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May 20, 2014-23rd, under the guidance of national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Informatization, Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal People's government, cast, sponsored by China Electronic Society, China Association of Cloud Computing Technology and industry, China Electronic Society cloud computing Experts Committee, China's large data committee of experts, CSDN, ZDNet to the top network and Itvalue co-organised by the "Six China Cloud Computing Conference" in Beijing National Conference Center held grandly.

In order to better communicate the latest experience in the 2014, and further promote the cloud computing technology innovation and large data applications, display domestic and foreign cloud computing, large data field of the latest achievements, "The Last China Cloud computing conference" with "cloud computing big data to promote wisdom China" as the theme, invited from the Global cloud computing industry Business leaders, senior industry experts to share and exchange in-depth.

The conference lasted 4 days, with a more international perspective, to help participants understand the global cloud computing technology trends, from industry applications, to explore the cloud computing large data, mobile Internet, intelligent cloud terminals and other fields of practical experience; through technical forums, standard practice and training courses, A deep analysis of the core technology of cloud computing big data. As China's largest cloud computing field in the 2014, the highest specification, the number of participants in the IT event, the second China Cloud Computing Conference for the Development and promotion of industry has important significance.

Common spectrum ecology, wisdom China

Like other emerging things in the electronic information field, after 8 years of innovation and development, cloud computing has or is changing electronic information technology, industry and applications. In the field of electronic information technology innovation, product and service delivery forms, business models are undergoing important changes, from the cloud computing, large data and other new round of electronic information Service industry adjustment, restructuring and transformation is being staged. The trend of service of information technology products has enabled more and more electronic information technology product providers to transform the integrated operation of information services, while providing an important opportunity for Internet companies to provide more kinds of cloud services and to transform the public cloud service providers. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information industry and other industrial departments, timely grasp the opportunity, timely promulgation of cloud computing technology innovation and industrial development promotion policy, effectively promoted the rapid development of China's cloud computing industry.

More importantly, with the continuous improvement of various cloud computing services, from government to enterprise, from institutions to individuals, public cloud, dedicated cloud services have landed practice. Cloud storage, cloud manufacturing, cloud management, government cloud, education cloud, financial cloud, city management cloud, health care cloud, location service cloud and so on various forms, the distinctive characteristic cloud computing service starts to apply. With the new industrialization of Chinese characteristics, informatization, urbanization, the implementation of agricultural modernization strategy, industrial upgrading, industrial and information integration, intelligent city construction and other needs of cloud computing, large data to bring greater application space.

2014, cloud computing large data technology has not only in the Internet, the operator field, but also in many traditional industry enterprises in practice. In the plenary session of the keynote speech, Huai Jin Peng, Li Deii, Li Bohu, Li Wei, Gawain, Meihong, Guo Huadong, Hubei Vernon and other members of the two chambers, as well as the National Advisory Committee on Information Technology, Deputy Director Hongren with the Chinese telecom, Amazon, China Mobile, Microsoft, China Unicom, Wave, Alibaba, Baidu Jingdong Mall, British industry Tatsu, Tencent, Cisco, H3C, Qingyun Qingcloud, IBM, Ruijie Network, the United States, Mississippi College, Leadify Company, Facebook and other enterprises practitioners work together to pulse cloud computing and large data development trends, and jointly promote the wisdom of China.

Practical exploration, technology based

Around the "cloud computing core technology architecture, large data core technology and applications, cloud computing platform construction and practice, public cloud construction and application, cloud computing data center and operation, cloud computing security," six major technical forum, dozens of lectures, lectures, forums colorful.

Cloud computing core technology architecture strategically. China three communications cloud computing business director Wu Jian, Baidu Infrastructure Department senior director Liu Yan, network host cloud distribution platform Senior architect Liu, Microsoft Asia Pacific Research group China Cloud Computing Innovation Center Senior Director Feng, the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Computer Institute of Sino-German Joint Software Institute deputy Director and chief Engineer Liu Yi, China Mobile Research Institute cloud Computing System department technical manager, senior engineer Zhang Zhihong, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, vice president of computer, Wuhan optoelectronics National Laboratory information storage and optical display function Laboratory Director Feng Dan, Sohu PAAs Cloud Platform architect Zhang Yuxin, IBM Greater China Area Cloud computing architect, technical director Wang Yu, Fang, Chief Cloud Technology advisor for Amazon AWS, and cloud-line practitioners such as Unitedstack's founder and CEO Chenghui, have made a wonderful contribution to the core technology architecture of cloud computing.

Large data core technologies and applications focus on the deployment and value of large data. China Electronic Society Cloud Computing Experts committee vice chairman, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Li Gangjiang, Baidu's Big Data department director, China Mobile Research Institute cloud Computing Systems department General manager assistant, Big Cloud project System Chief architect Qian Ling, Institute of Computing Technology Research researcher Qing, HGST Asia-Pacific product Marketing director Huangqingmin, LinkedIn senior director of business Analysis Zhangxi Dream, Spark founder Team Databrics engineer Liancheng, Wuhan University of Software Engineering Institute Director Heching in-depth sharing of large data core technology and application experience.

