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Innovation report from top research Institute Dean

When all our behavior and life can be "data", the company that holds the data is like owning a rich gold mountain. As Victor Maire-Schoenberg says, the big data age is "the future that has happened," and in this already-occurring future, there is no bystander.

December 19, 2013, by the boutique media "digital Business Times" sponsored by the "Great data creation of the era of Subversion" 2013 China Summit Forum in Beijing to make a grand Holiday Crowne Plaza Hotel held.

The explosion of big data is no surprise, the world is fast digitizing, and global data volumes are growing at an alarming rate of doubling every 18 months. The big data age is spreading at an "aggressive" pace and occupying every tiny corner of our business and life. It brings us a new way of thinking, and the change of mode of thinking will bring about the subversive change of industry when the next generation becomes the mainstay of social production. As the global embrace of big data changes, the Intellectual China Summit Forum is also setting off a subversive revolution to look for more innovative wisdom.

The theme of this summit forum is "The age of subversion with big data creation", looking for the power of subversion, looking forward to this innovative force to pry the whole business. How does big Data drive business value? What are the scientific challenges of the big data age? What is the creative journey of the age of the Union? At the very beginning of the Big data journey, field reports from experts from the world's top research institutes and CEOs of multinational corporations gave us a picture of a new era in the big Data age. This issue of the digital business age extracts the highlights of the speech and shares the wisdom feast with readers in the age of large data.


Large data and analytics drive business value

Big data has great value for business and can be described as a natural resource, inexhaustible.

IBM China Development Center General manager Wang

What kind of data is being produced today? Traditional data are known, for example, in an enterprise, there is a large number of data, they are basically formatted, such as CRM, ERP, as well as in the entire operation of the processing enterprise internal data. In addition, the social network brings us a lot of human data, you can see all the numbers: 300 million users a day, a lot of micro-blog, micro-letter and so on. But don't forget that humans actually produce a lot of machines, and these sensors produce more numbers, which are generated every day.

Big data: Record human history

What is the effect of big data on people? Big data is documenting the history of our humanity. Perhaps back in the 1000, 2000, or even 3,000 years, we do not know what humans are doing, but dig through archaeology to find clues in the previous literature. But imagine that 1000 years, 2000 years after the human see us today, there is so much information, he can reproduce, to this extent, he can recreate and reproduce the world today. The trajectory of life can be reproduced by locating the mobile phone that each of us uses. So what is said and done on the internet, unconsciously become digital footprints, have been recorded. Big data has great value for business, it can be described as a natural resource, inexhaustible, unlike oil after it has been dug.

Review the "4 V" of large data: Volume (Large), produced (multiple), Velocity (high speed), veracity (accurate). The first is a lot, the second is a variety, such as a wide range of voice, unstructured data, images and so on, the third is the speed, large data generated very fast. The last one is not a lot of people's attention, is inaccurate, not to say that every data is quite accurate, there are many ambiguities and contradictions. In fact, contradiction is a good thing, often said that the information is big what meaning? Not accurate, digging out is valuable, we all know is not the news, it is not news.

Big data needs to be combined with apps, as we say about cloud computing, and the key to cloud computing is not technology, it's mostly apps. Large data only through analysis can really find its application, combined with the application, action is the root cause of mining and gathering large data, not for record and record.

The commercial value of large data is embodied in several areas, such as the process of developing new products in manufacturing. 2006 I had with Ma Yun [Weibo] exchange, discuss Taobao real competitive strength is what? I think the real competitive strength is C2B, is the pattern of millet. Taobao holding a large number of users, each of its products can let these consumers make decisions, these decisions have a lot of data can be dug, and then according to consumer preferences, create new products.

In addition, there are anti-money laundering, asset Management optimization, customer insights and other applications. All of these need to have a very good platform, cloud computing is the basis for large data to be able to compute. On the one hand it is a platform of large data, there is the process of information integration and governance, on the other hand is an analysis platform, large data leaving analysis platform can not be mined. Then there is the solution, the so-called application of the king, is to carry out the implementation, service.

