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China IDC Industry Alliance News in the PC era and the internet age, the main body of the game is individual or enterprise, the influence of the country in the market game is not very big, the transnational group sometimes can change the national economic policy. A person or an enterprise who invents a core technology or key technology, or develops a new product, can gain the initiative and gain more benefits in the market competition. But this is a revolutionary change in the cloud computing era, with individuals and businesses significantly less important in the cloud-computing game, even for international giants such as Google, IBM and Microsoft, which have become irrelevant in the cloud computing game. This is unthinkable before cloud computing, but in the age of cloud computing It is true, whether you believe it or not.

When all things on earth and human activities are connected together to form a harmonious coexistence of the organic whole, the state will become the real game, although the direct participation in the market competition is still enterprises or individuals, but these enterprises or individuals will be in accordance with the uniform Rules in a region of the orderly competition, The development of this geo-game rules is not a business or an individual can decide, belongs to the government behavior.

Cloud computing uses technical means to truly realize the concept of globalization, the construction of a minimal internal friction, the most effective wisdom of the Earth. In the new structure system, not only enterprises, small countries or regional organizations can only join the group of great powers to gain more benefits.

I. Traditional geopolitical and geo-economic

Since the end of the cold War, the competition between the countries has shifted from the control and expansion of the territorial space to the economic comprehensive national strength, and the geo-economy has gradually become the leading role in international politics.

The essence of game is the pursuit of interest, or the maximization of self-interest. In the society, the individual is the main body of the game, in the International society, the State is the main body of the game.
Many scholars regard geopolitics as the interdisciplinary subject of geography and politics, but the study of geopolitics and geopolitics is quite different from that of pure politics and economics. As a relatively mature traditional theory of international relations, geopolitics is mainly based on geographical factors, which is analyzed from the aspects of economy, society, military, diplomacy, history and politics.

It analyses and forecasts the strategic situation of the world or region and the political behavior of the countries concerned, based on the geographical situation of various geographical elements and political patterns. It regards geographical factors as an essential factor affecting or even determining the political behavior of the state. In the classical theory of geopolitics, in addition to the theory of air rights, sea and the land center, there are new geopolitical ideas, such as "New World Order", "Runaway World" and "clash of civilizations", which were put forward by Kissinger, Brzezinski and Huntington in the postwar two. Although the study of various geopolitical theories is based on geographical environment, the emphasis is different. In the past, more attention has been paid to the role of economy, society and so on from historical, political and military considerations.

The geo-economy has the following basic contents: (1) The spatio-temporal relationship between economic development and economic quantity in international relations, distribution status and its operating mechanism and running track. (2) The interaction and law between the world economic phenomenon and geographical relationship and geo-location. (3) The interaction and influence of geographical phenomenon and geo-relation on international social economic culture. (4) Provide theoretical basis for the international strategy, regional economy and cultural development strategy of the contemporary countries, and provide a comprehensive theoretical basis for the development, design and planning of economy and culture.

The geo-economy has the following basic characteristics:

1. Geographical factors are essential elements of geo-economy

In geo-economy, geographical factors are the basic elements, and the geographical location and natural resources of a country will have an important influence on the development of the country and the economic behavior of the country. Geo-economy is to study how to protect the country's self-interest in the international competition from the geographical point of view. Human activities on Earth are limited by geographical conditions. In the economic activities of the country, it always chooses the cooperation of the neighboring area. Economic relations arising from geographical connections are called geo-economic relations. This kind of relation usually manifests as or is the Union and the cooperation namely economic collectivization, or is opposite even is containment, the mutual establishment barrier and so on, the former called the complementary relation, the latter called the competition relation.

2. The most obvious manifestation of geo-economy is regional economic grouping

Under the condition that the global economic integration is not sufficient, regional economic integration is the main manifestation and content of geo-economy. A central point of geo-economics is that the world is becoming three competing economic blocs; (1) The Pacific Rim Economic zone led by Japan and China, including South Korea, Southeast Asia, (2) The Western Hemisphere economic zone led by the United States, will include Latin America, and (3) The European Economic Area centered on France and Germany, Will gradually cover the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and perhaps northern Africa. The three major groups who can gain a greater advantage, mainly depends on the size of the group, geographical location, population, culture, political and other factors.

The comparative advantage of these three economic regions is that the European Economic Area has so far the most mature and the most formed, the highest degree of integration to enjoy its benefits are the most abundant, the Americas economic zone is the most powerful resources, the United States unique geographical position makes the most likely to "equally", That is, to build its own economic sphere while extending to both the Pacific and the Atlantic; the Asian economic region (mainly East Asia) has the lowest economic level but the most vivid and diverse forms of cooperation, and the economic zone has been developing at the fastest pace for quite some time after the Cold War.

3. Transnational corporations are the most active elements of the geo-economy

Multinational corporations are the product of capital internationalization, scientific and technological revolution and the deepening of international division of labor, are the main carrier of production internationalization, multinational corporations have advantages of monopoly, ownership, internalization and FDI, and their branches are worldwide, producing, selling and Technology and new product development to form an integrated network.

Ii. Cloud geo-economic

Although cloud computing does not currently have a unified definition, one can imagine its impact as a revolutionary era that will transform existing social structures and achieve harmony between human beings and nature.

This paper uses the definition of cloud computing as a member of the China Electronic Society cloud computing Expert Committee, Chaoven through discussions with experts and scholars in different fields such as philosophy, economics, Oriental culture, mathematics, software development and cloud computing, and puts forward on the basis of practical application. Cloud computing is for the purpose of application, through the Internet will be necessary for a large number of hardware and software in accordance with a certain structural system, and with the changes in application requirements to constantly adjust the structure system to establish a minimal internal friction, the most effective Virtual Resource Service center.

