A program called "The Chinese Character Dictation Congress" set off the television viewing upsurge

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Recently, a file called "Chinese character Dictation Congress," the program set off the upsurge of television viewing. The accidents of "pen forgetting words" in the program has caused a big discussion about "Chinese character crisis".

There are many factors causing the "pen to forget the word", but it is undeniable that touch-screen manipulation and electronic input methods are indeed the main reasons for the embarrassing situation that "can not write".


Touch control affects every aspect of people's lives

No longer holding a thick book, just a touch on the phone or a tablet computer screen, hundreds of or even thousands of books of the catalogue will appear in the eyes. Nowadays, the way of electronic reading has been accepted and loved by many people.

Not only reading, in recent years, the touch of the operation of the trend swept the entire electronic consumer industry, but also affect all aspects of people's lives. Touch screen is a mouse, keyboard after the emergence of a human-computer interaction technology, the user just touch the screen with a finger or other objects, the device can perceive the user's current touch position, and provide timely feedback.

"Touch is one of the most primitive sensory experiences of human beings, and the appearance of touch screen provides a better experience for the human senses." The screen is the human-machine interaction window, the simple, the intuitive interactive design and the humanized screen touch operation Way decide the touch screen electronic equipment is more popular with the user. Zhu Tingxian, a researcher at the Institute of Psychology, CAs.

The rise of mobile internet has also become a popular catalyst for touch-screen intelligent electronic equipment, the past need to specific places or desktop computers on the operation, now only through the tablet computer, smart phones and other touch-screen intelligent electronic devices, a few clicks can be easily completed. With touch-screen intelligent electronic equipment, users can get a better Internet browsing, game application experience.


"Far Away" you play the mobile phone around me

In recent years, with the development of information technology, Official document processing, journalist writing, teacher preparation, personal letters and most of the word processing by electronic equipment, such a rapid, easy to modify, by people's favor.

In fact, the changes in working methods are only one aspect of the impact of electronic intelligence devices on people's working lives, and their impact on interpersonal networking is even more profound.

Recently, a post in the network quietly popular, "and the people around you speak!" ' The furthest distance in the world is when I'm by your side and you're playing with your cell phone. Don't play with your mobile phone when you go out for dinner with friends and family. "It is true that we have heard more and more about people complaining about the anticipation and longing for their friends and family gatherings, and the hope of talking more and more, but often disappointed."

In addition, more and more children are also happy with the so-called "electronic nanny" as a companion, and gradually grow into a "touch screen generation."

Many children from six or seven months to contact the smartphone, the IPad, to two years of age can be their own boot, watch video, play games, and so on, very addictive, if not to play, become very irritable, disorderly temper, the attention to other things are also declining.


Serious people will affect physical and mental health and sound development of mind

The above phenomenon, many experts expressed concern: "Such a trend if the spread, will seriously affect people's physical and mental health, especially adolescents and young children's physical and mental health development." ”

Many doctors also pointed out that children long time to use mobile phones and tablet computer sedentary, not only easily lead to slow growth and development, the body's balance and coordination ability will be greatly affected, easy to cause sensory integration dysfunction, which further affect the development of the brain. In addition, the electronic screen of light stimulation, will directly cause the optic nerve fatigue, vision loss and other adverse consequences.

"For young people, the issue of radiation should not be overlooked." Radiation is very harmful to people, in the process of using electronic equipment, young people can receive more than 40% of the amount of radiation. Li Ang, Ph. D., Institute of Psychology, CAs.

In addition to the physiological effects, recent studies have shown that the long-term use of smartphones and tablets has a negative impact on people's psychology. Zhu Tingxian that the impact has four main aspects:

One is to affect the mood. An already addicted person, if once not let him use these electronic intelligence product, will appear "withdrawal difficulty" symptom, feel painful, irritability and so on.

Second, the impact of interpersonal communication. People who play mobile phones and tablets in their homes for a long time often have rapid declines in social skills, are prone to expressionless, absent-minded, and do not love to communicate with others.

