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Do you know how to build on Windows Azure that belongs to your mobile application? Or more importantly, the process of building a mobile application, using Windows Azure toolkits for devices to build the application is simpler. With support for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, these toolkits make it easier to build applications with Windows Azure cloud services.

To get more inspiration, we have to take a serious look at these case studies to learn how others are using Windows Azure for their mobile applications.

T accelerates the IPO of innovative social networking solutions

The world's leading wireless service provider, the American T, wants to create new mobile software for social families to simplify data communications. The company needs to implement its application and its service infrastructure while facing an urgent deadline. T decided to build the application using Visual Studio Professional and use Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure as its foundation.

By leveraging the integrated development environment and cloud services, the company completed the project within six weeks. Using a cloud computing platform rather than maintaining a physical server simplifies management. As a result, developers have more time to focus on optimizing applications. Read the case study.

Telefónica offers developers access to cloud computing and mobile services

The world's leading telecommunications service provider, Telefónica, wants its customers to access innovative applications and services and provide new business models to help developers benefit from their ideas. The company launched a developer platform called Blue via, where developers can now add communication capabilities to their applications, as well as opportunities for risk-free revenue sharing.

Telefónica has established a partnership with Microsoft, attracting groups of millions of developers. At the same time, the company created the Bluevia SDK for. NET, using the Microsoft platform, a series of technologies to accelerate the developers to use Bluevia. With the Bluevia SDK for. NET, developers can easily host cloud computing applications on Windows Azure. Read the case study.

Symon Computing uses cloud computing to expand product lines with expert help

Symon Communications, a company that develops digital signage solutions for the Fortune 1000 market, wants to restructure its innovative mobile applications to achieve greater scalability and flexibility.

Symon Communications a step closer to understanding Windows Azure and migrating its mobile applications to the cloud in a test environment, Symon was very satisfied with the view, so it continued to develop on Windows Azure, before June 2010, It is fine-tuning its mobile applications and conducting final testing.

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