From the stadium to the mall application is everywhere

There are several key technologies, the first is storage-level memory, the second is the flow calculation, because it is very fast, the third is the combination of hard software, and finally an innovative algorithm for large data analysis. To give you an example, not long ago China's tennis open, we used large data for analysis. We do a lot of data collection, the software in the French Open, the Australian Open and other competitions, has been used for more than 10 years. It captures a lot of data, and some of the data we might think is useless, such as when a ball is finished, the people around you scream or clap, these are data. But in this data is actually a lot of information, is people's enthusiasm for it? Or the atmosphere, the gas field is good? We can't say for sure. But after all the data has been put together, you can accurately determine who can win the ball before the game, think we can do so for a game, business is like a battlefield, how do you beat your opponents, your business which is weak, which is strong? can be computed. We have a lot of applications in medicine, when a newborn is born, when life is just beginning, if all the medical data is monitored and processed during this time, you can see a lot of rules and can predict whether the newborn will have a problem.

The retail industry has a lot of big data applications, more well-known is a father through a department store to send merchandise promotional ads, know the daughter of pregnancy. Women have some behavioral changes during pregnancy, for example, do not like to buy a taste of goods, if a person has previously been to buy a certain kind of moisturizer, suddenly bought a tasteless moisturizer, all kinds of clues added together, from the operation of large data can be extrapolated to the female pregnant.

Large data on the power industry also has a considerable number of help, especially smart meters, put in some places, can be calculated in a timely manner, can provide a great help for grid deployment. In finance, anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, and so on, there are quite a few areas of finance that can be helped with big data.

IBM launches Wisdom Earth, Wisdom Earth's Landing is in intelligent city and intelligent industry and enterprise. The wisdom of the city is one of the more familiar is the traffic, now a city in the world, the application of IBM technology, when a traffic accident just happened, the traffic police have arrived at the scene, ambulances also arrived at the scene. It's as if they already know that a traffic accident is going to happen in this place, and an ambulance is vital to his life and his rescue as early as a minute and a minute late. How can we do that? In fact, a lot of human behavior and action is predictable, in the past, a large number of traffic data, including time, road conditions and driving speed, coupled with other factors, can be analyzed, there are 90% probability at this point may occur traffic accidents. So, can you avoid this traffic accident? is also possible. We just add some parameters, such as using a bus to control it, so that the flow of slowly weakened, or the lighting more bright, so that every driver of the local traffic has been warned, these measures can make the incidence of traffic accidents reduce, making a traffic accident is not easy to happen. This is what the big data brings to us, the conveniences of every business and everyone's life.


An innovative journey in the age of the material union

In the big data age, there are many things a chip can do, and Intel [Weibo] wants to find the right business model from the Internet of things, as well as the corresponding technology to promote industry.

Fang, dean of Intel China Research Institute

What can chips do in the big data age?

Computing has become a part of lifestyle today, and we unconsciously use a lot of computing, like cell phones, although we don't feel like we're using a computer, but there are a lot of computer programs in the phone. There will be more computers in our glasses, watches, clothes and shoes in the future, and they have cloud computing and big data support in the background. This era is coming soon, such as Google [Weibo] glasses and Apple Watches, we are already familiar with.

Intel's Moore's law is known to be that the number of transistors on the unit chip area can be doubled every two years. More transistors, you can have more advanced computers, programming will be better, you can make a good chip, you can improve the performance of the chip to reduce prices down. We compare the current technology, 3 years faster 4,000 times times, power consumption 5,000 times times, each transistor price is 50,000 times times cheaper, this speed in other industries difficult to do. You may not have noticed that the cell phone is fast.

In addition to the familiar Moore's law, there is a bell's law, meaning that every 20, the computational pattern changes. About 40 years ago, the advent of the PC led to a change in the entire computational configuration, with computers moving from the computer room to the home. More than 10 years ago, smartphones appeared, and mobile phones became smaller and portable. It is likely that a new generation of computational patterns will emerge, that is, wearable computers, which can lead to very large changes in the entire IT industry.

The recent American claim for the third industrial Revolution the first revolution is to use the steam engine to solve the power problem, the second revolution is the IT industry changes in all walks of life, the third revolution is the future of each product, whether it is a coffee cup, or clothing, shoes, are personalized products, your personal characteristics will be reflected in the daily lives, printers, Materials, micro-transmission and control, can play a big role through the computer.

For China, China is now the world's factory, and many products are produced in China. To the era of product intelligence, how to do industrial upgrading, how to add value added to the product? These are challenges for China.

