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A recent report on the world's most popular cloud computing provider has attracted much attention on the Internet, leading to another round of hot talk about cloud computing in the industry. It giants are watching the brutal struggle, scrambling to lay cloud computing. The already powerful IBM has announced a complete takeover of cloud computing company Greenhat, while Microsoft is putting more non-Microsoft technology into its Azure cloud platform, launching SystemCenter2012, integrating a variety of new functional modules, making it easier for businesses to deploy private clouds, and invest 130 million of billions of dollars to expand its data center in Dublin; not very keen on SAP, a big acquisition, 3.4 billion dollars to buy cloud company SuccessFactors, even Oracle, the first to cloud computing, has also been buying RightNow, tale and other companies, The industry exclaimed that cloud computing was entering the era of takeover competition.

Manufacturers are actively moling Shuma, providing enterprises with enough choice of solutions. However, each industry, each enterprise faces various situations, IT system transformation upgrade or build, is a complex problem. We cannot help asking how a sober CIO should face these blowout suppliers.

1. Determine the basic design: "A high level of integration of service providers is critical," Mimecast's Ceopeterbauer said, "in e-mail, this means security, archiving continuity, and policy management." The provision of a unified service eliminates multiple interfaces, which are required for reporting and policy management. They can reduce the amount of management effort, while understanding that users have a specific way to get into email and ensure quality maintenance. ”

2, choose the right platform: "There are many ways and categories of platforms in the cloud computing world that you need to balance," said Davelinthicum, author of cloud computing and SOA centralization in the enterprise "," there are some, such as "Security as a service," addressing some of the specified problems, and others such as " Platform as a service and infrastructure as a service provide a complete platform that you must take into account in your planning. ”

3, consider the cost, and be controllable: "Work with shipping suppliers to maintain a low commitment relationship at all times," said Bauer, "to control access to each user's application, using a transparent pricing model, IT managers should be at all times to control the user's account." They can not rely on the help of service providers to centralize the implementation of the company's real-time policy. ”

4. Consider business continuity: "The Cloud architecture provider must provide continuous availability and strict protocol service levels," Bauer said, "and they have a good record of preventing downtime and all possible risks." Respond to the requirements of existing users and find out why the problem does not respond immediately. ”

5. In any case, cloud computing may not be the best solution: "Cloud computing is really good for some applications and architectures, but that doesn't mean cloud control is everything," Davelinthicum says. "There's always some data, services, processes, and complete applications that need to be within your own firewall. , including agreements, policies, etc. ”

Of course, while the battle for cloud computing is getting stronger, competition is not bad, and the involvement of Internet companies and IT companies is driving the rapid development of cloud computing. Cisco predicts that by 2015 the Global Cloud Computing network will expand to 12 times times the current scale, with an average annual compound growth rate of 66% per cent, and a cloud of more than one-third of the Global Data Center network traffic by 2015.

The advent of the cloud era, the emergence of cloud computing technology, to the CIO brought new opportunities. How to first plan the deployment of cloud technology, will enable enterprises in the future competition to take the initiative to better adapt to future changes in the business environment, the CIO need to take a cautious pulse. The advice given by these experts is believed to help CIOs better use cloud computing.

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