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For the server, the same configuration, the tower structure of the product price is the cheapest, blade server is the most expensive, and the rack server between the two. For small and medium-sized enterprises with low budget, if it is ordinary commercial then Tower Server is the best choice, of course, if it is used to deploy webhttp://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/15818.html "> Application Server, To consider a rack-like server, for hosting, because the size of the rack server is small, compared to the tower server, although the cost of more expensive, but can save more hosting costs, less momentum spending. But for the capital and manpower abundant big enterprise then directly chooses more fashionable, the performance is more formidable blade server.

Since Intel launched the four core server processor in 07, an increasing number of enterprises are facing the need to upgrade their servers, and for many large enterprises, because of their relatively stable infrastructure, rack servers will most likely be their preferred object, not least because the rack server takes up the benefits of small managed space, More because it can be a cluster deployment of the characteristics of many of the users to build data centers.

Rack-type server small size, easy to cluster deployment is its advantage, with the introduction of the Intel four nuclear processors, the server in the price changes in the case of a significant increase in performance, and clustered deployment is the need for high-performance rack-type server products, it is also catering to the needs of users.

At the same time, the rack-type server from the volume also has different specifications, according to the height of the different, can be divided into 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U several. 1U is the smallest and the least scalable, however, for the deployment of clustered servers, the need for scalability is very small, it only needs to have sufficient performance can be upgraded in the future is also a batch of replacement server, and will not take the upgrade of a certain hardware, the most will be a batch of the hard drive and memory, The current 1U rack server memory can generally support 16GB or more memory, while the hard disk can be equipped with two or three pieces. SAS hard disk is currently the best performance of the hard drive, its maximum speed can reach 15000 rpm, the maximum capacity can reach 300GB per block, if the support of 3 hard disk calculation, 1U rack-type server can support nearly 1TB of hard disk capacity, enough to meet the needs of clustered deployment.

Currently in the rack-type server area, the main use of the Intel Xeon series processors, the current high-performance 1U rack server is mainly the use of Intel dual quad-core processor, most standard only provides a single processor, users can add a single model of the same type of dual-circuit system, Overall performance can meet the need to deploy clustered servers.

Ultimately, the overall requirement for large and medium enterprises to deploy clustered servers is that they are strong enough to today I will introduce four of the current market mainstream high-performance server, the four products covered by IBM, Hewlett-Packard, DELL, Lenovo four major domestic and foreign server brands, product design compact, strong performance stability, Good cooling capability, more suitable for enterprise user-intensive deployment and high load consolidation.

Lenovo Wan Quan (R510 G6 S5405 1g/160sn)

Lenovo is a well-known domestic server manufacturers, its foolproof series of servers in the enterprise users are popular, especially the tower server is by the broad masses of small and medium-sized enterprises unanimously recognized, of course, its rack-type server also has a decent performance, this R510 G6 S5405 is a strong performance of the 1U rack-type server, the current price of 21000 yuan, very suitable for large and medium enterprises clustered deployment.

Lenovo Wan Quan R510 G6 S5405 1g/160sn adopt 1U Rack-type structure design, occupy very small hosting space. Standard Intel mainstream 45 nm Xeon E5405 processor, core frequency 2.0GHz, quad-core sharing 12MB two cache, 1333MHz front bus, maximum support dual Intel four core or dual-core processor. Standard 1GB DDR2 Fb-dimm ECC full buffer memory, ECC technology can effectively reduce memory addressing errors.

Storage, the standard 1 160GB SATA hot-swappable hard drive, support 4 hot-swappable hard drive bits, the current SATA maximum 1TB, you can install 4TB capacity SATA hard drive. The motherboard IDE controller integrates single channel ATA100, integrates 4 SATA II, optional onboard SATA RAID 0, 1, 10 disk arrays, and also integrates SAS controllers that allow users to choose according to their needs. Equipped with 1 Slim CD-ROM drives, you can choose the Cd-rw/dvd Combo CD-ROM drive and the USB drive. Integrated Intel dual Gigabit Adaptive Ethernet card, support network card redundancy, load balancing and other functions, can effectively avoid the network traffic over the large server system caused by the crash and downtime problems. Power supply, provide a standard 600W server power supply.

Lenovo R510 G6 S5405 1G/160SN processor type Intel Xeon E5405 Core frequency 2.0GHz, quad-core sharing 12MB two cache processor number/maximum 1/2 memory type/MAX 1GB DDR2 Fb-dimm ecc/n/ A hard drive type/MAX 160GB SATA/4TB Optical drive/floppy drive cd-rom/standard USB floppy card integrated Intel dual Gigabit Adaptive Ethernet card, support network card redundancy, load balancing functions

Lenovo's overall performance of the server is strong, Intel E5405 strong computing power to meet the needs of various environments, the current price of 21000 yuan, is very suitable for large and medium enterprises in the bulk deployment of clustered servers.

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