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Recently, Eric published the "China Internet Advertising Management System Industry Research Report", the data show: 1, 27.1% of large and medium-sized Web sites in the use of Third-party advertising management system; 2, the use rate of the top three advertising management system, Baidu advertising butler accounted for 41.3%, good Jena 16.6%,google DFP accounted for 14.1%.

Baidu Advertising Butler, Cottier, good yes, Chuan Yang Adsame, Google DFP, OpenX and the media, such as the seven most representative of the advertising management system to become the evaluation object. Iris reviews the software in 5 first-level indicators and 12 two-level indicators, including advertising display, ad position management, advertising validity, data reporting, system and cost. In addition, Eric found in the survey, advertising display speed, advertising display stability, the convenience of advertising management, advertising position management practicality, advertising precision and system stability, these six performance is the site's main evaluation of an advertising management system of the indicators of the pros and cons.

The seven major brands in Baidu Advertising Butler finally win, the site owners believe that the most important performance of the six strong, the indicators are above average level, become the main preferred advertising management system. This is closely related to the brand effect of Baidu itself, the huge database, the independent technology development team and the unified, switch-free platform.

Other brands involved in the evaluation also have their own strengths. such as Google DFP the logical comb function and generate Data report quality is high, good yes has a good reputation and audience base, Cottier Authority Management Performance outstanding, transmit Yang-adsame generate data Report of the practicality, OpenX to free and open source advantages, in the system cost expenditure on the outstanding performance.

Eric's findings confirm three requirements for the advertising management market:

The accuracy of advertising

Network advertising has entered the precise era, advertisers to the accuracy of advertising requirements are more and more high, the most concern is the media coverage of which audiences, after the launch can get what effect. Excellent advertising management system is not only conducive to their own delivery management, but also to help advertisers to promote the effectiveness of advertising targeted network. Baidu Advertising Butler to meet the advertisers increasingly diversified into the needs of the same time, the most prominent advantage is to put accurate. For example, the same advertising, can be based on different areas of different ads, access and visit the time can be accurate hit the target customer groups, the display frequency of each user even accurate to daily, hourly, per minute.

The Advancement of management mode

Whether it is to the website, or to the advertisers, the management of the advertising management system is particularly important, its advanced performance in three aspects, a look simple and efficient, the second view of cost control, three see display form. Baidu Advertising Butler to meet the increasing demand for advertisers, while, according to the main demand for ads in the form of customized advertising, on the delivery effect easier to grasp, thus effectively control the advertising budget waste, to achieve the maximum advertising investment returns. Most importantly, the management model is directly related to the site's revenue, Baidu advertising butler to simplify, management of a large number of ads easy and convenient, intelligent orientation, revenue optimization, ad hosting and other auxiliary tools are very practical, and independent third-party data reports to better help the site to win the trust of advertisers.

Free mode of advertising management system

The free model is the most effective way to attract advertisers, the study found. OpenX because of free access to the user's favor, Baidu Advertising Butler to pursue a permanent free strategy. Since January 2010, the official online, Baidu Advertising butler to the Chinese internet all sites free of charge, just in the Baidu ad Butler system registered account, you can be equal, without discrimination free use of all services. On a free basis, the function of Baidu's advertising butler is still being upgraded to bring sustainable growth benefits to the site.

Analysys International data show that 2010 China's network advertising market size of 27.9 billion yuan, an increase of 79.3%. The 2013 network advertising market is expected to reach 91.246 billion yuan, an increase of 48% from 2012. With the explosive growth of the market scale, the competition of the advertisement management system is also intensified, and the advertising management system will win a more long-term future only if it can help the network media and advertisers achieve a total win.

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