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Today 10 o'clock in the morning, CCTV business through the channel into the V-NET, this is the first time CCTV close contact with the largest cultural creativity in Shaanxi Province platform-V passenger network.

V Guest NET general Manager Jin Yan interviewed by CCTV reporter

November 19 morning, CCTV channel, into the Shaanxi Cloud Creative Network Limited to visit, visit, interview. CCTV reporter interviewed the v guest net general Manager Jin Yan and other senior management personage. V Customer Network general manager Jin Yan and reporters on the V-net to create a background, positioning, the current structure, development and future planning and vision, and other aspects of communication, on the CCTV reporter proposed "about v-net in the promotion of social benefits in the first place, social and economic benefits of the unity of the cultural system mechanism reform how to play a role?" Jin Yan also gave a unique insight.

V Guest Network Human resources director Shisha interviewed by CCTV reporter

V Guest Network Human Resources Vice President Shisha also received a CCTV reporter interview, CCTV reporter proposed "cultural industry in intellectual property has been a great controversy, V-Net as the Internet era of new cultural and creative electric platform, is how to ensure the V-net platform for talent and enterprise issues related to intellectual property rights?" And so on, Shisha also reply.

What's the V-net?

V Net culture Creative products online trading platform is an online business innovation and sale of the work of E-commerce platform, he relies on Shaanxi province's rich cultural resources and Shaanxi-Wen-investment group of cultural and creative resources integration ability, through the Internet, mobile Internet and other interactive ways to promote cultural creativity and the internet combined. For the global cultural creative enterprises and individuals to provide efficient, convenient and safe trading services, brand marketing and related value-added services.
Why did CCTV go into the V-net?

November 15, 2013, the party's 18 session plenary recently passed the "CPC Central Committee on the Comprehensive deepening of the reform of a number of major issues of the decision." "The decision" in the "promotion of cultural institutional innovation", said: adhere to the people-centered work-oriented, adhere to the social benefits in the first place, social and economic benefits of unity, in order to stimulate the whole national culture to create vitality as the central link, further deepen the cultural reform. Including: Perfecting the cultural management system, establishing and perfecting the modern culture market system, constructing the modern public culture service system, raising the culture opening level.

As the online trading platform of Cultural creative products, V-Net plays an active role and significance in promoting the innovation of cultural system mechanism. As far as innovation is concerned, the V-Net has changed the traditional production mode of people's intelligence in a large extent, and also changed people's consumption way of intelligence. Today, intelligence, ability not only can share, also can bring to sell, this is the important characteristic of V guest net. V The diversity of the experience, so that visitors enjoy: to find materials, appreciation works, play custom, Amoy creative, selling ideas.

V NET since its inception has been bearing the "Everyone for me, I for everyone" the core concept of "good faith transaction" as the core, the Web site to the Internet High-tech as a support, set a strong research and development and operational strength in one, through the provision of creative trading and sharing the Creative Foundation platform resources, to help more users to transform the intelligence into visible value, To help more users to achieve entrepreneurship, employment, V-Net has been working towards this goal.

CCTV into the V-net, means that the cultural and creative electric platform began to receive national and mainstream media attention. For China's creative industries in general, at present, into the key period of the broken cocoon into butterflies, V-net can be in Shaanxi-Wen cast under the leadership, full of passion, and the expectations of China's cultural and creative power platform for the rising rise of the key role of the leadership, v passenger network is a long way away.

On this platform, everyone can be both a boss and an entrepreneur. Through the V-net to their own wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience to convert to real income.

V Passenger Network on March 19, 2013, the formal operation of the online. The same year, July 25, V-Net carried out two times after the revision. After the revision, the V-Net has become the domestic culture industry service for the cultural products online trading platform, involving the transaction categories including design, Copywriting, film and television and other cultural products and services. At the same time, the company also further integrate Shaanxi Province cultural resources, organize a variety of offline activities to promote cultural industry prosperity and development.

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