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March 18, Provincial http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/38595.html "> People's government Press office, held a press conference on the second China Guizhou Talent Fair." According to the introduction, this talent expo will be held from March 28 to 29th in Guiyang international Talent City, Guiyang International Ecological Conference Center, organized 800 provincial enterprises employing units on-site recruitment.

Highlight the introduction of 4 types of talents

For Guizhou, the talent is the base of development, the transformation of the need to, across the foundation. Talent Xing is Guizhou Xing, talent strong is Guizhou strong.

This talent Expo is sponsored by the Provincial party committee and Provincial People's government, the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee organizing organization, the provincial human resources and Social Security Department and the Guiyang People's government. To "build the first choice of talent entrepreneurship, and promote the reform and development of a new leap" as the theme, will be wide-Xian road, widely gathered in the world.

It is understood that the work of the Talent Expo focus on the introduction of high-level talent at home and abroad, highlighting the introduction of a doctorate or orthometric titles of high-level shortage of talent, highlighting the introduction of their own projects at home and abroad high-level talent, highlighting the introduction of "Four sync" the urgent need for high-level talent.

800 Enterprises in the field

In this talent expo, combined with the reality of Guizhou, the organizers carefully organized and planned a rich and diverse main activities: first, the introduction of talent and Exchange Summit Forum. The Conference will invite relevant leaders, renowned talent experts, large data industry experts and our province to introduce high-level talent representatives, in view of Guizhou's economic and social innovation in the development process of hot and difficult issues, to discuss strategies and countermeasures. Second, the development of high-level personnel to focus on open recruitment. The General Assembly organizes 800 provincial enterprises employing units on-site recruitment. Third, to carry out well-known human resources service institutions at home and abroad, Talent (project) promotion activities. Will have from the United States, France, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Japan and other countries, 14 overseas talent agencies, more than 100 overseas high-level talent, experts bring independent intellectual property projects, at the Talent Expo site held at home and abroad Talent (project) referral. Four is a major talent project docking negotiations. I province all kinds of employing units and to be introduced to the high-level Talent (project) early through the Internet, telephone and other means of docking, to reach the basic intention, the site for docking, negotiation, signed the relevant agreement. Five is to carry out the introduction of our provincial results show. The use of special lectures, graphics and text display panels, video films and other forms, focusing on the provinces and key industries, key parks and "5 100 Projects" and other results.

There will be policy funding to achieve the intention

where during the exposition to the relevant units of our province signed or reached the project to introduce the intention of high-level talent, in addition to enjoy the province of the city states, parks, employing units of preferential policies, while giving the following policies and financial support: first, the establishment of the "green Channel", the relevant units in the province of the talent fair during the introduction of the Doctor, Orthometric above professional title, on-site assessment simplified procedures to recruit. In line with the provisions of "Implementing measures for the introduction of green channels for high level talents in Guizhou province", the government has issued the "Green card for high level talents in Guizhou province", and enjoys various preferential policies such as project support, scientific research funding, financial support, housing security and so on. Second, the overseas high-level personnel, the provincial doctor above the high level of talent to Guizhou to pay travel subsidy. Third, to encourage all kinds of human resources service organizations at home and abroad to visit and organize high-level talents to participate in talent fair. Four is to our province enterprise through the Human Resources Service organization to provide the Headhunting service to introduce the high-level industry talented person, conforms to the related condition request, gives the enterprise Headhunting service expense subsidy.

Up to now, the information system has collected all kinds of employing units of various types of personnel needs 11,727, of which 1478 PhD demand, Master's demand for 4,777, collect all kinds of project needs 358, at the same time, there are nearly 400 doctors at home and abroad in the information system on their own registration.

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