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At present, the adult products market is expanding at an annual rate of 50%, now, the adult products market has reached 50 billion yuan, through the industry data show that this is the market for adult products scattered analysis.

Today, the name of the product that I am going to introduce is called cost performance (IOS Android), and the accent of this product is in the first word. When it comes to sex, most people will be taboo about this, let a person face suffused with blush, heart rate is accelerated, want to see again with the hand to block, but also from the point of the fingers to steal the product.

This is a sex-related product-price/performance. A mobile operator perpendicular to the field of adult supplies.

In fact, in our life to do a lot of adult supplies, made of human supplies are also a lot of electricity, when you open a website, we can always in some of the edge of the site to see the exposed ads. But there are only a few products such as price-and-performance brands that want to be made from adult products.

Why do you want to make people's supplies?

Because the market for adult products is not the largest but the potential is the biggest.

Cost-effective team from the litters Regiment, pocket shopping, Sina and so on. The team was the first to do a local group buying site, hoping to move the local products in Fujian to the line to sell, is also a member of the Hundred Group War. After the formation of the Duopoly Group purchase site polarization of the situation, the team to survive have to find another way out. During that time, the cost-performance team also experimented with a wide range of vertical electric operators, using the same set of procedures and operating systems such as mother and infant, apparel, adult supplies and other types of vertical electrical business.

In all of these demo editions, the amount of adult supplies is not the biggest. The choice of adult supplies rather than other areas is because Huangtianyi sees the enormous potential behind the size of the existing market for adult supplies.

Industry data show that the annual growth rate of domestic adult goods is about 50%, is expected to 2014 adult supplies market will reach 50 billion yuan. This is also in the current situation of adult products market disunity expectations.

For the simplest example, in the current market for adult products, few people are able to name other brands other than the condom category. This market is completely disorderly, no brand, experience poor and natural growth.

Huangtianyi, founder of Price/performance, said that the cost-effective to do is to change this situation, and further accelerate the maturity of adult products market.

Adult products have long been in China on the edge of morality, people in public and public internet occasions shy to talk about these content, but these years the rapid growth of the market for adult products and constantly show the huge demand in this area.

Traditional adult electrical appliances are still in order to do the channel of thinking to do adult products, many times they are due to the moral and face problems caused by asymmetric information is loved, because this can raise the price of products, depress the quality of products, squeeze the user the greatest value. But this is tantamount to lays.

Cost-performance in the transformation of adult supplies when the first thought is the user experience, although most users in the mall shopping malls are hurried and hurried but still want to give users such as Taobao, Jing Dong like the perfect process experience.

However, just optimizing the experience is not enough.

Set a three-step goal in the future, the first step is to establish their own channel brand, the second step is through the user needs and feedback to the mining and upstream factory custom products, the third step is to launch its own brand of high-quality adult products.

And the first step of the strategy-to establish its own channel brand, price-performance at the product level to do a other vertical electric dealers do not think of the attempt: a complete community embedded in their mobile electrical business client.

Community This function is about two months after the cost of the line we began to do, yes, after we identified (three steps) strategy, we feel that this thing is necessary.

The usefulness of the UGC community is multifaceted, which solves the problem of how the team struggled to tap into the useful information from Taobao's useless product-evaluation feedback, the other side of which is a good way to enhance user viscosity.

The price/performance ratio hopes to make this built-in community a place where users can safely and privately discuss adult supplies to sexual issues. In terms of content, the performance of the Exchange area function is really related to sex, but it is not a pornographic forum, just as we can not be defined as about the gun software.

This discussion area is not just about adult products, we even expect to be able to make a community where the Chinese people have normal, healthy communication about sex issues.

The built-in community will be cost-effective and user relationship from an instantaneous purchase relationship, into a long-term use of relationships, so that cost-effective is no longer just a dispensable purchase channel but to meet a specific just need.

At the same time, through this community cost-effective access to more valuable user experience, will be summed up the experience of product feedback to the production of adult products manufacturers, so as to promote the virtuous cycle of product quality progress, but also to the price of their own accumulation of brand effects.

When you buy something here, you can discuss it, share your experience, or see which products are worth the money and which are not. Then based on these content, cost-effective can be customized according to user requirements to the factory, and finally build their own brand of adult supplies.

Whether it is Huangtianyi price, or a period of time before the fiery Ma Jiajia bubble No, they all want to change the adult products in the eyes of people in the image and positioning, a crazy push goddess marketing, a catch cock silk thirst.

No matter who can go to the end, when we have been able to put this matter on the table calmly analysis of business logic, user needs and marketing strategies, I think they have succeeded in half. Well, say you, don't peep from the fingers.

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