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You've been looking for this question for years, and you've heard it in a dream, and you're looking for answers in the Indiana Jones Expedition. When you know the answer, you feel the crumbs fall from the ceiling, the band starts to play your favorite song, you even get a sweet kiss from your one. What kind of question is that?

Well, what's the secret of web design?

This is a difficult question, a question that may not be answered. In 2006, Oliver Reichenstein wrote the web design is the typography. Some people love it, some people do not.

If web design relies too much on text design, what's the point of learning about other things? All you have to do is understand the elements of the text design and then you can do it well.

Of course, text design does not just mean the choice of fonts, and with the advent of @font-face technologies and services such as Typekit, Webtype, Fontdeck, and Google Web fonts, your technology for writing is not improving, You can create brilliant designs in just one font for the rest of your life, if you choose-and that's what people (designers) had to do a long time ago, without Photoshop as a guide. If anything, more font choices make things worse because, once you have more choices, creativity and beauty become difficult to achieve.

More toys means more fun, doesn't it? If you want to go this way, try your best to achieve it. I like to see different fonts used and admire those who can successfully use new fonts on the site. However, I've seen too many times what happens when the development program is available to the public, which is not very good (like MySpace). And Typekit allows you to use text design to read a book before you start using a font, which is cool if you don't have a user agreement-if so, the site will improve 10 times times.

Not that I'm sarcastic, that's what you need to know about most websites. Try to take a closer look at all of your favorite website designs, remove all of them, and ask yourself: "What about text and blank sites?" "When designers say" text is an interface, "they come true. IA site is an excellent example.

One of my favorite works is a sharable Library. It is a text display to form the interface, leaving white just good, text design is in place.

Some people think the design is boring and boring, and they think the design should have more popular style. In the end, the rest of your design may be occupied by some of your unwanted visual habits (you no longer attach importance to the design itself), so you need to complete the first 95% of the design. But the site you're reading right now is already doing well, showing visual design that doesn't rely on images to still be beautiful.

It's possible to design a great Web page without a little picture, and I know it sounds crazy, but it's quite possible. I'm not satisfied with this, but if we can just use text design and whitespace to embody elegance, why shouldn't we try to insert images, videos and other effects to create excellence?

I'm not talking about images that really want to be expressed, like icons, but the image is here to be compelling. Sometimes a picture is better than thousands of words, so it's best to use pictures (but you still need to consider using white leaves). Here are more than two examples of good websites that focus on text design to achieve the overall design. The first site is Blake Allen design, and the second is the Harriet Series (both sites use images to express their text designs, and you have to realize this)

The above two designs interest me because the text design doesn't just guide you through the process, it's doing it in your own style. You almost feel that word design is the expression of the designer. Blake Allen uses the Hevitika body (Helvetica) to make his web page full of Swiss-style fresh, orderly style. On the other hand, the Harriet series of websites is a bit naughty and more experimental. This is the beauty of organized chaos created by typography.

For 99% of designers outside this, writing design and white keeping is a potential basis for you. So if you are not good at understanding the correct, then your next design will be like no root. Worry about your design or stop, the first thing to worry about is how to keep the design standing. You should finish this and start decorating your design.

Clear application is a concise task management list application on iOS. When the excitement around it is primarily a gesture to control the interface, you will find that the text design is enough to solve everything and allow you to enjoy the app. Of course this is the use of Helvetica fonts, if you are using Comic Sans fonts with bad spacing everywhere? An outstanding text design is not necessarily noticeable in a beautiful way, and that does not mean that it should be highlighted in a negative way, and then bring enough damage.

Art of the menu is a great site for designing menus.

The Art of the menu has made a lot of contribution to the importance of the design of the menus in writing. When some restaurants are happy to add images and illustrations to the menu to make them eye-catching, they are not using the proper text design structure to make it easier for you to browse the menu, which is a failure.

If you're a designer, there's no reason to say you don't want a decent design. When you have a design that doesn't have a solid foundation, adding anything to the design will only make your design worse. Too many designers are at a loss trying to save their designs with worthless things, and they are certainly fuelling the flames.

Have you got a better understanding of text typesetting? Not long ago Smashing magazine did a comprehensive summary of some of the top-end text-design tools and resources that could be looked at.

Translator Note: Typography's entry explanation can refer to Baidu Encyclopedia and Wikipedia and its English version, Wikipedia translated into typography, but translators refer to the translation of most domestic translations into font design


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