From the Perspective of SEO, How to Choose Virtual Hosting, VPS, and Cloud Hosting

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When we need to deploy a website to go online, we often face the choice of virtual hosting, VPS and cloud server. From the perspective of SEO optimization, we first need to compare the security, stability and access speed of the website server. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The higher the price, the higher the quality. But there is also an old saying that only choose the right one. Do not choose expensive ones. Friends who don't need money can go straight to the independent host!

Earlier we said that we only choose the right ones and not the expensive ones! So what is right? This can only be done in comparison. It cannot be said that choosing one is right and choosing another is wrong. From the perspective of the overall performance of the server, cloud servers are better than VPS than virtual hosts. Naturally, the price of cloud servers is higher than that of VPS. If both VPS and cloud servers can meet the server requirements of our website, then we must choose a lower-priced VPS, which is right for us! Here is a brief explanation of virtual hosts, VPS and cloud servers:

Virtual host

Virtual hosting has always been the first time many people come into contact with the web space and will choose the server. It can be said that the emergence of virtual hosting has become a large part of the exclusive group. Although we can all see the advantages of virtual hosting, it is potentially dangerous. It also exists. When choosing a virtual host, we must pay attention to many aspects, so as to protect ourselves or the company's website.

1. Get out of the misunderstanding of space price
Most of the cost of building a website is the cost of the space server, and often low-priced virtual hosts are the first choice of many people. Formal space server leasing generally considers the classification of different products, and treats them differently from different aspects such as hardware and software, computer room and bandwidth, instead of blindly doing low-price gimmick marketing methods. In fact, most of the things that compete with low prices are at the expense of the overall performance of the server, and the amount of space for server placement far exceeds that of the stable server category.

Second, understand the situation of space restrictions Regarding space restrictions
Some customers like to choose unlimited space with unlimited or unlimited flow, unlimited storage size, etc. In fact, there is a big mistake. In fact, it is impossible for a server to limit everything. Bandwidth and machine performance are the bottleneck. A server requires hundreds of websites. If the resources of a single site are not limited, some sites with high traffic or resource-consuming programs will inevitably grab resources. Other sites will be affected. In other words, no limit means no guarantee. The bandwidth is a certain CPU resource.


In fact, buying VPS means: building a website, using VPN, SSH, BT downloading or seeding, and other methods. Before buying, think about the purpose. If you want to build a website, you must buy a fast one. The same goes for VPN and SSH.

Using container technology and virtualization technology to divide a physical machine (including the CUP, memory, disk and other resources into N multiples) into N independent servers, the divided servers are independent of each other and do not affect each other. Each server has its own IP, CPU, memory, and disk. Each server divided in this way is a VPS. Using VPS is like using an independent server, you can customize the installation of the required software.

It can be understood as an "apartment". Each single room has its own separate living room, kitchen and bathroom. At the same time, you can also equip you with the furniture and appliances you need.

Cloud Server

The cloud in the Internet can be roughly understood as a cluster. The computing power of one server is always limited (this is limited by hardware resources), but it can be provided in theory by building N multiple servers into a cluster through cloud technology Infinite computing power.

So what is a cloud host? From the internal point of view, the use of cloud hosting is almost the same as that of VPS. From the external point of view, cloud hosting is like a more advanced VPS. VPS is on a server. No matter how it is expanded, it cannot exceed the maximum computing power of this server. However, the cloud host is separated from a large cluster server. In theory, the maximum computing power of the cloud host is the computing power of the entire cluster, so the cloud host has better scalability than VPS.

The bandwidth and stability of the cloud virtual host determine the speed of the website, which is the user experience of the related website. The main reason why cloud hosting attracts many users to buy is that its performance is relatively high. The standard three-day free trial and the second-level deployment of high-speed read and write and large-capacity cache on the 10G SDN network are good cloud virtual hosts.

Cyber attacks are a fatal blow for many websites. Therefore, it is important to check the security protection performance of cloud virtual hosts. If you are worried about your website being attacked, you can choose to have a firewall equipped with a gigabit level to clean abnormal traffic in real time, which can solve most DDoS attacks in seconds. If you also configure a dedicated IP, the stability and anti-attack ability will be stronger!

Editor’s suggestion: If it’s a small website, you only need to deploy a personal blog or a small business promotion site, then virtual hosting is enough; if you want to deploy a medium-sized company’s official website or a small functional website, then choose VPS. ; But if it is an industry-type website or website with a large number of visits and will continue to develop, it is best to choose a cloud host.
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