The advent of the internet has given rise to changes in traditional industries that Intel sees as a trend, so it announces a product called the Quark series. The Intel Quark Processor series is 40% smaller than the earliest processors and consumes only the first 5%. This architecture is open, and may become an industry, applied to a variety of robots (50.940, 0.17, 0.33%), wearable devices, which may be the future trend.

There are several features in this trend, the first is small size, smaller than the current mobile phone, power consumption will be very small, and very strong connectivity, such a small computer can be CPU, wireless and a variety of communication hardware installed.

To innovate, Intel must work with upstream and downstream industries, such as Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. If innovation is IQ, cooperation is EQ, a business success only good IQ not, must also have a good eq.

Based on this idea, the Intel Institute has also grown up with our strategic partners in China, and we have established a number of joint research institutes with domestic research institutes, universities and governments. For example, the mobile interconnection and computer Collaboration Institute of Intel cooperates with Southeast University and China University of Science and technology to explore the changes of the next generation mobile architecture. In addition, with the government set up China's Intel Technology Research Institute of Materials. Hope to find the right business model from the Internet of things, and the corresponding technology to promote the industry.


Embrace change

The explosion of mobile devices has brought great changes to people's lives, which has brought great impact to the traditional software industry, and Kingsoft has chosen to embrace the mobile internet and embrace large data.

Jinshan Software [microblogging] group CEO Zhanghongjiang

Over the past year, the development of mobile Internet has brought many changes to the lives of each of us. For example, the taxi software is already a taxi people can not leave the software, and E home Jie such software, allows you to find the phone on the hourly workers and nannies. There are also young people who do not often go to the supermarket, on the internet can be a day to buy things back. These are the changes that the mobile internet and the electricity dealers have brought to us.

In this year, our living habits have been hit by the mobile internet very much, this impact brought us convenience and liberation, in addition to the business model has undergone profound changes. Let me give you an example of the United States, which is known to IBM. IBM is well-known for major government projects, whether in China or the United States, its forte is to get some big government projects, the United States government many projects were previously monopolized by IBM, but recently a large CIA project, but the Amazon [Weibo] took it. What does it represent? Represents the traditional it has been replaced by cloud computing.

Recently many people talk about the impact of Internet finance on the financial industry. China's state-owned banks have never taken care of small and medium-sized enterprises in the past few decades, and they cannot get loans. Because big banks do not do small business credit scoring, do not know whether small businesses have solvency. And through the Internet, it is easy to do good credit history evaluation, to decide whether to provide loans, so as to control the risk in an acceptable range, which is why a series of small start-up companies dare to enter the mobile internet, not to say like Baidu [micro-blog], Tencent, Ali such companies.

The explosion of mobile devices has brought about huge changes. The number of PCs has fallen since the previous boom, but smartphones have soared in the past 10 years, while the other three devices have grown faster than smartphones, the volume of smart TVs, 1 billion in 2013, and what is growing faster? Is wearable equipment, predicting the second half of 2014 will be 500% more than the first half, all of this equipment is with the Internet-enabled equipment, can imagine it can bring how much data volume.

We have to face so much impact, we can do is to embrace this impact, not to try to resist it. In the mobile Internet era, we can find some industry opportunities in the joint, which is why Jinshan has a series of layout. Jinshan a mobile application software cleaning master 6 months ago only online, today's global active users reached 50 million, half of them abroad, most in the United States. It can be seen that people's reliance on mobile phones is getting higher, and people's demand for pan-security is getting higher. Another is Jinshan very traditional service office software. In the PC era, because of rampant piracy, it took a long time to train 100 million of users, and we had a 30 million active user in Android within 18 months. This is because we embraced the mobile internet and embraced the big data, and we can see the growth in Jinshan's performance over the past two years, especially in Jinshan, which has risen 400% in the past 12 months, up 600% in the past two years. The big data is our today, also is our future.


Intelligent Data Creation Business future

The United States has a statistic that only the United States by 2018 will be short of 140,000 ~19 can do in-depth data mining talent, and more than 1.5 million can do data analysis, and through data analysis to make business decisions of managers.

