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Absrtact: August 4 News, cross-border electric business DX on line a group of customers named DX deals, to provide electronic products, 3C accessories and other products to buy promotional moves, in the form of a child channel will be limited to the general business of the special site. Billion power network learned that DX group buy channel

August 4 News, cross-border electric business DX on the line of a "DX Deals" group purchase project, to provide electronic products, 3C accessories and other products to buy promotional moves, in the form of a sub channel will be limited to the regular special service.

Billion power network learned that DX Group purchase channel from the home page of the "Deals" column to enter, the products provided include mobile phones and accessories, consumer electronics, computer network, electrical and tools, apparel, auto parts, toys, home gardening, sports outdoor, such as 12 categories. The channel will provide a limited discount for a specific item at a large discounted price for a fixed period of time.

According to DX Introduction, each group purchase activity before beginning, the website will mail notify all registered users, notice the new period of activity content. In addition to selecting items from the main station to participate in group buying, DX deals channel will occasionally provide some of the latest products not available at the main station.

In the group buying activities, each special product needs to gather a certain number of participants in order to finalize the deal, if the number of products in the specified period of time did not reach the designated number, the group purchase activity was canceled, participants can only wait for the next purchase opportunity.

In addition, DX points out that the number and time specified for each group purchase is not the same, so participants need to see the specific requirements for each activity, only within a specified period of time to buy the effective. If the group purchase activity comes into effect, the website will notify the participants, the payment will take effect immediately, the site will be shipped within 5 business days. Before the goods are issued, the participant may request to withdraw from the activity at any time, but the order cannot cancel after delivery.

Billion power network to understand that in fact, in all types of cross-border electricity marketing means, group buying has not been a fresh item, whether the Third-party platform or self-employed, will occasionally introduce some group buying activities to stimulate consumption. However, in the form of a child channel group buying activities into a regular project is not much. How much traffic and sales The DX group can bring to the site is not yet known, but it may not be an effective way to interact with consumers because the site can infer market demand to some extent through the number and enthusiasm of the participants.

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