Construction and practice of cloud computing platform PAAs and private cloud build. China Medicine Group Information Department deputy Director and information company chairman Cao, Sina Cloud computing director, SAE general manager Conglei, Red Hat Greater China technical director Changchun, Yi Heng Chuang Source Memblaze solution Director Liu, China Aluminum Group Information Department deputy general manager Wenchingrong, on the virtualization, OpenStack, PAAs use case sharing, savor the experience in practice.

Public cloud construction and application based on technical experience to share. China Electronic Society Cloud Computing Experts committee deputy director, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Vice President Yangfang Spring, Qingyun Qingcloud co-founder, Research and Development vice president of the Oasis, China Unicom Cloud Data Co., Ltd. Research and development manager Ching Kim, Beijing Rong Lian Yi Tong Information Technology Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Han, Wuxi Huayun Data Service Co., Ltd. Basic Business Group President Yu Ying, Tian Shi Group Vice president and Global Information Center General Manager Jiang Jonglin, Capital Online technology AG COO Zhaoyongzhi respectively from different angles to analyze the challenges of platform research and development, and put forward the importance of industrial cooperation.

Cloud Computing Data Center and operational dimension, energy saving and efficiency. China Data Center Working Group leader Zhong Jinghua, the general manager of the Cloud Computing branch, China Telecom Co., Ltd. Wu Wei, the director of Baidu Operations and maintenance department Liu, the Chinese Unicom Cloud Data Co. Shanxi Luliang Cloud Computing data Center chief engineer Wang Kening take you to the new computing age around the data center.

Cloud computing security, the effective protection of user data. Feng Deng, a researcher at the Institute of Software Studies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, shared the secret retrieval of the golden Key to open the cloud storage encryption, and Yun Xiaochun, deputy director of the National Computer Network Emergency Technology Processing Coordination Center, brought up security analysis capabilities based on large network data, and security experts from Alibaba Group security expert Shen Sixi sermon Cloud 360 company chief Privacy officer, Vice President Tanxiaosheng take us to understand the network attack detection based on large data, Cloud Security Alliance global chief strategic diplomat Li Yu-ai suggested that all industries unite to effectively carry out information sharing and achieve security.

Deep application, industry sharing

Today, large data and cloud computing have been applied in many industries. This session, the organizing committee has set up a large number of cloud computing data medical, cloud computing large data intelligence manufacturing, cloud computing Big Data Intelligent transportation, cloud computing big Data education, cloud computing Big Data Internet finance, cloud computing big Data digital entertainment and so on six industry application forum, in-depth discussion and sharing practical experience.

Cloud computing is the best example of the value of data for healthcare. National Health and Family Planning Commission, Deputy Director of planning and information, Zhang Feng, National Information Center researcher, National Information Technology Expert Advisory Committee member, National Information Center Expert Committee member Ningjia, Peking University Third Hospital party secretary, deputy Dean Jinchangxia, Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine, Guang ' an hospital deputy Dean Wang Yinghui, BM System and Technology division of Greater China Technical Director Li Yonghui, the deputy dean of China University of Gene Research Fanglin, Tsinghua Hospital to prepare the Headquarters information Management Office Senior engineer Liu Haiyi, Xiamen Health Bureau deputy director of Yiu Yuanhua, Taiwan Cloud Computing Industry Association experts, the President of the Hui Group Chopewe, Yao Zhihong, a researcher at the Institute of Health Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Life Sciences, and deputy Director of the General Health Management Research center of the Zhejiang Institute of Digital Medical and health technology, Jie and other in-depth sharing of the medical industry's cloud computing and large data application experience.

Cloud computing large data intelligence manufacturing, the social productivity of another ascension. China Electronic Society cloud Computing Expert committee vice chairman, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Li Bohu, Aerospace technology Group chief Engineer Hai, IBM Greater China Region cloud computing and Management Services sales Director Sun Chengyue, Guangdong Province Foshan Bureau of Economic and Information technology Chien, In the Qingdao refrigeration industry chain Base CIO Shang and so on manufacturing cloud development trend and the private cloud practice and so on topic in-depth discussion, leads everybody to explore the Chinese manufacturing industry wisdom future.

Cloud computing Large Data Intelligent transportation, the beginning of modern city building. China Electronic Society cloud computing Expert committee Honorary Chairman, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Li DEII, Beijing traffic operation Monitoring and dispatching Center deputy Director, researcher Ke, high-tech lbs open platform and large data Fusion Department general manager Tiami, Beijing Friends Tianyu System Technology Co., Ltd. General manager Yao Hongyu, Shanghai Beidou Satellite Navigation Platform Co., Ltd. deputy general manager, chief engineer Zhu, China Aerospace Research and Development center of the new generation of system planning senior analyst Li and other related applications in the field of intelligent communication in-depth sharing.

