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1, Thanksgiving Day U.S. network sales first over 1 billion U.S. dollars

In this year's Thanksgiving Day, the United States 0 of the network to provide a variety of products, including a large number of special products, which also led to a large number of consumer shopping, under the momentum of this year, the Thanksgiving Day, the United States network sales record 1.06 billion U.S. dollars, and the first breakthrough in 1 billion U.S. dollars

2, Black Friday mobile network to buy iOS accounted for 82% of the United States

U.S. consumers are spending 9% more on mobile devices this year than last year, with mobile devices accounting for 37% of all shopping flows and 21% of total online purchases. Smartphones deliver twice times as much traffic as tablets, but tablet users reach 1.5 times times as much as smartphone users. Purchases from tablet computers and smartphones accounted for 13.2% and 7.8% of total online purchases.

3, retail giant Wal-Mart mobile Thanksgiving 53% flow from mobile

Wal-Mart PV reached nearly 400 million during the Thanksgiving Day online shopping. And compared to last year, the first time to use the Wal-Mart mobile site to buy users increased by 3 times times. In addition to the mobile end of the outbreak, Thanksgiving Day sales figures are very bright, physical shop counter transactions total number of more than 10 million, sold 1.4 million tablets, 2.8 million towels, 2 million TV, 300,000 bicycles and 1.9 million toys.

4, the news said that Ali acquisition every day beautiful

There is news that Ali Big acquisitions continue, has now completed the mobile phone music player every day beautiful acquisition. Every day, Ali has acquired the shrimp music. Once again in the music market a huge layout of music, can also be seen, Ali no longer limited by the determination of the electric dealer layout. In addition, the recent news from the industry Ali or with Sina, 360 to do layout video search, also in reasonable logic.

5, hundred UMC 100 million layout O2O plan to link with the Hundred stores linkage

In Yintai business and the days of the cat O2O (Online to Offline), more and more entities of the retail industry started online and offline linkage. The group said yesterday that its hundred UMC, just held a meeting of the strategic alliance of suppliers, to maximize their respective resources to implement the line, and start the "net Order Shop", "Shop access to pay" and other O2O business.

6, only product will officially enable domain name

Only product will officially enable new domain name, the original will jump to the domain name. The domain name in the WHOIS domain name information displayed in Guangzhou only goods will Information Technology Co., Ltd., registration due date is October 23, 2014. There is a burst of material said only to buy the domain name cost tens of millions of dollars.

7, Dangdang open platform and then exerting force to Guangzhou to recruit clothing brand manufacturers

After the first half in Guangdong two times after the investment, Dangdang again to Guangzhou to recruit clothing, department stores category brand business and day cat top merchant. This year, when on the open platform seems to exert a small, such as open Alliance channels, for businesses opened 400 telephone, IM, launch service provider open platform, for Merchants Access agent cod, warehousing pool and other services.

8, the development of Hong Kong's network of the World backward Hong Kong people are not interested in online shopping

This year, the two 11 mainland China to lift the network shopping spree, "Singles Day" has long been a national shopping spree. Hong Kong is also passionately engaged in a shopping spree--the department store anniversary Big cut. Unlike the mainland, Hong Kong people would rather go to the department store in the early morning to grab a promotion and not like to sit at home and shop online.

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