A real self-release

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He was a lecturer in the New Oriental. He was the founder of a cattle network, he had to do his homework independent English training, but also against Fang, Siemens and other fake.

Luo Yonghao, now the founder of Hammer Technology, released his mobile phone at the hammer cell phone last night not only releasing his original "promise" cell phone, but also re-releasing his sturdy, rebellious, humorous and independent personality and making the hammer Mobile phones have become the most emotional mobile phone products.

A real self-release

An on-site audience told Sina Technology that although the price of a hammer cell phone does go up the price of domestic products of the same level, it still decided to make an appointment with a hammer cell phone at a price of 3,000 yuan. "It can turn the joke others thought to be Reality is already a strong Chinese entrepreneur, not to mention how many Internet giants have had to take the original 'talkative' products. "

Luo Yonghao's charm is evident, but this charm also allows the hammer team from last year's conference when the 7 now has increased to 200 people. Speaking at this conference, putting aside the good or bad of the product, at least let the world know what Hammer Technology did for more than a year: inviting the US team to continuously improve the overall industrial design of the Smartisan T1; Surveys and market conditions to balance hardware configurations; CM-based Android completes Smartisan Rom with user feedback.

Luo Yonghao also donated 1 million yuan ticket conference fee to the OpenSSL Foundation. OpenSSL is a secure protocol that provides security and data integrity for network communications, and its code provides encrypted transport of data over the Internet.

And such an organization, poor to only 3 full-time employees and 8 part-time employees, each year the organization also spent large sums of money to verify the test and purchase the server. Just a few days ago, the "heart bleeding" vulnerability caused by the OpenSSL version was the target of hacking. Make a show or a good sentiment campaign, at least for the first donation OpenSSL received from Asia.

In addition, in order to better promote the hammer technology brand, Luo Yonghao spared no expense to buy the T.TT domain name. At the time, Showfom, the owner of the domain name, declined to disclose the transaction amount, but said "it can only be said that the hammer is very rich," and the domain name is seen as expensive.

The .tt domain name is a country-specific domain name for Trinidad and Tobago and belongs to the country's own domain name suffix, such as China's top-level domain .cn. Showfom said Hammer Technology had shown a strong interest in t.tt when it was first established, and middlemen had contacted him many times, but he rejected their offer until this year Hammer Vice President of Technology reached him Negotiate price after finalization.

It is reported that smartisant1.com domain name was registered today, and Hammer Technology has successfully acquired the main domain name smartisan.com. In addition, hammer technology also protects SmartisanOS.com/.cn, Smartisan.cn/.com.cn and other domain names.

A cell phone carrying a question mark

Unfortunately, more problems will come one after the hammer mobile phone is introduced. Huang Mingquan, chairman of Blockfar, believes that there are many problems with hammers and handsets that must be dealt with. "In the eyes of the Chinese people, high-end machine success risks are still high." For example, he said, Baidu, Ali have launched their own cell phone products, and ultimately are ultimately successful.

Huang Mingquan said that the first batch of products does not support 4G may be a lifeblood hammer. Itself compared to 3G, consumers are even looking forward to 4G products, and now the 4G terminal itself belongs to a relatively blank market, missed this opportunity to lose a chance to quickly enhance the brand and shipments.

Wang Le, chief editor of ZOL's Digital Audio Division, pointed out that at the conference, Luo Yonghao's statement that Texas Instruments chips can be adjusted to achieve almost the same frequency response curve as HiFi is inappropriate. He said that a good frequency response curve is a good sign of the sound, but nice does not necessarily have a good frequency response curve.

Wang Le believes that the essence of HiFi should be to restore the original tone of the music to the maximum extent, and by adjusting the music to enhance the sound effect, this in itself runs counter to the decision of HiFi to music.

Wang Feng, CEO of LanGang Online, however, LuoYongHao and his hammer cell phone have been successful. WangFeng thinks LuoYongHao used surging self-awareness to inspire the repressed feelings of repression in this era.

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