Yahoo Global Beijing Research and Development Center President Zhang

From the day the Internet was born, data was developed at a geometric level. Research has suggested that 92% of the world's online data has been generated over the past two years, and that by 2015 we will have 25 billion devices on the Internet, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, smart cars, smart home appliances, smart buildings, The amount of data generated by 2015 will be 12 times times the amount of cloud computing today.

Some say the big data is a gold mine, and I agree with that, and the gold mine is just being mined. Large data itself is worthless, and the value of large data is to help users make business decisions through data processing and analysis. Big data poses a lot of challenges, and business models are unclear. Especially from the internet point of view, the mobile internet large data business model is not clear. The technical threshold of large data is higher, not only to set up data processing platform, but also to set up a model to validate data. Every step requires a lot of investment. The lack of talent is also the challenge of big data. The United States has a statistic that only the United States by 2018 will be short of 140,000 ~19 can do in-depth data mining talent, and more than 1.5 million can do data analysis, and through data analysis to make business decisions of managers.

In recent years, the Internet industry has become more and more in-depth data mining. Not just a deep understanding of what's on the Internet, more and more understanding of users, from the geographical location, hobbies, history, social networks, social circles, personal data, such as in-depth excavation, through scientific modeling, engineering development, the introduction of some intelligent and convenient service products, this is a trend of large data.

Another trend for big data is mobile, which is moving faster than many people think. From three aspects: the first is the sale of equipment. The world's major markets today are selling more mobile devices than desktop devices. The second is the user's habit of using mobile devices is becoming more and more obvious. Google Maps and Twitter, where mobile user traffic has surpassed desktop users two years ago, is also true of Facebook in 2013. I believe the entire Yahoo product will reach this stage in the next year or two. However, the business model of mobile Internet is not clear. Some people think that this is a huge challenge, because the characteristics of mobile small screen is not easy to carry ads. Others think it is an opportunity to achieve highly accurate advertising. The good news is that several internet companies are now earning more on the move than on the desktop.

What is Yahoo doing? As the originator of the Internet, Yahoo's search, advertising, news, sports, finance are large data platform driven. 800 million users worldwide, there are already 400 million users on mobile devices.

In the February 2013, Yahoo launched a personalized service at the same time as the desktop and mobile end. What is personalized service? Personalized service is based on the understanding of the content, and then based on the user's understanding, find out what you are most interested in. Yahoo launched personalized home page, through a year we have almost all of Yahoo's web pages are built on Yahoo personalized platform above, including news, sports, business, finance and so on, Yahoo really become a personalized company.

It is worth mentioning that Yahoo's global personalization platform at the bottom of the construction is all done in Beijing. Scientists and engineers in Beijing have made a huge contribution to the 800 million of Yahoo users worldwide, and we have brought world-class challenges to China and come up with world-class solutions. After the introduction of this personalized service, Yahoo in July 2013 once again in the United States more than Google, as the largest user of the United States companies.

How does big data help with advertising? When advertising is sufficiently relevant and accurate, it becomes content and information. What is the most cutting-edge advertising in the United States now? The internet industry is called the native advertisement, what is the original advertisement? The first is highly personalized, the second is highly correlated, and the third has a very beautiful interface. So personalized, relevance, beautiful interface, is the original advertisement. What companies are doing in primary advertising? Who is more successful? Twitter is the first and most successful native advertisement to appear on the Internet. Facebook ads are native ads on both the mobile and desktop side. Yahoo in the original advertisement also made a lot of investment, we are now in the mobile end and desktop side of the original ads have a lot of research and layout, the original ads in Yahoo will become mainstream.

In the future we will truly enter the mobile era based on large data personalized service era, personalized service has many characteristics, the first personalized service must be safe and credible, the second must be low-cost and low threshold. The introduction of cloud computing services has greatly reduced the threshold for innovation and increased the speed of innovation, and I hope that data analysis and personalized services can also take this path.

China's size and size of the economy determines the size of our data, huge data scale for our large data development has created a very good data resources. I hope that we will work together to develop this large data of the gold mine, so that big data will bring us wisdom tomorrow.


Large data and artificial intelligence

Large data plus machine learning represents the advent of a new era in the software industry: no longer people write software, but data addition algorithm, in the digital, computer-driven, the speed of light to promote human society.

