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The amount of data produced in the past three years is much more than in the previous 40,000 years, and the advent of the big data age is beyond doubt. We are about to face a change, the new big data will become the urgent task of enterprise development, and conventional technology has been difficult to deal with PB (1024TB) level of large-scale data. The challenge of this change is that a successful enterprise must be confronted in the course of its future development. Only those enterprises that can use these new data patterns can build sustainable and important competitive advantages.

Large data can come from all aspects, from life's shopping transactions to industrial manufacturing, from social network media information to online video image data, from enterprise information management systems to government e-government, with lots of data. With the development of the Internet of things and the cloud computing industry, the value of large data will be further revealed.

In the era of Internet of things, millions network sensors are embedded in a variety of real-world devices, such as mobile phones, smart meters, automobiles and industrial machines, to perceive, create and exchange data, and ubiquitous sensing networks bring ubiquitous data, These data are increasingly becoming a factor of production that is as important as physical capital and human resources.

At the same time, cloud computing provides storage space for the massive data generated by the Internet of things, and makes it possible to deal with real-time online processing. In recent years, IT companies such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and Google have not only deployed multiple data centers around the world, they have also spent 15 billion of dollars acquiring software companies specializing in data management and analytics.

IBM, which acted earlier, invested $12 billion in 2005-2009, creating 6 Global analysis Centers for 4000 employees. It's not hard to find that while people are still obsessed with the hype of things and cloud computing, the world's leading IT companies have begun to turn their attention to the big data behind things and cloud computing, whose potential value is being tapped. "Big data than Internet, cloud more important" judgment may be a bit exaggerated, but it is certain: cloud computing is not only the provision of cloud storage services, the intelligent processing of large data is not only the cloud of the meaning of the problem, but also its core and key.

Over the next five years, big data will gradually become part of more and more CIO work. On the one hand, the popularity of business intelligence, so that enterprises have a full understanding of the importance of data; On the other hand, the rise of new applications such as social media, electronic commerce and Internet of Things has broken the original value chain of the enterprise and analyzed the data of all links of the original value chain. They need to use big data strategies to break data boundaries and get a panoramic view of a more comprehensive operating and operating environment.

How do you implement efficient, intelligent, large data storage for CIOs? Unstructured data is showing a huge growth trend, how to effectively data management and application? Can the existing data protection and document archiving mechanism cope with the growing mass of data? How to conquer the difficult problem of mobile data management? How to achieve efficient data security in a complex data environment? These are the problems that CIOs face in the future, if they can effectively solve these problems, large data will create more value for the enterprise.

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