Finnish Minister of Economic Affairs: Hope more Chinese enterprises to invest in Finland

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Hope more Chinese enterprises to invest in Finland-visit Finland Economic affairs Mauri Peccari Xinhua Beijing April 30 (reporter Houlijin) Finnish Minister of Economic Affairs Mauri Pecarinin 30th in an interview with Xinhua news agency reporter, said Finland has a good investment environment, I hope more Chinese enterprises to invest in Finland.  Pecarinin arrived in Beijing 29th and will then visit Shanghai and announce the opening of the Finnish national pavilion. Pecarinin said that the "curling" of the Finnish national Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo showcases advanced environmental technologies and products from a variety of sources, and its architectural inspiration comes from a cave formed naturally by heavy ice during Ice age.  The exterior wall of the pavilion is covered with 25000 white marble-coloured scaly decorative material, which is an environmentally friendly sustainable product developed by UPM, Finland, with recyclable waste paper and plastic wood-plastic composite panels. It is reported that the Finnish pavilion has a total investment of about € 14 million.  Pecarinin says such a huge investment reflects Finland's desire to forge closer ties with China. ' The Chinese market is very attractive to Finnish companies, ' he said.  At present, more than 260 Finnish enterprises have invested in China, and many famous Finnish enterprises, including Nokia, UPM, Kone and Wärtsilä, have set up production bases and research centers in China. "The total investment of Finnish companies in China is close to 10 billion euros, given that Finland has only more than 5 million people, which means that Finland's per capita investment in the country reaches € 100,000, which is among the top European Union countries." "Pecarinin said.  He also said that the number of Chinese companies investing in Finland is still low, and that more Chinese companies will be able to visit and invest in Finland. Pecarinin said that the prospects of bilateral economic and trade cooperation with Finland are very optimistic. China is actively adjusting its development strategy, focusing more on scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development, while Finland is the world leader in communications and environmental innovation and technology.  He believes that the two countries have a broad space for cooperation in such areas as environmental technology, urban planning and information and communication technology. "China has realized that high technology is the key to rapid economic development, and we can see the application of high technology everywhere in Shanghai World Expo."  "he said. During the visit, Pecarinin will also visit some Sino-Finnish environmental cooperation projects in China. The two countries ' cooperation in the field of environmental technology focuses on water purification, waste disposal, energy efficiency and renewable energy utilization.
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