Microsoft [Weibo] executive Vice President Mavilin

Large data is not a single phenomenon, in the past 5-10 years, through the increasingly powerful computing power, coupled with knowledge mining algorithms such as the rapid progress, we can build a larger model.

We all know that a lot of artificial intelligence, machine intelligence, or the automation that drives a digital world, all need models. In the past long time, these models because of the lack of data, usually can only do some small models or shallow models, but particularly in the past two or three years, in the field of machine learning has developed rapidly, can build larger, deeper models.

In addition, knowledge mining, knowledge mining is how on the internet on a large-scale? In these structured, semi-structured data to build the most complete human knowledge expression, once we have mastered this expression, we can do a lot of data for a deeper understanding.

The new era of software industry

Why does Microsoft look at significant data? Microsoft started with a software company that, 30 years ago, knew that software would change the world and that software could do almost anything. But today, the age of software is different. In the past, programmers wrote, the next software is relying on data, machine learning, automatic writing software. What does that mean? When you have larger data, the software is stronger and the software is better. Large data plus machine learning, which represents the advent of a new era in the software industry: no longer people write software, is the data plus algorithm, in the digital, computer-driven, the speed of light to promote the various aspects of our human society. Because we are relying on data and algorithms, we can produce a very large amount of information, so we value the next generation of all the applications and services.

Today, why are the major companies are constantly in the talent, technology, a lot of input? It is because we have been working on these data over the past few years that we are getting closer to data, to information, to knowledge to technology.

Speech recognition has not been a breakthrough for the past more than 10 years, but it has achieved great progress in the last two years. The important reason is that there is a kind of new machine learning, can learn expression from the data, do a lot of pattern recognition. We know how to do video, voice, and so the hardest is how to find eigenvector representation data, the past twenty or thirty years of research in the study of how to find features, large data came when we found that the characteristics can also be directly from the data to learn. And in the process we find a very interesting phenomenon, that the greater the data expression is better. Because the data is big, the information increases, so the technical breakthrough is the computation ability and the data is big, moreover the discovery which the automatic learns is better than in the past person design characteristic vector.

Urban application of large data

Today's technology is very exciting, but today many cities in the data are very low order, so large data how to express? Today's deep learning and machine learning bring a revolutionary opportunity. Over the past two years we have also started to apply such machine learning to cities, so Microsoft has a project for urban computing. In Beijing, we collect a lot of data about the city, for example, Beijing Traffic network data, Beijing business in various aspects of the calendar year data, we can find a lot of phenomena, such as Beijing over the past 10 years, the bar is more and more, cinemas have increased in some places, these actually represent the development of the city. There are air data, meteorological data and so on. We also collected 30,000 taxis in Beijing, especially equipped with positioning system data, so that taxis can be used as a sensor real-time detection of the city's pulse, and even traffic conditions, can calculate a better driving path.

In the past two years, Microsoft has cooperated with the Beijing municipal government and universities in China to achieve a lot of scientific research in the field of urban computing. Large data can analyze urban problems and improve urban planning.

Air quality is a topic of great concern to the city dwellers today. Beijing is such a large city, there are now only 15 air inspection sites, very sparse, each site input and cost and operation is very high. The data that these sites give at any given moment are very different, indicating that the distribution of air quality in a city is uneven. Our question today is whether we can use large data and machine learning methods to predict the air quality of sites without air stations. We've also used big data to put all of this in history that we can collect, on the detection of the history of the data, meteorological data, traffic data, personnel flow and other data, build a very large model, including space and time forecasts, can be in the limited 15 sites, to further predict all locations. This is the application of large data in smart cities, which includes data analysis and data that is massive and consistent.

Experiments have shown that although we use a lot of data from a certain point of view is relatively weak signal, but a large number of related relatively weak signal collection, incredibly better than the original model 20%. Using large data to predict the air of the whole city is very valuable, which indicates that such an application will not only be in the city, but will enter into all aspects of human society, each industry will be driven by large data, with more intelligent algorithm, so that the process becomes more effective.


Open platform to deal with business change

Future development will be closely related to large data, Amazon will through in-depth analysis, know what kind of customer base is the enterprise needs, what customer base may like what products, with targeted advertising or different sales methods.

Amazon Vice President Fang

Recently, there have been a lot of changes in China's electricity market, people have many questions, whether to play price war, how to compete, how to develop the market?