Cloud computing and large data education, customized education under the talent production. Vice President of China Electronic Society, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Li Wei, director of Modern Education Technology Branch of China Electronic Society Lin Fozong, Tsinghua University professor, Computer Science and Technology Secretary Sun Maosung, Liu Xiang, general manager of the cloud computing branch ECNU, director of the Institute of Education and Information Systems Engineering, dean of the Institute of Open Education, Nanjing University, Institute of Educational Science and management, Zhiting, director of Network Learning and management, Sandmin, seven Neu Yun storage chief Technology Officer Han To, University of National Defense Science and Technology, professor, Deputy Dean Wang Huimin, Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics " The outstanding hundred people "Young talent plan professor, the Beihang University Software Development Environment Key Laboratory deputy Director Wenjun and so on will share the cloud computing in the education profession practice."

Cloud computing Big Data Internet finance, high risk cloud computing combat. Vice chairman of China large data expert committee, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hubei Vernon, deputy director of Hongyuan Securities Research Institute, Yi Huan, general manager of Tianhong Fund innovation Support Sheng, CEO of 91 Finance Co., Ltd. Xuzey, CEO of Yeepay, director of Computer Science and Technology, Peking University Institute of Information Technology, Chen Jong, a member of the Committee of Experts of China's payment and liquidation Association, will focus on the issues of financial data security, technological innovation and practical experience.

Cloud computing large data digital entertainment, in-depth analysis of customized user experience. Beijing Vehicle Language Media CTO Triyi, Blue Flood ChinaCache President Zhang Ken, entertainment large data experts, love dream Entertainment large Data institution founder Thunder, Ucloud senior architect Han Yanliang, Cloud Medical founder and CEO Wu Bing will deeply share the digital entertainment typical application of practice and innovation.

Framework integration, standard definition

There is a standard for a total win, innovation has a stronger core competitiveness. In order to better with the international standards, more perfect use of good data this business opportunity, this Congress also opened the data center of the fusion architecture and storage, International cloud computing standardization two thematic forums.

Data Center fusion architecture and storage, data center capacity redefinition. PMC Vice president and Enterprise storage director Travis Karr, Alibaba Group senior hardware engineer Neu, former Facebook storage owner, OCP founder member per Brashers, Wave Group, senior architect of internet industry, Li Museum and other senior domestic and foreign explorers to share the latest trends in storage and data center.

International cloud computing standardization, to discuss the cloud computing plan. Like container transport, standardization plays a vital role in cloud computing development and innovation. In this forum, DMTF chairman Jeff HILLAND,ISO/IEC/JTC1 SC38 Cloud computing standardization experts, China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, senior engineer Wang Jieping, ITU-T representative, French telecom company Orange Senior expert He Rin, the Open Group general manager of the Asia Pacific, vice president of Enterprise Architecture Chris Forde, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) founder and CEO Jim Reavis together to explore the various areas of cloud computing international standards, to discuss the cloud computing plan.

Advanced training, practice-oriented

This conference for the first time joined the training link, into the actual combat elements.

OpenStack Enterprise Application Road technology training, lock cloud Platform deployment, for some OpenStack deployment experience engineers, technical applications, problem analysis, actual combat experience and other aspects of OpenStack training. Lecturers team, including Chengyun Platform research and development director Wu Yijian, Intel Information Technology Engineering Computing Department research and development manager Keng Wenhui, trystack team core members Zhangjinan and other organizations of the core OpenStack staff, on "cross-hypervisor management best Practices", " OpenStack Functional Testing (Tempest) and continuous delivery of best practices with the virtual machine migration and HA program.

Hadoop uses combat technology training to focus on the Hadoop technology ecosystem. Hadoop is becoming the de facto standard for large data technologies, and having Hadoop skills has become an important condition for getting promoted to important positions. At this conference, the CSDN and Chinahadoop-built Hadoop high-end technology training covers the distributed online storage system HBase, Data Warehouse hive, Hadoop in the application of telecom operators and other content. Training lecturers team including Chinahadoop promoter Lei, Chinahadoop small Elephant technology core member Yong Maoyuan and so on a number of front-line practice experts.

In addition, this conference also inherited the characteristics of internationalization, innovation and nurture, in particular the cross-Strait cloud computing cooperation, the National cloud computing Big Data Innovation Project awards and venture capital and other forums. The Second China Cloud Computing Conference, to the large-scale Bayupha keynote speeches, forum and professional training, tens of thousands of people in the industry gathered in the depth of the practice of the trip, will certainly be China's cloud computing industry ecological Development played a positive role in promoting, at the same time, I believe also will be experts and scholars, industry executives, industry elites, Business representatives leave the latest harvest and innovative thinking.

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