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Now, if you don't often put "big data" in words, as if you didn't know "cloud computing" 5 years ago, it means you're behind the times. It is used to describe and define the vast amount of data generated in the era of information explosion and to name related technological developments and innovations. If "cloud computing" is more relevant to the future of the information industry, "Big data" will have a much wider impact on the future.

As a traditional industry practitioner, you can ignore the trend of cloud computing, but every leader of a business, especially when you are in business and service, and if you think of "big data" as the information industry, as in "cloud computing," you're likely to miss a big opportunity in the path of future development. Even lost in the competition.

The skill of large data

"Big Data" has such an understandable, widely circulated story: in the United States, a father angrily ran to Wal-Mart, asking why the ads with baby supplies coupons sent to his high school daughter? It turned out, however, that his daughter was pregnant. The girl searched for the key words of the product, as well as the behavioral trajectory revealed on the social networking site, which enabled Wal-Mart to capture her pregnancy information. In the big data age, businesses can know their daughters better than their fathers.

The change in "Big data" to business is just a clue to the surface of the water.

In the great data age, a famous book about Big Data-life, in the great change of work and thought, the author tells another story: A new flu virus emerged in the 2009, and public health agencies around the world feared it would spread massively, and they were eager to know where the flu spread and what path it was spreading along. But usually, they can only wait until after the event to get the data according to the outpatient volume, while the value of the data is obviously greatly reduced. But surprisingly, Google's engineers gave the answer, based on the internet search for flu-related keywords, such as "cold medicine" "sore throat" "fever" and "cough" and so on. The engineers compared the past two years of the U.S. Disease Control Department's report on the spread of influenza, found that past search data and influenza transmission pathway correlation reached 97%. In other words, the CDC can completely through Google's search data for the first time to grasp the direction of influenza transmission, without waiting for hindsight statistics.

Compared to the previous story, the latter business story can inspire people to "big data" application scope, application way of reverie. The so-called "big data" is not a new technology trend, but after the highly development of information technology, how people develop and utilize data to lay the foundation for the development of new business model is a new way of solving problems based on new tools.

Mining the treasure of the data

Not long ago, I was invited to visit Everbright Bank. Located in Beijing Xidan intersection of the southwest of Everbright Bank Beijing Branch Business Hall, is the domestic banking establishments information, networking forefront of the land. Whether it is installed on the ATM computer ipad and mobile phone interface, or the ATM on the implementation of real-time remote video communication with the bank consultant functions, are refreshing. The lobby manager's ipad does not leave the hand – once the customer has entered the line, the information, including name, gender, and asset status, will appear on the ipad in real time. In this way, the lobby manager can use the fastest speed to provide customers with business advice.

This is the bank uses the customer data to refine the service the application, this kind of application has already entered "the Big data" the thinking way, along this thought, actually may carry on the more service project development.

For example: The bank can count each customer to transact the same business time, identifying those customers who are always time-consuming and handing them over to more experienced counters will help to improve the efficiency of the business; If the statistics find that a customer is always making simple money transfers, it is perfectly possible to take the initiative to teach him to use net silver or mobile phone, telephone bank And if data is used to identify the risk propensity of a financial person to trade, then more targeted information can be designed, rather than providing users with information that they don't need as often as they do today ...

The big Data age, "affects how companies evaluate the data and visitors they own, and even force companies to change their business models, while also changing the way organizations view and use data." This passage of the big Data age redefined the value of data.

When we set up a broader definition of "big data", we find that big data is not patented by Google, Baidu, Facebook, Twitter, portals, microblogs, and micro-letters. Large data is hidden behind all the information tools. Production, sales, management of the information produced a large number of by-products, in the past this is often wasted, like iron ore rich in rare earths used to steel, slag is always not hesitate to throw away. Today, every business can find wealth in these "rare earth slag". "The full value of the data is far greater than its original value, and it is found to be new in every use after initial use". The raw data produced by each enterprise in its operation can generate new value through the re-statistics and reorganization.

For example, each supermarket has used for anti-theft monitoring equipment, before it only used to monitor the security of the store and the working state of employees, and now there are companies to summarize the customer in front of the goods in the time and the way to travel, adjust the way the goods are placed. And the major shopping malls, no one does not grasp the dealer every day of all transaction details. In the past, this data served only as a checkout credential. But if it is deeply developed, it will be able to have a clearer understanding of consumer behavior, so that the layout of the store, booth rental, dealer rebate amount, etc. to obtain more accurate judgment. Effective application of large data, but also allows the seller in the shortest possible time to find potential buyers and provide the most attentive service, as mentioned at the beginning of this article Wal-Mart.

Hit the mall

Of course, because of the accuracy and timeliness of large data, the widespread use of large data in the long run will weaken the need for large stores. In Singapore, banks have rarely set up large business offices at the bottom, usually with a small backyards on the first floor and a few self-service teller machines, while major businesses move upstairs to write rooms, saving expensive bottom-house rents.

Judging from the new commercial properties opened in recent years in China, cinemas, restaurants, beauty, fitness, entertainment and other "hands-on" services occupied by the area is increasing, and simple sales of goods is decreasing, this is Suning, Gome, Wanda and other traditional commercial enterprises to enter the electric business fully high-profile reasons. Only into the field of electricity, they can accumulate more data for the arrival of large data age to accumulate capital. If the traditional business does not take the initiative to welcome the arrival of the big Data age, its site will be eroded by the electric dealers growing up in the digital age.

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