Analysis of macro-disadvantage in business-to-business industry

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Business-to-business is the website that provides the platform for e-commerce activities between enterprises. The main modes of business-to-business are grouped into three categories: large, integrated business-to-business, Third-party-operated business-to-business, and industry-vertical business-to-business. Different types of business-to-business have their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. Odau China will make a macro analysis of its limitations in terms of vendor sellers, buyers and the platform itself. In the future, its diversified market, the popular business-to-business industry, the competitive business era, enterprise survival must be based on its personalized marketing strategy to sustainable development, adapt to market trends-Odau China.

The limitations of business-to-business--popularization, competition

Alibaba, China Manufacturing Network and global resource network such a supply and demand portal for many domestic enterprises to build a network of business-to-business platform. However, from the cost considerations and the construction of the ideological limitations, business-to-business although free to give the site (in fact, a number of pages), but such a uniform, not from the various foreign trade enterprises in the product industry characteristics, competitors, foreign markets, buyers customer analysis, marketing breakthrough point on giving one-on-one guidance and design, There is no single marketing strategy to talk about.

Such business-to-business, small and medium-sized customers in the inside can only be vicious competition to drift, foreign market coverage and whether or not to win the trust of foreign buyers buyer customers rely entirely on this business-to-business platform to do what efforts. Odau China with an image analogy is that every business in these portals is a train compartment. The carriages were in motion, but were indeed led forward by the platform, and the individual carriages could not determine their own whereabouts.

Such a "car" site is in fact not its own unique site, can not establish a persuasive display and marketing platform, and can not be in search engines to obtain fresh access to customers. Such business-to-business, because not by the foreign trade business owners to control the form of the site, structure, no way to implement the search engine marketing strategy, no way to build based on the owner of their own trust mechanism and user experience, can not be based on the fact that the product market and buyer behavior changes to adjust their own strategy, There is no way to launch a series of marketing strategies to plan the development and promotion of enterprises, that is, enterprises in Business-to-business initiative is rather small. Odau China believes that, even if the supply and demand portal is willing to optimize your business-to-business, but because the scope of the operation can be too limited, optimize the work time can not be take care, optimize the technology and experience deficiencies, so there is no way to organize a complete plan and implementation, the optimization effect is difficult to reflect.

Business-to-business and sellers, buyers-brand trust, quality and supportability (trapped, pressure)

Domain name, is often a company's online brand, such as's domain name directly said Wal-Mart's name. Foster in the business-to-business supply and demand portal below the Foreign Trade enterprise website can not play its own brand, always give the image of the supplier rather than a leadership of the corporate image. Odau China believes such business-to-business is less likely to build its own brand effect, and that the only thing that can be used in similar competitions is price. According to an Austrian-Chinese survey, some of these foreign-trade companies have reacted by placing their websites in business-to-business supply and demand portals such as Alibaba, China manufacturing and global resources, but they are sacrificing their prices. From the position of foreign buyers to consider increased around opportunities, domestic suppliers of vicious price competition, whether for domestic sellers or foreign buyers have increased the burden and pressure.

That is, business-to-business friction between Chinese enterprises is becoming more and more serious. According to the Austrian Road China survey, developed to the current stage, business-to-business foreign trade enterprises have already surpassed 40 million, each product of the classification of manufacturing enterprises are thousands of times, but to foreign buyers caused great confusion, spend more time in the choice of Chinese suppliers. And for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, the same kind of competition to make the price of products more and more low, many foreign trade enterprises reflect, the phone received every day most of the telephone for inquiry, and the majority of buyers have contacted many of the same type of enterprises, some of the foreign trade export enterprises in order to win orders As a result, the price of the entire industry has been depressed, the original Chinese manufacturing on the only meager profits, such a price, foreign trade export enterprises to survive more and more difficult.

Just imagine, when a businessman search a product vocabulary, business-to-business give her a series of production of this product of the foreign trade enterprises, then the merchant has enough resources to and each bargain. Odau China believes that foreign trade enterprises lack a separate domain name website, to a certain extent, can not be very good from the search to obtain the necessary business information, also can not take the initiative to understand the market, touch the changing market. Moreover, most foreign trade companies think that foreigners know the supply and demand portals such as Alibaba, China Manufacturing Network and global resource Network. In fact, more people are going to ask Google,baidu,yahoo these search engines.

The ideal method is that a foreign trade enterprises to create their own domain name of foreign trade website, this foreign trade site as the main station, and will be a section in the supply and demand portal on the "free" site as a serial port. That is to say, the Web site on the business-to-business supply and demand Portal is a part of the whole network marketing, not all. Some foreign trade enterprises have their own independent domain name, claiming that they have their own site, but the entire domain name directly to the supply and demand portal on the business-to-business. The whole method is not desirable, thinking that essentially does not solve the problem, instead of giving the search engine a contradictory message. Odau China, that is, the establishment of its own foreign trade website as the core platform and the combination of business-to-business, search engines, industry network and other channels to promote marketing, so as to build their own "car box", "Train", brand, thereby building brand influence and trust.

Odau China Media report: Chinese goods more quality assurance comments: Most of the respondents admitted that the Chinese product manufacturing is gradually improving, in the foreign customer's praise rate is gradually rising, but due to the outbreak of a number of Chinese product quality crisis last year, these events after extensive media coverage, Has had a huge impact on the confidence of its consumers, affecting its impact on other Chinese goods. In essence, the European and American consumers have been inseparable from Chinese goods, but mainly because of cheap prices, especially after the financial crisis, can reduce their living costs. As a commercial channel, Chinese goods procurement cost is low, the profit space is big, the Chinese commodity best-selling course can bring more profit to oneself, but the Chinese commodity once similar product has the problem, often will affect other goods, this lets these channel merchant have the insecurity feeling. The problem is that the overall image of Chinese goods still needs to be improved, especially since Chinese goods are still treated as a whole in Europe and the United States because of the lack of independent brands, and if Chinese goods can change the overall impact, as Europe and the US gradually change their impressions of Japanese products, Chinese goods will be more welcome -Chinese New Year expectations from foreign buyers

Therefore, foreign Trade enterprise marketing platform +B2B, search engine, Yellow Pages, industry network and other channels to promote the integration of foreign trade enterprises to build their own "train." In the future, its diversified market, the popular business-to-business industry, the competitive business era, enterprise survival must be based on its personalized marketing strategy to sustainable development, adapt to market trends.

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