Did your mobile phone push android 4.4 update?

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Q: Why hasn't my phone pushed the Android 4.4 update yet? A: That's a good question, especially in the current 80% market share of Android phones, and many of us would like to experience the latest operating system first time. But what happened to me was that Android 4.4 was out of the picture, but my phone was still 4.2. Why hasn't my phone pushed Android 4.4 update yet? Many people are looking forward to their mobile phone to receive the Android 4.4 OTA push, but three times a day to brush the system update, the final is drubbing and return, why? The problem needs to be seen in two ways. The first is a cliché about the serious problem of Android fragmentation. Since Android itself is a fully open mobile operating system, any developer can modify the system application layer arbitrarily. So to look for differentiation on Android phones, each vendor has redesigned a system UI. So many people will see the domestic mobile phone often so write XX system based on Android 4.3 depth customization. Problem, when Google launches a brand new Android system, handset makers will get their SDK, and their job is to analyze the new SDK to see what new features Google has added to the system, and how these features will be matched to existing handsets. After that, developers will be able to determine the timing of the new system, if the new system does not affect the next hardware product development progress, then your mobile phone may be in 3-6 months time to receive the system update. During this period, a large number of debugging and matching work waiting for the engineer to complete. Because each mobile phone in the hardware will be different, such as ZTE every year may be 100 mobile phones, each has a separate hardware configuration (including baseband, NFC chip, etc.). These are related to the system update compatibility matching problem, so in a limited time, manufacturers tend to choose to focus on high-end models of the first time to match, which is why many manufacturers upgrade systems in high-end models are the first to push the reasons. The second problem is cost. Even if a company is big, such as Samsung or Huawei, its software research and development personnel is limited, for a year to launch about 100 mobile phone products of large companies, the system matching will not be able to take care of the 100% model. Therefore, in order to consider the company's human costs, it is bound to give up some of the low-end products of the new system matching work, in the market to buy a lot of mobile phones may be used to scrap, its system version will not change. Even some of the flagship mobile phones, after the replacement will be manufacturers abandoned. For example, the popular HTC One X was only 2 years old, but because of the obsolescence of the hardware platform it was never going to get an official 4.4 system upgrade. Why is the iphone's new system upgrading so high? This is probably another problem that many people are concerned about. ThisWell, first of all, iOS is a closed system that is used only on Apple's phone products, so there is no problem of fragmentation. Second, the number of Apple handsets, up to the latest iOS 7.1, can use its mobile phone only the iphone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C, which is more than hundreds of mobile phone company engineers, Apple's iOS engineers happy tears are streaming down. So using iOS and Android is inherently wrong. According to Google's latest distribution of the April 2014 Android system, the largest version of Android is still 4.1.X, which has a lot to do with low-end machines not being updated. So is there any way we can use the latest system for the phones that have been discarded by manufacturers? Simple Rough Method: Change a novice machine ... Technical Great God Law: Find a third party system, such as cm or something, brush it in. Once and for all: Don't use Android to see Apple or Microsoft.
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