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This June, our city for the first time in the mobile Internet industry to start the medium and long term promotion plan "Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone management Committee on speeding up the development of mobile Internet industry," established the target of five years: to 2017, the cultivation of thousands of enterprises, gathered more than 100,000 talents, to create 200 billion industrial clusters The high-tech zone will be built into the leading area of China's mobile internet industry innovation, high-end talent gathering area and application service demonstration area.

Chengdu will build a world-class IT industry base, how to achieve this goal? Yesterday, the Chengdu High-tech Zone held a press conference, the official release of the first domestic mobile internet industry policy "Chengdu High-tech zone to speed up the development of mobile Internet Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "policy"). The 10 specific measures in the policy, starting from funds, talents and services, three-dimensional promotion of mobile Internet industry innovation and entrepreneurship. Industry insiders pointed out that the special "policy" way to support the mobile Internet industry, not only in the domestic belong to the first time, the strength of its support is very rare.

"Foreign companies" will receive rent subsidy

The enterprise builds public platform to receive million subsidy

According to the introduction, the introduction of the "policy", the main focus of three: first, to stimulate and support the mobile Internet innovation in the field of entrepreneurship, in vigorously introducing foreign teams, projects and talent, while encouraging local enterprises innovation and development; second, in the key elements of industrial development talent and finance, give mobile internet companies more support Third, in the public service platform, carrier construction and industry exchanges, to create a suitable mobile internet enterprise development of soft and hard environment.

Under the policy, in the industry representative, platform, its business is a multi-regional, international development trend of the provincial company, its headquarters from the whole place to move into the Chengdu High-tech zone, not only to get the monthly 40 per square metre of the standard given 3 years rent subsidy, the original technical personnel and management staff one-time migrant, A one-time subsidy may also be granted at 20,000 yuan per person. At the same time, after the establishment of the enterprise, the first 5 years of Chengdu High-tech zone to contribute to the economy, will also receive key industrial projects to foster funding support.

In addition, for local mobile internet enterprises, the "policy" clearly will be fast-growing enterprises to give support to key industrial projects, to reach a certain scale of enterprises, Chengdu Hi-tech zone to give 500,000 yuan-2 million yuan enterprise management special support.

At the same time, for the enterprise-led industrial public technology platform, Chengdu High-tech zone will also give special support, in this regard, "policy" shows that will encourage enterprises and institutions to build intelligent Terminal Application test platform, content storage distribution Cloud service platform, professional laboratory and other public technology platform, For SME developers to facilitate the provision of technical services, where the assessment of approved platforms, will be able to obtain a maximum of 1 million yuan subsidy.

The backbone of well-known enterprises entrepreneurship

Up to 5 million venture capital support

The development of mobile Internet, the key in talent. In order to attract talent elements gathered, the "policy" directed to attract, cultivate talent issued a special policy. It is reported that for well-known enterprises backbone personnel entrepreneurship, where in the mobile Internet-related areas of well-known enterprises work more than 3 years, as senior or above the management staff or core personnel to Chengdu High-tech zone entrepreneurship, in addition to office space, rent subsidy, but also according to the size and nature of the enterprise to obtain 1 million 5 million yuan of venture capital support (the financial support after the review qualified to give continuous support). For other entrepreneurs, the support that can be obtained after the project has been evaluated includes office space, rent subsidy, and 100,000 yuan-1 million yuan one-time start-up subsidy.

In addition, where mobile Internet enterprises, organizations to organize groups to the domestic first-tier cities, colleges and universities in the capital cities to carry out recruitment activities, each organization to participate in the recruitment of enterprises up to 10 and above, to give actual activities of 50% subsidy, the maximum subsidy can reach 150,000 yuan. At the same time, in order to solve the worries of talents, the policy also provides a number of humanistic support policies for talent rewards, introduction of talents, and enrollment of business executives and children. In addition, where investment agencies help introduce mobile internet companies, they can receive 5% of corporate investment incentives.

Industry insiders pointed out that the implementation of the policy, so that mobile Internet entrepreneurial team can achieve "low-cost" or even "0 cost" entrepreneurial, which not only for the development of local mobile internet industry in Chengdu to promote, and even to the national mobile Internet and the IT industry pattern brought about impact.

Mobile internet "Entrepreneurial City"

Last year has achieved output value of more than 60 billion yuan

"Where is the center of China Mobile Internet entrepreneurship, is Beijing?" I'm afraid many people don't think so. Chengdu's Mobile Internet Entrepreneurship Policy, is a more ambitious and more sophisticated products, take turns, the rapid sweep of every application market, some of them have even shaken the original industrial chain. "Business value" in July 2012 has a special report on the status of mobile Internet entrepreneurship in Chengdu High-tech zone, the "City of Developers" article in the opening, said: "Chengdu is rising into a mobile internet business Star City." ”

Yesterday, Chengdu High-tech zone launched the first half of mobile internet industry data: The first half of this year, Chengdu High-tech zone 50 of new high-level talent start-ups, mobile internet enterprises accounted for 50%; nearly 2 years of the establishment of technology-based SME sales revenue for the first time to break 10 million of 32 enterprises, mobile Internet enterprises accounted % of the 222 hi-tech SMEs introduced, mobile internet companies accounted for 54% of the 33 public technology platforms identified, mobile internet accounted for 48%. In addition, among the first 66 high level talent start-up projects funded, mobile internet projects accounted for 51%; of the 69 start-ups funded by the incubator, mobile internet projects accounted for 56%, one covering cloud computing and its applications, core devices, social networking, high-end industry applications, mobile networking, information security, The mobile internet industry chain in areas such as e-commerce and mobile payments is accelerating. Only last year, Chengdu High-tech zone has achieved a mobile Internet output value of more than 60 billion yuan.

Reporter yesterday at the scene learned that the Chengdu High-tech zone this year, new hatching area of 100,000 square meters, incubator number and area in the national high-tech zone in the second only Zhongguancun. At present, Chengdu High-tech zone to create mobile Internet professional incubator "mobile interconnection pioneering building", has been renovated in August, there are more than 30 high-quality mobile internet companies settled in. Newspaper reporter Muchen

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The "Chengdu List" of the App Store

China has 8 teams on the list of the 100 most-paid app developers to be released in April this year, with Chengdu Nibiru Technology Limited (Tap4fun) ranked 30th in 1.13 million U.S. dollars, ranking first in Chinese companies LV1, another developer studio from Chengdu, ranked third in Chinese companies.

In addition, Chengdu Fruit Technology Co., Ltd. launched the mobile phone photo-sharing software Camera360, has been in the Apple App Store in the United States free software in the 7th, the result was once more than the popular game "Angry Birds"; Chengdu Heng Map Technology Co., Ltd. launched the photographic application of "good photos" iphone version , in May this year on the line will surpass all domestic and foreign photography application, wins the App Store China area Tool class free top. In addition, the popular tool application Dolphin Browser set up a research and development center in Chengdu in April this year, June 25, its global headquarters in Chengdu High-tech zone.

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