Find steel net and Tianjin Iron and steel sign strategic cooperation Agreement, find steel NET will be responsible for sales

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Recently, looking for steel network and Tianjin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. in Tianjin signed strategic cooperation Agreement, in the period of cooperation, to find steel network will be responsible for the sale of steel plate, and will be in the later and the full range of days of steel products, in addition to strategic cooperation also includes export business docking.

Find steel net in the early 2012 on line, and constantly create a new model of China's iron and steel business. Through the electronic commerce platform optimizes the circulation channel, vigorously develops the steel transaction matchmaking service, promotes the supply and demand resources matching efficiency, and realizes the function conformity. Looking for steel net concentrated a large number of small micro-steel traders order entrance, steel mills on the Internet to open up the mall, can quickly match the order to achieve low-cost, low risk, high inventory turnover, at the same time, through the steel network to provide the operation platform system, the steel mills on the market, price information and the status of competing goods at their fingertips, at any time to regulate prices, Broke the former steel traders buyout, steel mills in the market passive competition situation. Because this kind of new internet-based electric quotient model can make the steel plant's brand and the competitive advantage obtains the scale enhancement, has been favored by more and more steel mills.

Currently looking for steel net daily trading volume of nearly 80,000 tons, nearly 20,000 buyers groups often use to find a steel network platform to find the spot or commissioned to find steel nets, to find steel network has become China's leading steel industry chain electric platform.

Tianjin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1935, is equipped with tens of millions of tons of steel integrated production capacity of large steel joint ventures. 2013 ranked 107th in the top 500 Chinese enterprises, 500 strong in China's manufacturing enterprises 36th, black Metallurgical and deferred processing industry 10th. Prior to this, Tianjin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. in charge of a number of related areas to Shanghai to find steel network headquarters to visit, to find steel network to China's iron and steel manufacturers to give full recognition of the far-reaching impact, and finally reached a strategic cooperation agreement.

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