To think about this question, you can review history. America's 70, 80, and 90 's were the time of the US-line retail giants, Wal-Mart and other famous offline retail companies. But Wal-Mart also became the largest retail giant in the US in the late 90, and its share price exploded in 1999 years. In the 1997 to 2005, there were some interesting phenomena in the American offline retailing industry, what is the same place as the Chinese electric Dealer? Maybe we can see some problems from it.

Amazon's strategic layout

At this stage, Wal-Mart did something, first, it built "big data", its big data is the supply chain all it, so that can realize the national transfer. It is a valuable supply chain system that can supply any store in the United States within 48 hours.

What's the second thing? Wal-Mart also made his shop unique. Other people's shop is relatively small, he put to the suburbs, the area is very large, because the cost is low, so commodity prices can also be pressed to the minimum, while increasing the variety of goods. Wal-Mart has also made some adjustments to the price, not to fight the ordinary price war, but "daily low price", do not need to wait until the sale of consumers to buy things. By this technique, people in the urban areas are drawn to the suburbs.

It can be seen from 1997 to 2005, Wal-Mart achieved rapid expansion, the stock price rose, but, why in 2000 growth rate is stable? I guess it has to do with the Internet because, since 1997, American electric dealers have been attacking the Internet. Amazon was listed in 1997 and has since launched the electric business offensive.

However, it's not enough to just move the line down the line, because offline is not the same as online consumption. 1999 Internet payment is not very convenient, distribution is not as convenient as now. Online consumption from headaches two things, the first is payment, the second is distribution. From the point of view of the electrical business, even if there is a good supply chain, how to the offline customer experience well? 2000 years or so, Amazon made a decision to set up its own warehouse, and put Wal-Mart's strongest it talent into the company as a CIO, set up a supply chain, and the customer experience has also been adjusted to integrate offline and online customer experience concepts into the electrical business model.

As you can see from Amazon's stock charts, Amazon was founded in 1995 and listed in 1997, losing money for the first few years. This is similar to China's phenomenon, the only difference is that Amazon did not spend a lot of advertising, but the basic idea of innovation, the warehouse built up, 2000 when the biggest investment is online under the warehouse, logistics.

When we started making money in 2003, we also continued to invest and change our investment model, moving slowly from electricity dealers to different areas, such as cloud computing, Amazon Logistics, providing large data and online services for sellers in the supply chain, and making a lot of investments in tablets and readers. In the digital, the data also has done a lot, for instance in music, the video aspect has carried on the massive investment.

But consumers are very much in recognition of the way we invest, instant stock losses, consumers can understand the reason is Amazon for customers to do innovation, customer experience investment. They all agree that such investments will pay off. Our compass and direction must be centered on the customer experience, and we can see the innovative service of the customer experience.

In addition, Amazon has its own logistics system, and the inventory inside the warehouse is the robot to do, it will not because of the new year and not to work, and will not be sick and leave, it can be 24 hours for customer service.

Global Enlightenment of China's electricity quotient

In the 2011, Amazon brought the third party platform to China, which is to open up the electric business platform to the sellers. Now there are 15 logistics centers in China, which is the largest logistics network and operation network in the world except the United States.

Amazon is also building a global shop, bringing Chinese sellers to the world's platform and bringing them to the United States, Europe and Japan.

China now has a lot of offline companies that want to move online. Some American companies have been through this, but it's been tough. American traditional retail companies like Wal-Mart are going to change, and are exploring, they are experimenting with online and offline operating modes.

China, unlike the US, Europe and Japan, is geographically dispersed and has an uneven population income, which is very different from other countries. This is a big challenge for China's electricity dealers, both local and foreign.

In addition, China's mobile market is growing fast, and many new mobile shopping models are likely to happen in China. China's social platforms, such as micro-letters, have been used in many countries. In the field of micro-letters and mobile, the competition of Chinese electric power can bring many inspirations to the world.

Future development will be closely related to large data, because the current data and 15 years ago the data is not the same, your shopping information, distribution information, etc., are in the database. This can be through in-depth analysis, know what kind of customer base is the enterprise needs, what customer base may like what products, with targeted advertising or different sales methods.


