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A stone source from the thousand layers of waves. Yesterday, Alipay announced that, from December 3 onwards, PC-side Alipay account transfer, will charge a maximum of 10 yuan of handling charges. Netizens have questioned the move: "What is the spirit of Internet free?" "There is a comment that Alipay's intent is obvious: it wants to push users to move to the mobile end and rob the mobile payment portal." The move is also seen as Alipay's strong reaction to other mobile payment rivals, such as Shanda Youni, micro-mail, and other recent moves in the mobile-end layout. Alipay has added a fire to the smoke-filled mobile payment battlefield, and the competition for mobile payment portals has intensified. In fact, more companies are already aware of the importance of mobile payment portals. The Youni, unveiled two years ago, was unveiled in October this year, positioning itself as a social payment tool, secretly seeking a market and winning the trust of users in the High-profile competition between the exchanges and the micro-letters. Youni's recent movements have been obvious in advance of the importance of the mobile payment portal and the preemptive layout. Not long ago, its "Youni wallet" function, has been triggered by the "NET User debt Collection campaign" is widely concerned about, "#讨债通缉令 #" has been one of the most popular topics on Sina Weibo. After the launch of a series of mammoth activities: Zhejiang satellite TV and 酷6网 together to create a happy interactive show "national Oscar", the Grand Youni Cup 2013 Shanghai University Students Marketing planning competition and three micro-film ads, but also to help Youni further expand the impact in the industry. Youni product design and competitors are very different, the main "super easy to pay" concept. Youni users do not need to register, mobile phone number is the account, users can easily to the phone address book any friends to pay. At the same time, many netizens reflect the "super convenient" graphics cryptographic payment verification process, in the convenience of similar products have no small advantage. In addition, Youni's contribution to the payment of security has also aroused widespread concern and recognition. Building an acquaintance's social circle based on the address book and having the payment account bind the mobile phone number is considered an effective security policy. These two measures have provided perfect security for Youni users from the two aspects of isolating the malicious user and ensuring the security of the account itself. In terms of entertainment, Youni has made a huge innovation to meet the social needs of users: for example, the new features have been popular "reward." Youni creatively integrates the concept of convenient mobile payment into the social circle, if a piece of information or pictures in the circle, or the article you feel good, you can play rewards to the publisher, although the reward can be a few cents or a few yuan, but the circle to get the most rewards, or the most people who play rewards, will ascend the list of rewards. This spiritual gain is more than material pleasure. It's a lot richer than the traditional mobile social circle. Optimists in the industry believe that these have formed the advantages of convenience, security and entertainment, on the one hand to help Youni and competitors to form a differentiated competition, on the other hand, is also helping Youni to rob the mobile payment entrance share.
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