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E-commerce, Electronic Commerce, usually refers to a wide range of business activities around the world, in the Internet Open Network environment, based on browser/server applications, buyers and sellers do not meet a variety of business activities to achieve consumer online shopping, A new business operation model for online transactions between merchants and on-line electronic payment as well as various business activities, trading activities, financial activities and related integrated services activities.

"China Network Marketing Network" Tinlu related articles pointed out that E-commerce covers a wide range, generally can be divided into enterprises (business-to-business), or enterprises to consumers (Business-to-consumer) two kinds. There is also a pattern of consumer-to-consumer growth for consumers. With the increasing use of the Internet, the consumption of internet shopping and bank card payment is becoming more and more popular, the market share is growing rapidly, and e-commerce websites are also emerging. The most common security mechanisms for E-commerce are SSL and set two.

In recent years more and more hot E-commerce, e-commerce sites have been much loved by consumers, in addition to Taobao, Pat and other professional E-commerce trading sites are increasingly popular, a group of small e-commerce sites are also beginning to appear. Building a decent E-commerce site also requires a stable and efficient web space, the current mainstream IDC space has a virtual host, rental space, hosting or renting servers, and other ways, and for e-commerce sites, security is the most important, and the virtual host and rental space are several people share a server space, Security is greatly reduced.

Therefore, in order to build E-commerce webmaster, it is best to use the form of hosted or rented servers, so there is enough space to store the site, and then the server by a website alone, while the server by their own management, can be in various ways to enhance the security of the server, to ensure that the site long-term security. The following I recommend several suitable for the Web E-commerce Web site of the rack-type server.

HP ProLiant DL380 G5 (458567-AA1)

HP as an internationally renowned brand manufacturers, both personal computers and servers are very good, this DL380 G5 using 2U rack structure design, has a very good expansion capability, with the new quad-core Intel Xeon processor, greatly enhance the computing power of the server, Can be very good to meet the various types of E-commerce Web site application needs.

This hp ProLiant DL380 G5 (458567-AA1) server uses the Intel 5000p server chipset, with a 2U rack structure, with a significant increase in overall scalability, with the motherboard incorporating 4 optional PCI Express expansion slots. Standard 1 Intel 45 nm new Xeon quad-core processor, core frequency of 2.5GHz, quad core share 12MB two cache, front bus for 1333MHz, the largest dual-path Intel Xeon Quad-core or dual-core processor support. Memory, the standard provides 2 1GB DDR2 667 ECC full buffer memory, integrated 8 support 4:1 and 2:1 interleaved memory slots, while also supporting memory mirroring and online standby functions, maximum support 32GB memory capacity.

Storage, standard does not provide hard disk capacity, internal support for 8 small (SFF) hot-swappable drive bays, SAS and SATA two specifications for the hard drive, but also support hot-swappable, integrated HP Smart Array P400/256MB controller, support RAID 0, 1]1+0, 5 disk array features, It is recommended that e-commerce users purchase more than two hard drives, build RAID 0+1 disk array, so that one can provide the server's hard drive read speed, and secondly can provide server data security. On the network side, the integration of two embedded nc373i multifunction gigabit Network fit with TCP/IP offload seizure enables accelerated iSCSI through an optional license suite. A 800W hot-swappable AC redundant power supply provides power support for the whole machine.

Editorial Reviews: HP ProLiant DL380 G5 (458567-AA1) Overall performance can fully meet the needs of small and medium-sized e-commerce sites, Support 2.5-inch tiny SATA and SAS hard drive allows users to have more choices, a variety of disk array features conducive to server data security, while the machine also supports the power-on password, disk drive control, disk boot control, such as a variety of server security technology, 2U rack-type structure is also very suitable for server hosting.

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