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Aliyun OS has been in the market for more than one months, in the domestic market caused by the hot debate has not been reduced. Industry insiders say that with the introduction of the system, cloud applications based on cloud computing will be the standard configuration for smartphones. India's leading media Dnaindia also reported that cloud computing has entered the retail market as Cloud OS systems have been released.

Currently, technologies that enable companies to remotely store data and software, conserve storage space, and reduce storage costs have been used in mobile phones, the report said.

China's E-commerce giant Alibaba Group has released a cloud based mobile operating system (OS), under which the mobile phone users can store all kinds of data such as text messages, photos, etc. in the cloud storage.

At the same time, mobile users can access and access to their own data through a variety of terminals, such as computers. Even when some applications are needed, mobile users can use the "cloud application market" directly, rather than having to download them to their phones.

Alibaba Group's mobile operating system, known as the "Aliyun OS", is now being marketed in China and will soon enter the global market. Alibaba will be working with Chinese mobile phone maker Tian language to provide them with mobile phone operation technology.

Alibaba Group chief architect, Ali Cloud computing President Jian said to the DNA: "The cell phone itself is relatively small storage, just enough to run the system, and allow the processor to work." All other things will be done in the cloud server. Even text messages are in the cloud server, not in the phone store.

In addition to the Chinese system, Aliyun OS is currently developing an English operating system to meet market demand outside the Chinese market, the report said. "We're going to launch the English system soon and the research team is doing it," Jian said. ”

Once the English operating system is ready, India is likely to be the next target market for the Aliyun OS operating system. While it is not yet ready to disclose plans to enter the Indian market, Jian says "India is indeed a very important market for China's smartphone makers, and Aliyun OS will fully support its partners ' marketing plan".

In addition to the language, other handset makers are rumoured to be talking to Ali Cloud computing, using Aliyun mobile operating systems on their handsets and selling these Ali-cloud handsets in the target market.

Jian says the cloud-based mobile operating system lowers the cost of handsets by reducing their own storage costs. But Ali cloud computing officials did not admit to Nokia, Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers to negotiate. Jian said, "I can't answer that question now." ”

In fact, many Chinese handset makers now face a major brand problem, such as copying design elements. No matter what brand, they can quickly imitate the appearance of the mobile phone, and is called "Cottage". One important reason, according to an official at a mobile phone manufacturer, is that they do not have the ability to develop unique mobile operating systems on their own.

"Symbian and Android's mobile operating systems initially have their own handset makers, followed by more handset makers," says Ali Cloud computing. But there are still some problems with this model in China's mobile phone market. However, the Aliyun mobile operating system is trying to break the barrier to provide handset manufacturers with their original mobile operating system, so that the technology of the Chinese mobile phone will have its own mobile phone operating system. ”

If all hardware protocols and non-Chinese operating systems are progressing well, Aliyun will also launch a tablet computer based on the cloud computing operating system. "We want the Aliyun operating system tablet to go public in two months," Jian said.

But, for whether to enter the handset manufacturing industry, Ali Cloud computing cautiously said not. "We're not going to make any phones or tablets," Jian said. "We will only provide the latest technology Aliyun operating system." ”

Alibaba has placed a lot of bets on global Internet applications. Ali Group will be based on E-commerce Internet applications to infiltrate the major global markets, including the United States, as Ali Group's future flagship system, smartphone operating platform, but also the group plans to further explore the application of E-commerce one of the important options.

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