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PaaS (Platform as a service) is a business model that provides the computing environment, development environment and other platforms as a service. Cloud computing service providers can provide users with platform-level products such as operating systems, application development environments, and services through the Web. PAAs is a pattern between IaaS and SaaS. PAAs changes the traditional application delivery model, promotes the further specialization of division of labor, decoupling the development team and the operational team, will greatly improve the efficiency of future software delivery. The following article takes you to learn about the foreign PAAs platform and the domestic PAAs platform.

Foreign PAAs Platform

1.Google App Engine

GAE (Google App Engine) is a platform for developing and hosting Web applications, using Google-managed data centers. Gae applications are easy to build and maintain, and can be easily scaled based on the amount of traffic you have and the growth of your data storage needs. With Gae, you can build and host network applications on the same system that supports Google applications. Gae offers rapid development and deployment, simple management, no need to worry about hardware, patches or backups, and easy scalability.

2.Windows Azure

Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform through which you can quickly build, deploy, and manage applications in a global network of data centers managed by Microsoft. You can use any language, tool, or framework to build your application. You can integrate public cloud applications with existing IT environments. The Azure Service platform includes the following major components: Windows Azure; Microsoft SQL database Services, Microsoft. NET services, live services for sharing, storing, and synchronizing files, business-oriented Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM services, and more.

3.Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Elastic Beanstalk provides a way to deploy and manage applications in the Amazon Web Services cloud. The platform builds on software stacks such as Apache HTTP Server for PHP and Java-facing Apache Tomcat. The developer retains control of the AWS resource and can deploy a new version of the application, run the environment, or roll back to a previous version. Cloudwatch provides monitoring metrics such as CPU utilization, request count, average latency, and so on. deploying applications to AWS via elastic Beanstalk enables developers to use the AWS Management Console, Git, and an eclipse-like IDE.

4. Cumulogic

With security and compliance-sensitive organizations for the Cumu logic platform, allowing users to build private PAAs to improve development efficiency, reduce the cost of managing cloud applications, and maintain their security and consistency, the incumbent CEO is Rajesh Ramchandani ( Cumulogic founder).

5. Force

Force is a social enterprise application platform for Salesforce, an enterprise cloud computing company, that allows developers to build applications that have social and mobile features. In addition, force provides all the features that help build and run business applications faster on the cloud, including databases, unlimited real-time customization, strong analytics, real-time workflow and approvals, programmable cloud logic, real-time mobile deployments, programmable user interfaces, and Web site features. Force supports the Apex programming language, where developers can write database triggers and program controllers based on the UI level.

6. Engine Yard

Engine Yard is headquartered in the US Silicon Valley (California State San Francisco). The company focuses on the PAAs platform for Ruby on Rails and PHP deployments. At the same time, Engine yard is one of the leading users of Ruby on Rails and PHP development. Engine yard can be compatible with Ruby and JRuby and has recently announced support for Node.js.

7. Heroku

Heroku is a PAAs platform that can support multiple programming languages. The present rate belongs to Salesforce. Heroku began to develop in 2007 as one of the earliest cloud platforms, only the Ruby programming language at first, and later announced support for languages such as Java, Node.js, Scala, Clojure, PHP, and Python.

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Domestic PAAs Platform

1. Baidu Application Engine

Baidu App Enginee (BAE) is a platform for web application development. Based on the BAE infrastructure, users do not need to maintain any servers, they can provide services to users simply by uploading their applications. Based on the BAE platform, users can develop, compile, debug and publish PHP and Java applications. At the same time, the BAE platform has also provided a number of cloud services, including fetch URLs, task queue, SQL, Memcache. At present, BAE is still in the public testing phase, many performance and services are still need to improve.

2. Sina Cloud

Sina App Engine (SAE), is the company began to develop and operate in 2008. SAE provides app developers with a stable, fast, transparent, and controllable platform for service, and reduces developer and maintenance costs. At this stage, SAE only supports web development language PHP and relational database MySQL, mainly for web sites, blogs, forums, microblogging games and other small applications.

3. Tencent Cloud Platform Qcloud

Tencent cloud products mainly include cloud server, cloud database, resilient block storage, NoSQL high-speed storage, cloud object storage services, cloud data analysis, cloud monitoring and transport channels and several other services, this architecture with the Sina Cloud (Cloud application store, cloud Platform SAE, Cloud Enterprise Services) and Baidu Cloud ( WebApp Generation service Siteapp, mobile Cloud Test MTC, browse kernel engine, BAE, etc.) are very different.

4. Aliyun


Aliyun Cloud Enginee (ACE) is a hosted environment for Web applications based on cloud computing infrastructure, which helps application developers simplify the construction and maintenance of network applications and can be scaled up based on application access and data storage growth. Aces support PHP, NODE. JS language-written application, Support Online to create MySQL remote database application. At present, the ace overall is still in the testing phase.

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