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Compare two mainstream 1U server assembly vs Brand

Before we made a comparison, select a high price of well-known brand servers and a well-known brand of affordable server, from hardware configuration and so on for everyone to analyze, the conclusion is that "some high-priced servers in fact, the quality of the product itself or performance is really no advantage to say, Sometimes it's not even as good as a cheap quality product. Therefore, in the purchase of low-end server (general dual-way Xeon and its equivalent type of server belongs to the middle end, the specification below belongs to the low-end), it is not blindly superstitious "a penny a penny" this saying, more ...

DIY Server and server hosting experience sharing

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall in the middle of the night, simply don't sleep,   Get up and share some of the previous time DIY server and hosting server, pure personal experience Summary, no technical content can be said, veteran laughed ...   Nonsense not much to say we go straight to the subject. DIY server First of all, we have to have a ...

Some things to note about server hosting

With the expansion of the > company, Virtual hosts or servers set up in their own companies will be unable to meet the needs of bandwidth and stability, Host hosting is put on the agenda, and this article describes some considerations for server hosting. 1. Managed server can be small a lot of friends know that in the computer room to rent a location is not cheap. For small companies, the initial investment, while trying to save as much as possible, is ...

Quality price with five boat SF6013 server

Cheap things are always our favorite, the recent five boat server proposed "International manufacturers of quality, the price of Chinese civilians," the slogan, at the same time put forward "361˚ service", in the service of customer support made "Three year warranty, a year   Aggregation/39355.html "> Door-to-door Service" service commitment, for customers to buy a server to lift the worries, I believe this commitment will allow our customers to get more benefits. Five Boat server ...

What are the reasons for the data center to deny the blade server

The following article is mainly about seven reasons for the data center to say no to the blade server, the data center of the secret weapon, blade server in addition to their market status of hype, after the purchase also have to face the reality. Users must provide training for hardware personnel because the blades need their own blade chassis because of the extra rack space in the data center, special power supply and network connectivity. Michael Bach, chief executive of Tulsa Connect, explains 7 reasons not to buy or deploy blades in a data center: 1. Deploy Blade data ...

Server hire be careful how to pick IDC

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall for Small and medium enterprises or enterprises involved in E-commerce platform, The rental of IDC company's server has a certain advantage. First of all, worry, do not need to bother users, and secondly, there are preferential prices. So how do you pick the right server? What should be paid attention to when renting IDC's servers?

Excellent performance IBM x3250 M4 server selling 8700 yuan

Today, editors from the merchant "Hao Lian (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd." learned: IBM System x3250 M4 (2583i18) server is a 1U rack-type server, this server's biggest feature is the space footprint is small, and   Zixun/aggregation/9956.html "> cheap, very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to buy, it is worth the enterprise to buy." In the small space of 1U, this server is standard ...

I finally managed a server.

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall to manage small website of I, tried various different virtual host." including domestic foreign. The earliest use of hodtgator, large capacity, large bandwidth, the host is extremely stable (how to toss will not hang); the only problem is slow response time, ping value 240~300ms. And then more seriously, ...

Low price performance stable and reliable brand rack-type Server Shopping guide

Single-rack server because of the low space consumption, relatively cheap prices and other factors have been the IDC service providers and server cluster users, especially in the current economic situation, there is expansion of demand but also need to control the cost of enterprise users are increasingly focused on this market, today, We've been looking for the most popular in the market recently the use of Intel Xeon single processor server products, they have a common feature is to ensure that the price is relatively inexpensive to provide a stable and reliable performance, I hope we introduce these products for everyone's choice ...

Super Cloud provides one-stop cloud storage for the Hadoop optimization server

Chen Jingxi: Hello, I am the world's Super Cloud product manager, "Super Warehouse-help build private storage Cloud", cloud everybody knows, cloud computing is very hot, Cang everybody first thought is what? Warehouses, and granaries, and grain. There are rice, put noodles. What kind of stuff is in the warehouse? Not now. I'm going to cook dinner tonight, I'll take the grain out of the warehouse, but I have a lot of reserves. The time to put in the warehouse, including goods, food, including any kind of reserve material is defined by the warehouse. The Super Warehouse we are going to introduce to you today is also based on this ...

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