Alan-Salzman: Renewable energy does not exist investment overheating

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September 13 Morning News, Summer Davos September 13-15th held in Tianjin, China.  Merit Venture Capital Fund (vantagepointventurepartners) CEO Alan Salzman, in an exclusive dialogue with Sina Finance, said there is no investment overheating in renewables. Alan Salzman that while there are some failed investment cases in the renewable energy sector, this does not mean that investment in the field is overheating. In other industries, for example, Alan Salzman explained that 20 years ago, mobile phones are a big difference from the present, compared to six or seven years ago, flat-screen TV has made a huge leap. He believes that with the development of the Times, science and technology will be more perfect, in a cheaper direction, "Our horizons should not be too short-sighted, just thinking about what happens next week, and the shift towards a low-carbon, clean economy is inevitable, a shift that will not be visible next week or next month, but need to be sustained over 20 years.  , "said Alan-Salzman. Alan Salzman said the three issues of government policy, talent and how to get capital have determined the direction of the economy as the renewable energy economy and the development of new means of transport continue to evolve. Now China's policies are vigorous and forward-looking, providing a guarantee for China's low-carbon economy to flourish. While China has taken the lead in many areas of the low-carbon economy, China cannot stop there because the industry is still in its infancy and needs to evolve. (Jessie Sho Yu from Tianjin, Beijing)
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