Decision on cancellation of special approval (filing) of Internet electronic Bulletin Service

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Decision of the State Council on the fifth instalment of administrative approval items for the cancellation and delegation of administration

National Hair (2010)21

The governments of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the State Council ministries and institutions:

Since 09, in accordance with the unified deployment of the State Council, as well as the administrative approval system reform requirements. The system reform of administrative examination and approval the inter-ministerial joint Meeting according to the administrative permission law and other laws and regulations, the organization of the State Council departments of the administrative approval project carried out a new round of centralized clean-up. After rigorous examination and argumentation, the State Council decided to abolish the fifth instalment and to decentralize 184 administrative approval items. Among them, the cancellation of the administrative approval project has 113, decentralized management level of the administrative approval project reached 71.

All regions and departments should conscientiously do a good job of canceling and delegating the implementation and cohesion of administrative approval items and strengthening follow-up supervision. We should deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval system, further reduce the administrative examination and approval items, standardize the approval process, innovate the examination and approval method, perfect the supervision mechanism of administrative examination and approval, and strengthen the supervision over the operation of administrative examination and approval.

Appendix: 1. List of administrative approval items decided by the State Council (113 items)

2. The State Council decides to decentralize the Administrative Approval Project catalogue (71 items) at the administrative level


July 4, 2010


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