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Disneyland is a place where dreams come true and will soon become a huge database of data scientists.

Or has it become a tourist nightmare? ......

Disney recently announced a full upgrade of its theme park experience, with the ultimate goal of getting everyone into the park to wear an RFID-enabled wrist strap that would enter the Disney database for their whereabouts in Disney parks and hotels.

Data has started as soon as you enter the gate. Disney is replacing the original turnstile with a golden orb, and when your wrist enters the sphere, the ball will be welcome and begin to count at a minimum cost of 88 dollars. This process is eye-catching, but requires countless lines of software code implementation.

The challenges facing Disney's Big data team are obvious. In the one hours before the opening, people have been flocking there, waiting in line for the most popular game items. Disney's Big Data team needed a huge leap to deal with the flow of information that exceeded expectations.

Every year, more than 17 million visitors pass through the gates of the magical Kingdom of Florida, a large portion of which is a few minutes before the opening. All Disney parks around the world meet about 100 million visitors a year, and each park will create its own database path into the park.

This is just the beginning. The next step is to track the whereabouts of the tourists in the park. At present, Disneyland has launched a number of mobile phone applications featured features, which fastpasses feature allows visitors to advance reservations without queuing. Every appointment, every purchase, every ride, or even every step of a visitor, will be recorded and kept in a large database. As you can imagine, when you end up in the park one day, you will leave a lot of data information, you may need a TB of hard disk to record this information.

But these databases are not just for recording information, but for improving the gaming experience and even remembering some of your preferences. The wristband will be coded to call our name, and then the characters in the game will give us a welcome. We will get some characters in the Grand Theatre of Paradise, and the wrist strap will become an integral part of the internet of things.

These additional data information will show greater potential. Disney has tried to cover interactive games within the park. One of the Games in Epcot (the Future World) is to turn a mobile phone into a high-tech detection device called fone (Field operative Notification equipment), where you can send instructions to move the walls and the people around you.

Disney is also wary of the privacy issues that may be involved. We can choose whether to wear a wrist strap and you can still choose to keep track of the whereabouts in the park. But interactive games like Fone will add more functionality and become more virtual, so there are times when we have no choice but to leave a lot of data. Of course, you can pay in cash at the door and leave a fake name ...

No matter the name is true or FALSE, eventually we still have to leave some data to let the algorithm analysis. Can large data scientists find a statistically significant significance? Can cloud computing also be used to record this data? Is there a smarter way to record people's whereabouts? This is an open question for Disney's data scientists.

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