Dolphin Browser Public beta release run points of contention continue

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Recently, according to relevant news reports, the information released by the Dolphin Browser beta version.

Run the points of contention continue to play

The release of the public beta version, the main push independent research and development of the 450 core, fully support the HTML5 standard. And in the Android4.0 system, HTML5 ran into 450 points, on the Android 2.3 system, HTML5 ran into 418 points. It is reported that this March Dolphin browser launched 8.0 version on the Android 4.0 system, HTML5 run points to reach 340 +.

Mobile Internet era, HTML5 is becoming a new starting point for mobile browsers, and running points of contention is a long-standing, recently shouted out of the word is UC browser.

June 8, UC Browser announced the new release of 8.5 for Android in the Android 2.3 system scored a score of 400 points, under the Android 4.0 system HTML5 run up to 417 points, more than opera in the mobile browser HTML5 rating soared to the world's first. But opera did not respond.

"Running points is actually just a gimmick, the handset browser vendors are competing for a running point, the competition becomes better than the support of HTML5, in order to preempt the HTML5 in advance." "Dolphin Browser vice President Leeson before the media interview, said that the essence of the race to divide."

As of the press, UC has not yet responded to the number of dolphin runs.

Several confrontations with UC

Dolphin Browser and UC browser are the two most active developers in the HTML5 race. Dolphin Browser is a mobile browser of the Forces nouvelles, in the overseas accumulation of word-of-mouth from this year began to exert the domestic market, and UC Browser is the boss of mobile browsers, but save money in the mode of traffic is hit. The race to divide is not the first confrontation between the two sides.

This March, Dolphin Browser issued dual-core V8.0, claiming to be the world's first dual-core mobile phone browser. The next day, UC immediately released a new version of browser 8.3, meanwhile, Yu shelled Dolphin browser is not a dual-core but dual-shell. The answer to the information is that the controversy between "double core" and "double shell", true kernel or fake kernel is meaningless concept hype. (He Feng)

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