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This article, I focus on the personal cloud data in the main basic aspects of life.

I will be the most commonly used data messages, contacts, documents, pictures, videos, audio, notes and so on PC, Web, PAD, Mobile, to achieve real-time synchronization. For example, I added a contact person to my phone, and the contact person on my other device could quickly add it to me by synchronizing it in real time; I made a change to a document on my PC, and the document on the other device was immediately synchronized; I can also log on to the Web page to view and edit my data while I am not taking my computer.

Take my own current situation to sample, currently my device and application: Mobile phone is Xiaomi 2,android system, MIUI v5,wps Mobile version SkyDrive Android version, configure personal mailbox Hotmail Exchange Mode ( If this is not MIUI V5, it may not be good to match, I explained in detail later, configure the company mailbox Exchange Mode, OneNote Mobile version, Lync 2013 (planned);

Home PC Desktop 1 (laptop daughter-in-law commandeer), win 7,office 2010 (including OneNote 2010,outlook), Skydrive,lync 2013 (planned);

Company PC Notebook 1, Win 7,office 2010 (including OneNote 2010,outlook), Skydrive,lync 2013 (planned);

Company Virtual Machine 1 (as my real work machine, in both the company and home Remote Desktop to this use), Windows Server 2012 (Desktop Experience installed), Office 2013 (including OneNote 2013,outlook 2013), SkyDrive , Lync 2013 (planned);

Pad is the ipad 2, unfortunately pad I am very difficult to get into, the daughter-in-law has long occupied, but the following application configuration is basically reliable, SkyDrive ipad version, OneNote ipad version, office with casual, e-mail with ipad version, or use also directly in Exchange Mode (with no actual test, should be feasible), Lync 2013 (planned);

Why choose Microsoft as the theme of cloud applications, I think the advantages and disadvantages:

Outlook, because of the growing strength of WPS and other Office, Outlook appears to Excel, with messages, calendars, contacts, tasks, meeting invitations ... And so on, not only the Office tool, I think personal communication and daily life arrangements are very good, there is no better than this. The key is that the exchange model is too powerful, and IMAP is just scum ... foxmail seems to support mail Exchange Mode, and I look forward to its development, open source software to refuel.

The company's mailbox, Exchange messaging system, and outlook on the PC are the perfect combination of support Web version, Android, Apple, Windows Support ActiveSync, various platforms, mail, calendar, contacts can be perfect synchronization, But the task of the mobile phone point, you may need to charge the mail synchronization program, the previous Windows Mobile This is quite good, the task can be synchronized.

Hotmail, Now it's called, is equivalent to Microsoft's public Exchange mailbox system, I think as a personal mailbox, better than Gmail, a large part of the reason is that the PC Outlook and Hotmail perfect integration for it to add, and Microsoft's this really not only changed a name so Simple, it really works a lot. There is also a client for non-PC, mail this piece is very good, but the contact this piece of problem from the Hotmail client began to now has not resolved: Android phone can not create contacts to the account, created to Gmail is no problem, created to the company's Exchange Mode mailbox account Also OK, which leads to contact can only one-way from the PC, the Web site synchronization over. Foreigners have complained about it, and look at The Spit of foreigners: Now-i-cant-edit-contact-and-add-new-contact-to/679aab49-aa8d-4774-be2f-72f971b6fde0?msgid= a0a2df29-1219-489e-baa3-dd3c101619d2&tm=1369882755906

This slot identifies 2 solutions, one using a third-party program "Contact Editor Free":

One is directly on the Android phone Exchange Mode: (This I test effective, pretty good, especially Millet 2 MIUI V5, direct integration)

The following figure, my configuration on Xiaomi 2 other phones should be available for reference.

Mail this application, the key is to support the ActiveSync and Exchange Mode, for me, all platforms support mail transceiver synchronization, contact synchronization, calendar synchronization is necessary, this aspect of QQ mailbox and mobile phone sync mailbox and contact is OK, do not know how the calendar, I don't know how to sync with PC.

SkyDrive and Office Online are pretty handy to sync a folder directly to the Web site, which I think is pretty good, and the integration with Office 365 is pretty good, no need to worry about not having office installed locally. Non-PC end because is not data synchronization, only temporarily to download, although it is for the mobile phone these small hard disk terminal considerations, but the speed is too slow to open. Microsoft should move the SkyDrive server to China. Google's great god of Office should be very far away, in addition, the Chinese people are basically difficult to use directly. Domestic is not easy to say, that is, a data synchronization bar, Office Online This piece is almost not.

ONENOTE,PC on Office components, has been using it, found and SkyDrive synchronization, there is a qualitative change, the PC should be one of the best notebook applications, I do not want to add "one", just because many notebooks are now used more, And OneNote does not feel very good on non-PC terminals such as mobile phones ... For example, the drawing is not on the Android phone. So the application of the note is a very strong alternative, the impression that the way these are good!



I went back to get my daughter-in-law last night. Xiaomi 1 successfully configured directly in Exchange Mode, and without the manual configuration, take the Exchange Mailbox Configuration Wizard, enter the, password, and then succeed. Her system is MIUI ICS24.0 (V4) and does not have a dedicated Hotmail Mailbox Configuration Wizard. Because some of the mailbox suffixes of Hotmail are and, I do not know if these can be successfully configured directly with the Exchange Mailbox Wizard, based on my experience with Exchange Server for many years, handmade should be possible.

About the ipad, last night I found in the ipad 2 is a dedicated to Hotmail Mailbox Configuration Wizard, perfect support calendar, contacts, Mail Sync! Maybe you don't need's ipad app anymore.

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