Big Data creates new opportunities

Kutton, dean of the Institute of Soft-power innovation

About Big data, what will happen in the future? The first is the data operator, the future data operator is very important, it will grasp all the relevant industries, sales, user personal information, the depth of the information mining to create new business opportunities, they will constitute a new data monopoly. So how do we make rules in the context of large data, and how do we oppose the monopoly of data? How we create an open and large data environment is an issue that must be considered in the future for large data industries.

In addition, we will have a variety of large data industry services companies, it will provide a variety of professional technology and tools, in the vertical industry to become a leader in large data services.

Third, a variety of large data products and platform companies emerge, they will become based on product-provided large data companies, such as IBM.

The fourth is based on services for large data providers, soft current positioning is based on large data service providers, through the provision of large data in China services, search, to help users solve the problem is not now through large data for enterprise transformation and upgrading.

Big data changes our traditional thinking and service patterns. For example, the smart business of soft Qualcomm is an important direction. Soft Tong Do intelligent City analysis, through the analysis of social personnel patterns, to see how to solve some of the city's problems. We found that a class of mobile phone users formed a corresponding network, such network users through unrelated correlation analysis, found that it and a group of diseases of the people have a certain degree of relevance. The information in these two different latitudes is overlapping, in the decision-making of intelligent city, we can solve the problem of prevention and cure of this kind of disease through new channel, so this kind of thinking is the mode of data thinking, instead of making some independent connection and analysis thinking through the traditional information.

Soft Qualcomm in the large data business, to help the city to carry out the transformation of Intelligent city, the analysis of large data and cloud computing platform support, through the analysis of information to provide urban transformation and upgrading capabilities.

In the age of large data, it is necessary to consider the first cooperation, the second is to break the traditional boundaries through subversive means, through the new service capabilities we can see that in the future the likely traditional industry boundary will disappear, rather than to say that it will become more solid. Retail, for example, has become a new model through cloud computing and big data, with internet finance, new logistics services, and the way people socialize can be changed. These are provided through the service capabilities and new technologies that break the boundaries of the industry.


How does the data become "big"?

National double Science and Technology CEO Chi

What is the difference between data mining and data analysis? Data mining is a human unknown. The data analysis is we know, the weather is bad when the traffic may be blocked, this is analyzed, not data mining, because we knew the weather is bad and traffic is not good, this knowledge I have in the beginning. Data mining is the excavation of unknown knowledge.

What are the challenges of big data? One is real-time massive data analysis, the amount of data is too large, but also real-time analysis, timeliness requirements particularly high. The second is a highly scalable data warehouse. Data Warehouse is the basic technology of data mining, data warehouse and the current large data concept also have a certain conflict, because the data warehouse requires all the relationship between the data is retained, not cut. We want the data warehouse to be able to analyze more data every day, which is a challenge. To solve this problem, the future of data mining, the future of high-speed online analysis is very helpful.

Data is an asset. When you have a lot of historical data, you can do data mining in historical data, do data discovery. It would be of great value if there was an opportunity to make data assets.


Mobile office opens up the opportunity of the Times

Cao Hengkang, president of the Greater China region

Mobile office is a lot of people in the hearts of yearning, but how to achieve mobile office? IDC Research found that many companies gradually believe that competitiveness from mobile office, this is an important trend.

Jie provides a cloud solution that makes mobile office accessible. What do you call mobile office? The most important elements of office, the first is equipment, such as notebooks, desktops, tablets, the second is data, anytime, anywhere to use data. Can I get all the company data with tablet and mobile phone? The answer is yes. Can you use a tablet phone or other device to get a company application? When you open your home computer, even tablets, TV can work, open the cloud file, at any time through any device to the background data Center Mobile Office, this is the definition of mobile office.

What do companies need to provide to move? It's easy for IT staff to give you a quick and easy way to use the back-end data and you can work.

A big problem with mobile office is security. How to do the data does not fall, you must combine cloud computing. You are doing any operation, basically in the center of the use of computing resources, virtual resources, the calculation itself is not on the phone or flat, the data used is not transmitted to the phone, you can see, but take not go. To achieve security, we provide End-to-end software that provides software to build cloud services.

We always believe that people's work life can be harmonious, you can use some time to work, car, bus, waiting for the machine time can also work, this dream is that we have been advocating in the past.

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