According to this definition, cloud computing has connected the Internet virtual space with the real space, and formed the cloud computing space. Cloud computing space also contains real geographical attributes and virtual geographical attributes, which constitute the geographical attribute of cloud computing. Region is the carrier of interest.

Unlike the previous technological revolution, the revolution in cloud computing will affect the change of social structure, so the game of cloud computing is actually the game between countries, enterprises or individuals is only one of the particles, can only go forward, but not change the trend. Google, Microsoft, IBM, the International IT giants in the era of cloud computing impact is also very limited. For example, Google's goal is to use its existing technology to control global information resources, and hope that through the control of information resources to influence the policies of other countries, IBM hopes to use the wisdom of the earth to promote their own systems, ultimately to control the purpose of information resources.

These strategic plans in the cloud computing era is impossible to achieve, first of all, cloud computing brought about by the technological revolution, one of the most important symbol is the simplification of software development, software crisis problems are thoroughly solved, software programming has become the basic skills of people's work, as the current typing documents. Secondly, the diversity of service sources. The same service can be obtained from different systems of different enterprises. Third, the spatial characteristics of cloud computing game set the ownership of information resources. Companies can only access these information resources.

The cloud geo-economy is the extension of the traditional concept in the cloud computing game space, in addition to the traditional geo-economic characteristics, but also has the characteristics of the virtual world, such as the timely dynamic monitoring of results, geographical boundary expansion and so on.

Third, game rules: extremes

As an important content of the concept of "heaven" in Chinese classical philosophy, the idea of extremes is originated from the "I Ching" in Yin and Zhou dynasties. To the end of spring and autumn, Taoist founder Lao Tze put forward the thought of extremes. He thinks that blessing can be a curse, can be singular, good for the demon, things develop to the limit will be converted to the opposite. From the road to produce movement, to a certain limit and revert to the Tao, so Sitong endless. The so-called "Heaven", is the game in the space of the rules.

In any game space, if a game subject occupies an absolute winning advantage, then this game space is unhealthy, it will be out of the busy. In a long and reasonable game space, the main body of the game is the restraint of each other, no party can have the absolute winning advantage for a long time, and the stability of the game space comes from the balance of power.

We cannot know the reason why dinosaurs disappeared overnight, but the absolute advantage of dinosaurs made the game space of the nature is unhealthy and doomed to be busy. In the game between man and nature, people use the power of science and technology to grasp the absolute advantage, thus leading to the imbalance of the current game space, other animals living space was compressed, the natural environment was seriously damaged. However, this phenomenon has aroused the attention of the world, the Chinese government proposed to build a harmonious society is a great progress.

Since the game space restricts the existence of the absolute dominant subject, it means that any game subject can only have limited resources. Then the way to win is to use the limited resources to the critical position. There is an old saying in China that good steel is used to the blade and that is the truth.

In real life, America's success lies in controlling the "key areas" of gaming, both militarily and technically. Militarily, the United States controls and holds all of the world's key waterways, a control that greatly protects America's national interests and national security. So, even in today's increasingly geopolitical economy, instead of cutting traditional military forces, the United States has gradually strengthened, and the Navy remains the United States ' First Army, and its mission is not to defend local security, but to cruise around the world's strategic locations to ensure its effective control of key areas of the world. Technically, the United States controls and grasps the standard-setting and core technologies in the IT field, such as the U.S. mastery and control of root servers.

In the era of cloud computing, key regions will also be the focus of contention among big power groups. For example, the new rules of the game, core technology and key technology research and development, resource control and distribution principles and so on.

Iv. the focus of major powers ' competition: controlling the key areas of cloud computing

According to Mahan geopolitics, the control of the world does not depend on the amount of space it occupies, but on the control of key areas.

This theory also applies to cloud economics. The control of cloud computing depends not on the number of servers it owns, the number of software and the number of other devices and technologies, but the control of critical areas of cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a system built on the Internet, and IP addresses specify the size and location of the Internet. The United States is currently the architect of the IPV4 and IPV6 rules, while the root server is managed in the United States. That means the US has control of the lowest infrastructure in cloud computing.

Obviously, this kind of control is not in line with the development of cloud computing concept, if in the cloud computing game space, there is only one side of the advantage and unrestricted rules, then this space is unstable. However, if other countries set up their own independent domain Name System, from the root server control, then in the cloud computing era, these countries will have greater losses, will lose more opportunities for development.

The key region of cloud computing game is two parts, one is game rule, the other is core technology and key technology.

Game game rules are not the current technical standards, cloud computing service standards, resource allocation rules. Participation in the formulation of rules is conducive to future competition, so in the early days of cloud computing, cloud computing service standard-setting rights of contention is the most important competition, its significance is as follows:

1, the Service standard stipulates the entry threshold of the product, restricted those products can come in, those who can not come in, also indirectly stipulated the product provider's technical route.

2, service standards can weaken the advantages of some technologies, but also can enhance the advantages of certain technologies. Standard-makers can improve their overall competitive advantage through the right of speech.

3, the service standard is before the product comes out a kind of rule, therefore the standard person whether grasps the manufacture product the technology is not important.

In the era of cloud computing, the existing traditional technologies have no advantage, such as the current server, operating system, database, development tools and so on. And some key technology is the key to win the game.

1. Fast location and management of infinitely many data.

2. Locate search.

3. Artificial intelligence System.

4. Information security technology.

Here are just a few areas, of course there are many such key areas exist. For a company or a country, controlling such a critical area controls more power of speech.

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