Electricity quotient competition is more intense, 50% electric dealers will die in the next two years

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Guide: The next two years, the electricity business competition will be more intense, there will be a large number of electronic business enterprises are eliminated.

A lot of people are saying that it's getting harder to do, and this article lists 7 points about the ghost foot. Regarding the company, regarding the brand, regarding the platform, regarding the talented person and so on, for your reference!

There is a sentence called lookers-on, the spectators. Sometimes I don't know if I'm the authority or the bystander. In the last year, I have been studying the electric business and mobile internet, see a lot of businessmen, we drink tea and chat, will also talk about the views of the electric business. I have summed up some of my recent thoughts for your reference.

1 making independent, starting with a new choice

Since last year, the local governments to the electric business enterprise support more and more, a small county may have two electric business industrial park. This allows many traditional enterprises to start to speed up the pace of the electric business. Do you want to sell goods on several platforms or do you need to do a standalone web site?

If this question was put to me 2 years ago, I must be negative! How many of you have done this?

But now ask me this question and my answer will change. Now it's a chance to be independent, and the key is whether you build a user channel.

In fact, if we build independent consumer now, it is not in the website itself, but in the user channel. When you have enough of your own users, you can certainly build an independent website. Why didn't you do it before? Because before the smartphone is not widespread, the practical user channel basically cannot build up.

If you still use the previous mode, by playing advertising to buy traffic in the way to do the website, or do not do.

2 in the next two years, 50% of electric business will die.

This point of view is actually a bit of a lie, because in the past two years, the death of the electric business enterprise may also have 50%, if the shop is also counted as electric business enterprises.

I would like to express that the next two years, the competition will be more fierce, there will be a large number of electronic business enterprises are eliminated.

There are two main reasons:

Because of the government's support, more enterprises are going to transform the power companies, most of these enterprises are very powerful and their competitors will increase significantly.

The traffic on the PC will be on the decline, but most of the electric business enterprises will not play mobile internet, then there will be many enterprises are eliminated.

You asked me why the title was written like this? I'm telling you, this is an optimized approach, where the local view is the headline that attracts the audience to read and you can also learn.

3 The rise of Tencent's electricity business, breaking the pattern of Ali a single big.

In fact, not just Tencent electricity, including only products, Suning, Poly Mei, when, Millet and other company's development, the next two years Ali a single big situation will change.

It has been said that the past few years have been the same, not unchanged?

It's different now. The advent of the mobile internet era, so that the user's habits will change significantly. The combination of Jing Dong and micro-letter, the effect has been very obvious. In 2014, the growth in the performance of the BoE must have been much higher than expected. In addition, the only product will, Poly-Mei excellent products listed, will also make this market more white-hot.

The most crucial question is not how these companies are, but that Ali has been on the mobile internet without a breakthrough. In addition to the acquisition of a few good companies, did not see too much hope.

2013 Ali Department in the electric business should have 80%, to 2016, will be reduced to 50%? I think it's possible. The fact is not that Ali is down, but other channels are rising too fast.

4 Platform defects show that more companies will encounter the ceiling.

2011, a business Double 11 breakthrough 10 million, it is very good, 2012, 2013, double 11 break 100 million, is really powerful! It seems to grow fast, but the question is how much does the biggest cat shop do?

Now some enterprises in the days of the cat has several shops, or even more than 10 stores, do a relatively large, a year can do 3 to 500 million. Can it be 1 billion or 2 billion? If you let a company take up 2 billion, it's not a platform.

On the platform to sell things, the flow is limited, there is a ceiling. On the platform you can see fast growing businesses, but it's hard to see them grow so quickly in the long run. Before the scenery of Amoy brand, now there is not much sound.

The second reason for the ceiling, the vast majority of businesses are now traffic patterns, money to buy traffic there is turnover, do not spend money, the turnover is very bad. The cost of this model is getting higher and harder to sustain.

Three reasons for the ceiling, the greater the sales, the greater the risk. Taobao Day cat rules, you know.

How high is the concrete ceiling? I say it is not good, different categories will not be the same, but really when you have a store sales billion, you have to be careful ...

5 Existing models encounter bottlenecks, the internet is the birth of more real brands

Now the vast majority of businesses are in the mode of selling goods, the electric dealer into a sales channel.

When the end of the user dividend, money to buy traffic is very normal, when the cost is more and more high, the sale mode is difficult to expand, will take the brand route.

Brand does not say a name, labeled is the brand. Brand is to have a clear positioning, but also in the minds of consumers occupy a certain ideology. Said mineral water, will think of Farmer spring, drink ice cool drink, will think of Sprite ...

In fact, there is no electrical goods card, because they are brands. Just starting from the line, the demand for brand communication is the same, only in the mobile internet age, how to better use the new channels and forms of communication.

Now do a good job of the electric business enterprise, research and development of new products, sell well, be imitated, and then reduce sales, and then continue to develop new products ...

The line is getting longer, but the profit is basically not up. A lot of friends say 7 elder brother so down we can't carry how to do?

In fact, the most important problem is that he does not understand the brand. And when the pattern encountered before the bottleneck, to expand the scale, only the brand can go. As a result, more electrical commodity cards will be born.

6 electric businessmen will lack, training headhunting industry boom

If you look at the above view, some people will feel very excited, but the moment will be very frustrated, because there is no relevant talent.

Electricity quotient, time says long not long, say short and short, more than 10 years of time, too many enterprises need relevant talents. In the next few years, more traditional enterprises to join the electric business industry, the demand for more talent.

For the electrical business talent, the requirements are increasingly high, from the beginning only need to understand the rules of Taobao is good, now need to do data analysis, use more professional tools. More importantly, for the mobile Internet, the new media talent is very scarce.

Now the electric quotient personnel salary also continues to move higher, the talented person flows the proportion to be high, has produced a certain froth. The next recruitment industry, headhunting Industry and training industry, will rise!

7 Red Sea boiling Blue ocean began, new electric business Enterprise was born

Over the next two years, PC Internet traffic will be much lower than mobile internet traffic, which is estimated to be 3:7. Many on the PC Internet to play a better business, if not pay attention to mobile Internet, will certainly go downhill.

At the same time, the use of micro-letters, O2O and other mobile internet models, there will be more small businesses appear. Now the model of the circle of Friends is also the early prototype Taobao sellers. Know a friend, incredibly in micro-letter to make their own brand, but also a personal idol brand.

On the other hand, the conditions of cross-boundary electrical business are becoming more and more mature, and the listing of Ali will certainly greatly promote the development of cross-border electricity dealers.

What I want to say is: The existing electric business model will become the Red Sea, and the mobile internet is the electric business, but Blue ocean. In this blue sea, will certainly be born many new electric business enterprise.


Some people ask: why don't you write about mobile internet?

If you look closely, you will know that behind every thought, there is the shadow of mobile internet. The reason why the industry will change, the reason for these thinking, the most essential is the popularity of mobile internet. PC Internet is only the transition phase, and mobile Internet is the real Internet.

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