Ctrip won Priceline 500 million dollar strategic investment

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Summary: Ctrip won Priceline 500 million dollar strategic investment Priceline and Ctrip announced today that the former will invest $500 million in the latter through convertible bonds, aimed at deepening the existing business cooperation between the two sides to strengthen the global strategic partnership. According to the agreement, except 500 million dollars can be transferred

Ctrip won Priceline 500 million dollar strategic investment

Priceline and Ctrip announced today that the former will invest $500 million in the latter through convertible bonds, aimed at deepening existing business cooperation to strengthen the global strategic partnership.

According to the agreement, in addition to 500 million dollar convertible bonds investment, Ctrip agreed to Priceline in the next year through the open market to buy their shares. Included in the convertible bond shares, Priceline will be expected to hold up to 10% of the total circulation of Ctrip. While buying convertible bonds, Priceline also obtained the right to appoint an observer to Ctrip's board of directors.

This cooperation is based on the two companies in the past in the hotel accommodation inventory of the cross promotion. Priceline and Ctrip will share their respective hotel accommodation on the basis of the original, to expand the share of stock sharing scale and partner preferential terms. Both sides will promote their products and services to each other.

Foursquare will continue to collect user location, shutdown program still running in the background

In May this year, Foursquare formally divided the original product cost to service the application of Foursquare and check-in application swarm. Among them, Foursquare no longer supports active check-in, and instead uses 24 hours a day to automatically collect user location data.

From today, users who update or download Foursquare will allow the server to collect your location data in the default state, so long as your phone is powered on, the process cannot be stopped even if the application is turned off.

It is said to be part of Foursquare's exploration of a new business model, with the aim of enriching POI information related to local life through an analysis of the full range of user activities, and the related data and analysis results may be shared with partners.

Amazon on-day service adds 6 new support cities

Amazon announced that it once again expanded its support for service delivery on the day, adding 6 major areas such as Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia and the Washington metropolitan area.

Now, users in these areas can find the "Get It Today" option on the Amazon website, which can be delivered on the same day before noon, and 5.99 dollars for the Prime member's distribution fee. Amazon is currently serving millions of commodities on its day.

In the US market, EBay, Google and Wal-Mart are all pushing for the day, but Amazon is clearly moving faster than Amazon.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 China listed this month 28th

Microsoft announced today that a new generation of hybrid (tablet/notebook hybrid) Surface Pro 3 will be listed in 25 other countries and regions around the world this 28th.

Surface Pro 3 's main rivals include Apple's ipad, which has controlled about 32.5% per cent of the global tablet market. By contrast, IDC analysts expect Microsoft's global Tablet PC market share to not even be among the top five.

According to Microsoft July 22 to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted by filed documents, in the fourth quarter ended June 30, surface sales amounted to 409 million U.S. dollars. Since the launch of the first generation of surface in 2012, the product has accumulated a loss of about 1.7 billion dollars to Microsoft.

On-demand medical platform been on demand won 21 million dollars a round

been on demand for medical services on demand today announced the completion of the 21 million dollar a round of financing, with the participants being Venrock, Shasta Ventures and Richard Branson.

Been on demand was founded in 2012 and officially launched at the end of 2013. Its 3 million dollar seed-round financing comes from Venrock, a16z and Google Ventures.

been on Demand mode resembles medical version Uber. By connecting doctors and patients, the patient can get a doctor's remote service on demand via mobile or PC. Both sides can communicate in the form of video chat, or can send text or pictures. A doctor can receive 30 to 40 dollars per consultation.

Apple Samsung will not settle in the US anytime soon

Apple and Samsung announced in Tuesday that they had agreed to give up all lawsuits on smartphones and tablet patents outside the US, but that two of companies are still suing in the US. In addition, this agreement of two companies does not contain any terms of patent authorization.

The patent-licensing dispute between Apple and Samsung has lasted for more than 3 years. In addition to the United States, the two companies that have sued each other include Britain, Germany and Australia.

Two of companies ' lawsuits go back to April 2011. At the time, Apple filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung in the Northern District of California, claiming that Samsung copied the look and feel of the iphone and ipad, and that Steve Jobs was still Apple's CEO. According to Jobs ' biography, lawsuits against Samsung and the Android system are largely the personal will of Mr. Jobs.

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