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BEIJING, March 4 (Xinhua) The Internet Illegal and bad Information Report Center 12321 network of Bad and rubbish Information Report Reception center network of illegal and criminal report website nationwide "pornography" by the National Internet Information Office, etc. Office Report Center Four reporting agencies 4th through the media again announced the way to report, and welcomed the community to participate widely in the network of obscene and vulgar information on the supervision of the report to jointly create a civilized and healthy network culture environment.

According to reports, the Special Rectification Action report focus, one is the forum post blog microblogging social networking site Instant Messaging Group and search engine website audio and video website mobile Web site network Games web site online literature website pornography and vulgar information The second is the use of Mobile Intelligent terminal Application Platform online video playback software network sharing web site (server) network resources download tools and other networks of new applications of pornographic and vulgar information disseminated; third, the banner of marriage and love, as well as the use of sex education and other channels or sections of sexually transmitted obscene and vulgar information Four is the dissemination of obscene pornographic web sites and illegal drug-related products such as drugs and other vulgar advertising information; Five is constantly changing the address repeatedly jump domain name of the obscene pornographic website; Six is the use of Network memory mobile multimedia card TV bar replication dissemination of obscene pornographic information behavior Seven is the use of the Internet to disseminate obscene pornographic information of major crime cases of important clues. The above relevant reporting situation after verification, according to the relevant provisions of the report meritorious personnel to give 1000 yuan to 10000 yuan reward, the personal information and security of informants will be protected according to law.

Public reports can be made through the Internet and telephone. Internet illegal and bad information reporting center of the report site for, the report phone for 010-88820566;12321 network bad and garbage Information Report Reception center of the report site for the,WAP site for the, the report phone for 12321; network illegal crime raise The website of the newspaper is www., the national "Pornography" Office Reporting Center report telephone number 12390.

Four of the reporting agencies said that the broad masses of enthusiastic reporting on the acquisition of network pornography and vulgar information on the victory of the special action is of great significance. The practice of special rectification action shows that many cases come from the masses, and many measures are from the masses. In December 2009, four reporting agencies published the "Reporting incentive scheme" and were effectively implemented. As at the end of 2011, four reporting agencies have received reports on the Internet and mobile media pornographic and vulgar information 1.26 million times, a total of 2,129 reported meritorious officers issued a more than 9.3 million yuan reward.

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