Analysis of cloud-based translation model from framework theory

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Analysis of cloud-based translation model from framework theory

Cao Ni of Jilin University

This paper mainly analyzes the cloud-based translation model from the perspective of framework theory of cognitive linguistics. Although the research results of framework theory have been applied to the field of translation research, there are few researches on the application of frame theory to machine translation. Cognitive linguistics holds that the framework is a knowledge system which is stored in people's memory to express the objective reality. People mainly rely on their own cognitive framework to achieve the transmission and understanding of language information. Therefore, the process of translation is essentially the process of cognition, in which people find appropriate language expressions to activate the same or similar cognitive framework as in the original language. But there are some differences between different languages. The results show that human cognitive framework and machine cognitive framework are different in lexical, syntactic, textual and cultural phenomena at four levels. In the process of language translation, the basis of human cognition is the deep structure of sentence, which is treated as a whole of semantics. For the machine, in the recognition of the sentence, first of all the words in the sentence segmentation, and then the word recognition and the meaning of the corresponding search, and finally added into English sentence expression. In addition, people can understand the sentence through logic and common sense, and use it as a basis for translation, and machine as a formal cognitive means, it is difficult to do this. According to the results of the analysis, this paper puts forward the frame of the machine by simulating the frame operation of human in the process of translation. This paper provides a new research perspective for machine translation research and helps to improve the quality of machine translation.

Analysis of cloud-based translation model from framework theory

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