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As one of the important contents of the informatization of the national economy, e-commerce has openness and global advantages. In 2012, the transaction volume of cross-border e-commerce in China reached 2 trillion yuan, of which the growth rate of small wholesale and retail exports has risen by as much as 50% E-commerce has become an important force in promoting the continuous growth of China's foreign trade. Ningbo attaches great importance to the development of e-commerce and is also the first "national e-commerce model city" and the first batch of "cross-border trade e-commerce service pilot cities." As a major center of Ningbo, Haishu District, based on industrial base and geographical advantages, bigger and stronger modern service industry, accelerate the development of headquarters economy, effectively promote regional economic restructuring and upgrading. At the same time, Haishu District has great advantages in real economy, infrastructure, investment environment and scientific and technological strength, which provide a solid foundation and favorable conditions for accelerating the development of e-commerce. With Ali's expansion of e-commerce platform, especially in 2013, "Double 11" hit a huge deal of 35 billion, the traditional brand power generation business success, Amoy brand positioning is quietly changing, in order to expand Haishu District in The e-commerce influence in the development of regional economy led to the overall development of e-commerce in Ningbo City. In June 2014, the "2014 Brand Enterprise E-Business Summit" was jointly held by billion state power network and Haishu District People's Government. On June 27 Day in Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel grand opening. Inviting the exchange of well-known e-commerce platform, Haisha District e-commerce experience personal atmosphere and policies to promote business headquarters or related business Haishu District.

"This summit from the agenda planning to the corporate recommendation lasted nearly 3 months, after the summit of the content planning team visits research and multi-argument, and ultimately determine the theme of" brand dream ", multi-dimensional interpretation of the corporate brand dream, in particular, rely on E-commerce grew up online brand, "said Xing Xiaogang, director of Billion Convention and Exhibition." Although only two months after the 9th SME E-Commerce Conference, thanks to the project operation mechanism within Billion Power Network, it is an effective guarantee for this summit The most luxurious guest lineup and cutting-edge communication topics, guests from the current list of invited guests point of view, an unprecedented unprecedented honored guests at the summit, almost a representative of the traditional brands and e-commerce brands all over the net, the industry well-known bigwigs will be expected Qi Poly Haishu. "

Interpretation of the form of brand innovation, the first industry precedent

"The traditional brand representatives in the past, the network brand represents the future, choose the most representative brands and platforms, is the first highlight of this summit." The responsible person said, "In terms of content, Haishu Summit has made a bold attempt, in addition to closely linked to the brand hot spots and trends in the content, we will invite guests to create" My Brand Dream "video event as the industry's largest electricity supplier Media, billion state power network with the help of this summit, the scene announced the "2014 Network Brand Value Award." Summit form, guests in addition to the captain, brand enterprises, but also invited observers, trying to focus from that, multi-dimensional discussion Subdivision of the value of the brand. " The responsible person finally said. "Creating a refreshing discussion atmosphere is the driving force behind our constant subversion."

In the daytime summit, the organizers also elaborately set up the evening's "night chat file" - Haishu Road, private, zero depth of talk. Night chat guests will be divided into four forums (that is, four private rooms), each forum is composed of 12 people, the establishment of "table" one, responsible for the topic organization. Each forum will have an in-depth and thorough discussion of one issue.

Subversive dialogue among revolutionaries

"6.18" and "8.15" "double eleven" is called the benchmark for the electricity supplier industry, the convening of the Haishu summit just after "6.18" is the traditional brand later come from? E-commerce brand or continue to win the world?

The Internet world has never been a victorious general. The previous vertical B2C and Amoy brand have dominated, leading the industry. Amoy net CEO Bi Sheng has said, see more investors can not see it. But soon ashes, fell by the media exposure of the sale of the company, turned yellow tomorrow. Obviously, the story of channel e-commerce after the burn can not last long after all, can really concocted doomed brand game.

However, according to billion state power network understanding, with the platform strategic transformation, Amoy brand living space is being squeezed. Lynx announced in 2014 that it will no longer regard sales as the sole target but will pay more attention to brand tonality. In particular, the strong support for international first-tier brands will make e-commerce brands once again face the moment of death and death.

In response, Yin Man, Han clothing, split silk and other Amoy brand has begun to layout, on the one hand, through the merger and acquisition of the form of operation to the group development, organizational structure and scale to further expand in an attempt to break through the ceiling; the other hand , These Internet brands are also beginning to infiltrate high-end products, introducing unique sub-brands that strive to be unique and can not be copied, as well as exceeding the expected customer price level. Yin Man CEO Fang Jianhua stressed that Lynx transition process, the brand price war, really activated the market and users, enriched the product category structure, but in the end Ebb Tide can develop a distinctive brand.

In the era of post-inventory, the traditional brand is facing further changes in online and offline integration. Relevant data show that online retail sales accounted for only 8% of the total social zero, the entire traditional retail industry, "local tyrants" who will usher in the collective part of the commercial electronic. In the next tough battle, the traditional brands will use mobile Taobao, WeChat, smart phones and other mobile Internet products, including Jack Jones, Metersbonwe, including a number of "veteran" not only rise, and began to rekindle Vitality, O2O wave also make more and more Internet brand and traditional brand boundaries more and more fuzzy. Let us work together with the Ningbo Assembly to discuss brand building under the era of the next store, how to re-interpret the user correctly, the meeting will be invited Yin Man, Semir, Smith Barney, GXG relevant responsible person to attend the meeting to discuss.

From the brand to the category of life gate

To say the brand, you must not open the category. Seize the prosperity of a category or create a category, can make the brand step by step. Big Pu Wang Zhiquan second venture, focus on consumer safety and peace of mind only make home textiles products, even at international standards to PK domestic traditional textile industry. This disruptive thinking is not just a counterattack after Wang Zhiquan gave up scale competition but also represents a new direction for the era of category competition.

In fact, as early as 2012, when talking to Billion Power Network, Ma Jiajia made clear his position and attitude, using the ultimate user experience and deep thought communication, To reverse the people's understanding of the sex toy industry.

Obviously, in the big net and bubble eyes, selling is far from commodities, but a way of life. In the field of champion, and not only sales, but how to better capture the user's mind. In addition, many companies such as HanDou, Diamond Bird, Inman, Meile, Libo, wheat bags and so on, in all these numerous cases, are deeply rooted in the category to win the favor of the market.

In this era to seize the category of life gate, create a brand kingdom, sometimes more strategic than the enterprise itself. How to make the brand collocation of passion collide with it? Ningbo Assembly tells you: In the era of the Internet, how to do a good job of product positioning, transfer the connotation of the brand, find the brand's pain points, tap the brand point of view.

More summit information: http://huodong.ebrun.com/meeting/2014hs

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