more", and only 12.9% said "no".  Of those surveyed, 10.1% admitted to buying or using fake student certificates. The survey also found that 75.1% of the people said that the false student card has become the most common false certificate in life, and false identity card (74.4%) ranked second in the third place is the false degree card (65.4%).  Other common false certificates also include false English level 46 certificate (54.5%), false driver's license (50.5%) and so on. "Users do not have to worry about, false certificate of course flood" a university graduate student ran school first day, found that there are students in the QQ group to run a fake undergraduate certificate. "Students ' certificates in many places do not enjoy preferential treatment, but we are also students and have no income." Since a lot of people are doing it, we will lose it. "For his own fake student card, Beijing, an advertising company staff Wing blushes." "Fake student card is very practical, train tickets, movie tickets, park tickets are half-price." Holding student card in some restaurants can enjoy the discount, calculate down can save a lot. Wing said, a lot of colleagues around the fake student card. Use false student card to buy Half-price movie tickets, small temperature never "missed". "The price of movie tickets in Beijing is now about 70~100 yuan, and there are many empty seats in almost every day of the week." It is estimated that the business is empty, when it is cheap to sell. If the real find out, not big buy unanimous. But can not find out, then at least save 35 yuan each time. "What are the main reasons for the spread of false student certificates?" In the survey, the public preferred "the law is imperfect, the false certificate counterfeiting people and the user punishment too light, no deterrent" (77.6%). Another 51.2% of the people think that the reason is that "the issuing witness (school) failed to provide effective anti-counterfeiting measures", 35.9% of people think it is because "police law enforcement lax or not as", 33.8% of the reasons for the "False certificate production level is too high, true and false", and 25.1% of the people choose "  Lax or omission of law enforcement in urban management departments. "There is demand for the market to sell fake student certificates."  Du Liqun, a professor at the School of Economics at Peking University and deputy director of the China Center for Credit Research, said in an interview with the Chinese youth Daily that the use of false student certificates had already existed, but in recent years, there had been a spate of false student certificates in the community. Liu Xin, professor of public administration at Renmin University of China, said that "Half-price concessions"It does have a lot of appeal to ordinary people. In addition, the integrity of the whole society is not high, many people's values are also affected. Using false evidence to profit, in some people's eyes not only ashamed, even as "smart" and "wisdom" approach. "There is no strict punitive measures to curb this dishonest phenomenon, users do not have to worry about, of course, false certificate will overflow." "False student card overflow, who should bear the main responsibility?" In the survey, 64.8% of the respondents chose the "false-card maker", followed by "Purchase or user" (59.1%), and the third in the "School" (23%).  Another 22.2% said the main responsibility was "movie theaters, railway stations, parks and other vouchers", while others attributed the responsibility to the police (19.7%) and Chengguan (10.4%). Some people think that schools should take the social responsibility as the enterprise, taking the initiative to prevent the false student card infestation. In the survey, 70.3% of the respondents agreed with this view, 25.6% of whom expressed "strong approval".  Only 14.3% said "No" and 19.8% felt "bad". Du Liqun that in many colleges and universities, whether it is to borrow books, shopping or eating, students can use "campus card" to complete identity certification and payment, false proof is difficult to unimpeded. But if someone uses a fake student card outside the campus, the school is helpless. However, if you really want to assume social responsibility, "schools can enhance the security function of student certificates, can also refer to the management of the diploma, the student card for unified registration and management, and online publishing, in order to check." "69.3% of people support the increase in the use of false evidence to punish the intensity of" false student card overflow, is a use of false information to profit from the phenomenon. It is related to the current social environment. Many fraud gangs in the implementation of criminal acts, the use of false diplomas, false certificates, false qualifications and other false information.  "Liu Xin said. What are the consequences of the spread of false evidence? 78.6% of people think it will harm the system of social integrity, so that ordinary people's costs remain high, 57.3% of the people believe that this will promote an advantage of the social atmosphere, 57.2% of the people think that the spread of false evidence will make the public feel less secure, everyone worried about being cheated, 49.4% of people think that this will  But there are also 17.1% of people who believe that this will help the false-card users save money, there is no consequence. Liu Xin said that the social environment in the "dishonest" phenomenon abound, many people are accustomed to do not follow the rules.  And some people believe that it may not be possible to do something entirely in accordance with the rules, or to gain reasonable benefits.  Du Liqun that at present, there is a great lack of information management on personal integrity, it is necessary to establish personal credit information database, through all aspects of information collection, a comprehensive reflection of a person's credit status. How to prevent the spread of false evidence? In the survey, 75.9% of the respondents believed that the punishment of counterfeiting false witnesses should be increased, and 72.3% supported the incorporation of the use of false evidence into the personal credit system; 693% of the people support the increase in the use of false identity punishment; 49.1% of the people want the school to improve the forgery-proof technology. Liu Xin that, perfect laws and regulations, increase punishment, is the most effective way to eliminate false evidence.  Laws and regulations must make everyone aware that the use of false evidence requires the corresponding consequences and responsibilities. Du Liqun that the comprehensive management, education, public security, industry and commerce, railways, civil aviation, tourism and other departments to cooperate in order to effectively resist the counterfeiting and use of false evidence. Newspaper reporter Han Mei intern Miaofen
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