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Southern Metropolis Daily, the rich round Table

Chaired today

Presiding guest: Red Wheat software President Liu Xingliang

I felt very disappointed when I saw the list of three group buying sites for the last two months. The first group to buy a site on a small number of businesses, that is, the site and business cooperation is very limited, upstream can be mined resources are few, you can see the list of High-quality businesses very few. A total of 89 items buy products have nearly 90% are service class. And these services in the catering and entertainment industry as the main, the structure is too simple, that the group purchase site for other businesses do not appeal.

The category is very disappointing, the service is very simple

Group buying website to launch these catering and entertainment services products, but also most of the small consumption, is basically 100 yuan below, the total volume of the site is difficult to expand. This may be China's domestic per capita e-commerce consumption level is not high, coupled with consumers to buy network awareness is not high, group purchase site turnover low also inevitable.

At present, almost all of the group buying network is based on the provision of coupons, but also through coupons to be divided into profits, services are too single. Moreover, I think the purchase net some coupons actually not much use. For example, a restaurant in the list of 8.80 percent Discount card, the group purchase price-1 yuan. That means the merchant gives a dollar to the customer. Such discount cards usually walk in the streets are free to distribute, take to buy online is not much significance. There is, usually when we are in the hotel consumption, the business will be the initiative to give coupons, coupons are crammed full, no need for online coupons, online coupons more than a gimmick.

Stick to buy cheap not necessarily stick sell cheap

We can see from the list of products that the discount discounts on the group purchase website are very low, especially the service class is even lower to 10 percent. Now the consumers are basically in order to pick up cheap to participate in group buying, if the next time the merchant does not have a large range of activities, he will not go again. So it's hard for businesses to find truly valuable customers in this group of customers who like to pick up cheap. Therefore, many businesses and Web sites can not be long-term cooperation. This is the site is not sticky business situation.

There is also a situation where businesses do not stick to websites. For example, the list of a small private restaurant to launch a group purchase, the price is very low, I looked at the price will feel loss. The merchant may just hope to show his face on the internet, promote the restaurant, and hope to stick the customer with the service. Such a small restaurant daily sales are not big, if the old to buy, not to lose death? This will not be the long-term cooperation of business.

Become also "one day a purchase", the defeat also "one day to buy"

I think the biggest bright spot for Groupon is a one-day purchase, in which the biggest gain for a merchant is a whole day's advertising effect. and limit group buying website development is also a day buy. Such a model allows consumers to be in a passive state, it is difficult to drive the popularity of the site. The two seem very contradictory. Looking at the merchandise on the list, I can imagine: I have time tomorrow, want to go to see a special movie, but today's website is selling a lamp, and then one day I want to change the lamp, and that time and then sell a variety of performance tickets. Reporter Yu Tao Zhang Qi

"Buy lasting not easy, I am more optimistic about the model"

Qiming Venture partner Dong Shihao

From 03-07 years four years to the line mainly to engage in large-scale group buying entrepreneurial projects are very many, mainly to building materials products group. Most of the factors that attract customers are price, but the customer's demand for quality is not very high, so the loyalty is lower, in addition to the fence is better, the other is not good, finally proved that this model to be lasting is not easy.

Then Groupon appeared and took group buying with a breakdown of the thinking. China began to pay attention to the industry no matter hundreds of or 1000 to let users go through the process experience, if the quick success of the words do not easily.

I am more optimistic about the comments, and then to some vertical web site. Because the offline sales team of group buying site is just a day to do group buying products, the cost is higher. Therefore, I am optimistic about the company, such as Git, has a sales team, stacked group buying business is easier to manage. From the merchant's point of view, there are ads, coupons, keyword search and other comprehensive system of fist to promote his brand and products, this promotion is more attractive.

Parasitic is a good way out

Ecapital Capital CEO Ran

I think group buying can grow into a good business, and it is likely that eventually it will be attached to another larger platform. Just like social games, he can make a good business, but also attract a lot of people, but this business you say in a longer period of time he is not able to develop the support of a king of the company, I have doubts.

I believe that 99% of the purchase site will be closed down, will certainly be eliminated. There are three or five of the best, and I believe they will find a bigger platform for themselves.

It's too early to talk about winners.

Jiang Haotien, managing director, Arctic Light Venture

The network buys the pattern to need to have some transformation in China, unifies the local characteristic to carry on the change to be able to do better. At present, there are three main groups of companies, Pure imitators, the company with user resources, the company with merchant resources. They only combine their own advantages, and touch the Chinese market, users, businesses and the characteristics and needs, it is possible in which bigger and stronger.

From the perspective of institutional investors, the whole market is still in the early stage of exploration, who may eventually win is not necessarily, we will pay close attention to this market dynamics, learning and learn from This "integration brings innovation" new ideas.

"Consider new operations, like the ipad."

Happy Taobao Culture Communication Co., Ltd. General manager Wang Yulei

The appearance of group buying site is nothing more than standardization of products, but how big can buy itself? In our experience to consider, for example, a group buying site to do the ipad group purchase is very good, the first because the ipad is a new product, plus users can be lower than the price of the retail to get, the form does not matter, called Group buying or the role of the purchase is the same.

For group-buying sites, the ultimate winning factor is not the product level, but the level of operational capability.


April 1-June 1, the United States network, handle nets, Rush group group Buy Merchandise Directory statistics (the source of statistics for the above site home)

33 of American Group buy products, 26 for the service industry coupons, 7 for the kind (6 for food, the other one for the karting);

Handle NET 32 items are coupons for the service industry;

In order to catch a group of 24 products, there are 16 coupons, 8 for the kind;

Three buy net coupons and catering industry, playground coupons and beauty salon fitness coupons mostly.

The numbers of the three groups were 8, 3 and 6, the handle nets were 17, 2 and 6, and the Nets were 1, 1 and 2.

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