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Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] The Apple store in Chengdu and Hong Kong is about to open after the company's official website confirmed that the Chengdu Vientiane City Apple Store will open December 15 8 o'clock in the morning. Chengdu, the Apple Direct shop is the mainland China's 8th direct retail outlets, located in Chengdu City, Chenghua District Shuang Qing Road, Vientiane City, No. 8th. This is also the mainland of China, following Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, the fourth owner of the Apple Shtore Direct store of the big city. Meanwhile, the Apple store of Hysan Square in Hong Kong will open 9 o'clock in the morning on December 15. As early as August this year, Hong Kong Tongluowan in the construction of the Apple Store, the news has been reported, but recently Apple has not opened the store in front of the slogan, and the use of coming soon such words. [Product Information] I ghost will not let you go! iphone Catch Ghost Weapon you believe that the world ghost people look over, the Buddhist so-called open the sky eye function, once let us these people envy unceasingly, but have the Ghost tool iphone EMF detector, we also equivalent to open the sky eye! It is said that ghosts are made up of strange electromagnetic fields, and this EMF detector is the principle of capturing ghosts by detecting things that change around the electromagnetic field. Now the price of each EMF detector is 20 U.S. knives, after the purchase of the device inserted into the iphone and download the corresponding software, after shaking around in accordance with the fluctuations in the electromagnetic field can see where the ghost is ... High! [Not recommended app] Broad Bean Network does not recommend Android applications: "Stolen Imperial Concubine" according to the joint "Safety Butler" by the professional test results show that the detection of the "stolen princess" in the user's use of the process of triggering malicious instructions, without prompting to send SMS Order SP service, the user's mobile phone charges pose a threat. [Android Top recommendation] Android platform December the first week of the new game summary Although the end of the world is coming, but the game is still to play. Into the December, the major game manufacturers produced a lot of new games, including the "chaos of the Ring Omega" and "Chaos and Order: Heroes" such a masterpiece. Small series for everyone to bring the Android platform December the first week of the new game summary, let us not afraid of the end of the world, play together! [iOS Hot recommendation] The first week of December iphone new game recommended 2012 years of the last one months has been a week, friends are waiting for the end of the world to come? Now, as if life is still the same. Small series also as always to friends brought the first week of December those new shelves of new app. In the first week, friends can play the new tour brought by Kirin Dog, Disney, Gameloft home, and follow the smallMake a look! [Eat and drink play app] small make up the KTV to eat and drink is already a mantra, but how to turn it into the actual action, mobile internet era How can the real eating fun good? A variety of different features of the app will naturally make our life colorful. And our beer and Skittles app is a file with app play turn Life fun column. Now, let's have a beer and skittles together! On the most of the beer and Skittles recommended, small set up with the United States for hemp and hemp and their own group buy the Chinese good son near Zi Bridge package, this also opened a small series of unlimited purchase desire, this is not, while the editorial team of someone birthday, small series immediately proposed group buy KTV to roar a voice, also got a lot of editorial support, after screening, We decided to choose a home on the internet. ~[android evaluation] inseparable from the application of Android commonly used input methods with the development of mobile phone technology, the large size of the capacitive screen gradually eliminated the traditional blue screen and physical keys, our typing also changed to rely on the virtual keyboard to perform. As a function we almost every day to use, the mobile phone with the input method has been unable to meet our increasingly personalized requirements. As a result, there is a third-party input method to seize the market, although not to mention the hundred schools of contention, but also fierce competition. Today, small series on the basis of fair and impartial attitude, take you around, detailed comparison of the current Android on the most commonly used six input method, compared with the pros and cons, but also give you the choice of input method to provide some reference. [iphone limited to free] December 10 iphone limited free app recommended casual racing game "peak Hurricane" Leisure action games "crazy big war" leisure racing game "cross-country legend" Leisure puzzle games "bounce Penguin" leisure and entertainment games "crazy fisherman" [ipad limited to free] December 10 ipad free app recommended casual puzzle game "commemorate Pirate Day" casual puzzle game "finger spider" Navigation tools "Beijing Subway"
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