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With the increasing number of mobile phone systems and more and more miscellaneous, as well as the continuous introduction of new mobile phone system, for mobile phone product design will be a new challenge, is a set of multiple use, or design more sets? Will K-java die? How many stunning WindowsPhone7 can bring? Android and iphone Wars who are winners ... But one thing is certain, mobile phone product design direction will usher in a new starting point.

First recognize the mobile phone users, for mobile phone users to design a separate product: Must face mobile phone users to promote and sell, realize their own value. Its promotion, downloading, registration, use, consumption must be completed on the phone. 3G to improve the speed of mobile phones, the addition of WiFi function of the iphone, Android speed up the deployment of the cottage, will promote the mobile phone products, "one-stop" service-the entire flow of mobile phone products will be completed on the phone end.

Second, mobile phone products as a PC application of ancillary products: fully to meet the PC users of mobile demand services, access to PC users of additional service value, some of the use of the link must be carried out on the PC, the mobile phone users meaningless. At the same time, mobile phone as an extension of PC applications, can get a lot of support from PC users, but also their own needs for mobile phone users to promote.
Third, 80% of the traditional mobile phone users in a certain period of time for the restricted user, can not use the PC side. Mobile phone products will be used in this time to replace the PC to complete the corresponding operation. In particular, iphone and Android mobile phone users, 99% is always online, for their product design and experience is different.

Ben Shneiderman the 8 golden rule of Interface design:
1. Strive for consistency
2, allow frequent use of shortcut keys
3, Provide information feedback
4. Design dialog, prompt task completed
5. Provide error prevention and simple error correcting ability
6. Allow "reaction cancellation"
7, the user should grasp the control right
8, reduce the short-term memory burden
And now the direction of product design will be a new change: Word-of-mouth communication, less is more, compatibility, no end, pay attention to performance and speed, seize the high-end users, the atmosphere of the design, to meet user personalized needs, to seek differences ...

And with the wireless depth, the phone product design rules have been reset:
1, simple and fast, reduce operation
Mobile screen is small, use special occasions, simple and fast operation, to save every millisecond, simple is power, optimize the process, reduce operation.
2. Enhance interaction
"No interaction design" has become a mantra for many interactive designers. To be a picky user, to enhance interaction.
3. humanized
Human-Computer interaction is not to let people feel that the face of a machine, humanized design will be the direction of mobile phone product design, more user-friendly design to allow users to accept a higher level.
4. Charm and innovation
The first impression of a product is very important, can give users how much freshness, freshness can maintain how long this is the value of this product.
5, to avoid input, to make room for input method
Mobile phone no longer rely on the input of interactive action, reduce input will be the future of mobile phone design mainstream, with the mobile phone screen, do not forget to make room for input method.
6. Universality
K-java, Saipan, WM, Android, Iphoe and so on, versatility to the designer's request is very high, do not let the mobile phone users lost the "Home" road. Do the world's proper design.
7. Reasonable Feedback
Don't let users wait, don't let users lose patience, reasonable feedback, timely information reminders, so that users get reasonable feedback tips.
8, always know their position
Don't let the user get lost in the product. Distinguish between forward and backward, in the forum. Know how to quit, know how to enter.
9. Core function
Product core function is the basis of all design, design around the core function will gain more recognition. At the same time will gain a good reputation of the user, and let the competitor awe.
10, Word-of-mouth Design
The focus of high-end users and opinion leaders is the starting point of Word-of-mouth design. Critical users are the real word of mouth design.

Mobile internet has ignited the war, more and more Internet companies have increased the investment in mobile Internet, whether the fiery Baidu to develop their own mobile phone system, Tencent out of mobile phones, or before Taobao mobile phones, are moving towards the direction of mobile Internet development. Mobile phone products will be more popular, whether the brand's obsession or the pursuit of product innovation, will be caused by a new mobile phone product design rules of innovation.
Future mobile phone product design direction will be more user experience and humanization, for different systems platform experience will be more differentiated, any one does not want to take the iphone experience is the effect of Symbian, but if you take Symbian mobile phone experience is the iphone effect may be different. Product design will be more universal not only represents the universality of the platform, but also the versatility of the interactive experience.
It is too early to say which mobile phone product is good to do, including the products of the Innovation factory and the products of Taobao, which can not get a better user experience of mobile phone products, or not reach a certain height so that users feel awe, or glimpse feeling. Mobile phone product design for a long way, the first impression may determine the product life cycle.

The above represents a personal point of view, if there is a wrong place please criticize the guidance.


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