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Recently, Hammer CEO Roy Wing Ho issued an official statement on the frequent "Quality Door" incidents and supply shortages, saying "the production capacity is worse than the worst in the plan." "It takes a few weeks to resume production," and " A few months to digest the existing orders. "

In this regard, China Net financial reporters interviewed Langfang Foxconn factory, the relevant responsible person said, "Hammer mobile phone emergency replacement foundry, is no longer in Langfang (Foxconn) production."

China Net Financial reporter also confirmed at an insider close to Hammer Technology that "Hammer cellphone production line has been moved from Langfang (Foxconn) to Beijing Yizhuang (Foxconn) for the purpose of" emergency replacement of foundries. "At present, when Being able to digest existing orders is not yet certain and may be longer than a few months. "

"If only a few months to digest orders, hammer cell phone production capacity may be a big problem, the reason should not just the lack of supply of components." A person engaged in research and development for many years in the mobile phone industry to China Net financial reporter explained.

Hammer emergency replacement foundry

July 22, hammer technology announcement that the hammers mobile phone production capacity of a serious problem to reach the normal need weeks, and take a few months to digest the existing orders. At the same time Hammer Technology's official website also cancel 300 yuan pre-payment booking, to 0 yuan booking.

As early as July 8, the first batch of 1,000 hammer cell phones available for sale, the company issued a "apology on the production capacity and delivery." The statement said it was "under-production-prone" and under-produced and promised "within a week or two" of production lines "at an ideal level."

Obviously, hammer cell phone production capacity has not improved, but continue to deteriorate. "A good day can come out hundreds of good products, poor time even to stop the entire production line to rectify." Hammer Technology CEO Luo Yonghao admitted in his Weibo.

In this regard, China Net financial reporter interviewed Hammer Science and Technology Public Relations Department responsible person, the responsible person said that "due to the two key components supply problems, resulting in insufficient capacity." But the reporter asked the manufacturers of components, the other claimed The reason for "Protecting Partners" can not be disclosed.

However, the fact is far from it.

China Net Financial reporter previously announced hammer cell phone foundry - Department of Langfang Foxconn Department learned that "the hammer cell phone emergency replacement foundry, is no longer in Langfang (Foxconn) production."

The news was also confirmed by the aforementioned insiders approaching Hammer Technology. "Hammer mobile phone production line has been moved from Langfang (Foxconn) to Beijing Yizhuang (Foxconn) .At present, engineers are in Beijing Yizhuang (Foxconn) factory." This person to China Net financial reporter said, "variable too much, when to digest No one has been able to determine the order, the time may be longer than 'a few months.'

"A few months to digest the order situation is not normal. Hammer cell phone production capacity may be a big problem, the reason should not only the lack of supply of components." A person engaged in research and development of mobile phone industry for many years to explain to China Net financial reporters .

Prior to the China Network reporter learned that from May to June will have 70,000 sets of components used in the assembly has been shipped to the factory in Langfang Foxconn. Obviously, the first sale of 1000 hammers mobile phones are produced by the Langfang Foxconn.

This time, hammer mobile emergency replacement foundry why? Hammer Technology PR person in charge can not explain the reason.

"One reason is the need to run the production line, the other reason is the design flaws, if the design flaws may be difficult to change." Wang Yanhui, China Mobile Alliance Secretary explained to China Net financial reporters.

Hampers too low yield is accused of premature sales

Since July 1, the first batch of 1000 officially shipped, hammer mobile phone Smartisan T1 suffered a series of "quality door" events, due to the screen frame fragmentation, front camera position is not correct, the physical keys collapse and other issues repeatedly by the user complaints. Subsequently, Hammer Technology CEO Luo Yonghao said in a public statement that it was the hardest ten days since the hammer technology was founded. The reason for the quality problem is the low yield.

In the statement of Luo Yonghao and Hammer Technology official Weibo, the problem was also attributed to such factors as the "production line running-in," "inexplicable assembly operations by workers," and "no unified quality control standards" and other foundries.

However, "the mobile phone as a whole is developed by Hammer Science and Technology Co., Ltd., ultimately responsible for hammer technology, not Foxconn." Wang Yanhui, secretary-general of China Mobile Phone, expressed a different opinion to China.com reporter: "Under normal circumstances, OEMs are only responsible Assembly. Quality control procedures should be done by handset manufacturers to the foundry, while technical staff should also be supervised. "

In addition, according to the available data, it is estimated by the insiders that the yield of hammers and mobile phones will not exceed 50%. The normal production line yield should be 93% or more.

"It also means that the cost of production has risen at least doubled, so hammer cell phones will not be able to continue mass production until they have a good yield," Wang Yanhui said.

In the industry, mobile phones newly launched on the production line are quite normal when faced with problems of insufficient supply in the supply chain, ramp up of production capacity and low yield in the past without mass production experience. In the early days, Xiaomi and Meizu, who had just been involved in the mobile phone industry, also encountered the same problem.

"Should not be good when the yield is not high, the sale." Engaged in mobile phone production R & D for many years to the Chinese financial industry, told reporters, "Any mobile phone manufacturers, only when the yield rate is normal, will be on sale. When it is mass-produced, it is only used as engineering machine for evaluation and inspection. "

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