The third is to influence the development of creativity, memory, attention and thinking ability. Accustomed to rely on computers and mobile phones, the brain less opportunities, imagination, memory and so will be affected.

Four is to influence the formation and development of personality. Some of the existing research shows that the reliance on mobile phones, tablets may be related to some personality traits, such as introversion, withdrawn and so on.


Electronic intelligent products like potions, the key is to reduce side effects

Why are smart phones and tablets so popular that many people, including children, become addicted to it? Kan, director of the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, mainly because they are small, convenient, removable and so on. "Mobile phones, tablets touch screen more convenient for young children to operate, these electronic products stimulate the child's desire to explore, but also to meet the psychological needs they want to control, the virtual world and the child's own fantasy characteristics fit, so few children can resist the temptation." ”

Some experts said that in the increasingly advanced information technology today, completely abandon electronic products, the single pursuit of traditional work, learning and entertainment methods are not desirable. Electronic intelligence products like a new drug, although there are side effects but can not eat, the key is how to minimize side effects.

Gao Yusung, a master of psychology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that children under the age of 3 should not contact electronic products, and less than 7 years of age. "You can tell kids that smartphones, tablets, etc. are just tools of life to reduce their curiosity. If children are particularly fond of them, parents should not be forced to take away, but should strictly control their use of time. In addition, children in play, parents should pay attention to the room light, not too dark can not too bright, choose some educational puzzle game, rather than the screen bloody, fierce confrontation class games. ”

"Parents should spend more time with their children to chat, communicate, understand Chu children indulge in the game's real ideas and potential reasons, and then together to discuss solutions, and gradually reduce the time to play every day." "he said.

In addition, the problem that adults and children prefer to read e-books cannot be overlooked. Data show that from 2010 to 2012, the number of children reading E-books in the United States doubled, rising from 25% to 46%.

"To buy a book for children, or to choose the paper books for good, not only visual effects, and do not hurt the eyes, the collection of books to turn over a few pages, aftertaste and nostalgic feeling is that e-books can not be given." "Kan said.

E-books and paper books (tips)

"Good reading, reading good books", this concept has been widely recognized and become a social fashion and trends, and on "How to read" The question, people's answer is opinions. At present, the electronic information technology, the Internet technology rapid development, followed by the E-book also into the ordinary people's home, and gradually got people's recognition, e-books and paper books are the best of the topic of discussion.

With the development of electronic technology, E-books become the new darling of the reading market, compared with the paper books, e-books have many advantages:

The content updates quickly, the information is big, easy to search;

The carrier is usually small and lightweight, easy to carry and save;

Information transmission is convenient, not subject to geographical and time constraints, save transportation, distribution and other steps;

Performance of various forms, easy to read interesting, in addition to the text can also provide supporting sound and image data;

No waste of paper, compared to the paper book More green Environmental protection;

The cost is lower than the paper book.

Unlike many young people who favor e-books, some older readers think that paper books are more suitable for reading. Compared to e-books, the advantages of paper-based books are:

More comfortable, the paper material in the light reflect the effect of more conducive to alleviating visual fatigue;

Suitable for people to form a long time reading habits;

For classics and classics, the paper book has the High collection value;

Can take notes at any time, the experience of paper and pen can not be replaced;

For some advanced pictures, the printing quality and performance of paper books is better.

In fact, the purpose of each person's reading is different, some people are reading for pleasure, some are trying to get information, others are for spiritual enjoyment, and different types of books and reading methods should be chosen for different purposes. Electronic reading has the advantages of fast updating, more information and easy searching. such as reading leisure, information news and some of the shallow knowledge of the books and periodicals, you can take the form of E-book reading, paper reading has a sense of reality and cultural taste, if it is reading cultural classics, academic works and so on need to meditate, then take paper reading will be more feel. In short, the two should be coexistence and complementarity, in a short period of time, there is no one to replace the problem.

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