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Following the Hewlett-Packard 2011 Discovery Conference (HP Discover 2011) In the United States Las Vegas closed, 2011 HP Cloud World Congress has today met with Chinese users. Whether it is the 2011 Annual meeting of HP in the United States or the Cloud World Congress in China, it is clear that cloud computing is the focus of HP's strategy.

Cloud Four

He Jianbo, manager of China Hewlett-Packard Solutions Center, briefed IT168 editor on HP's understanding of cloud computing, He Jianbo that the concept of cloud computing contained three key points: resilience, pooling of pooled computing resources, and pay-per-view. The so-called elasticity, meaning that users in the process of consumer cloud computing services can be dynamically scalable, not only need to increase the workload when the workload or expansion, in the workload is not high, the reduction of resources and expansion in fact equally important. Sharing a pool of resources means pooling of computing, storage, networks, and even data and information resources. Finally, users can quantify how much cloud computing resources are available and can pay on demand.

In the process of migrating the enterprise architecture to cloud computing, the role of the CIO has also undergone a subtle shift, with the four key activities that CIOs need to optimize in the cloud ERA include: transition and build, transition from traditional infrastructure and applications to cloud, management and security, including online applications and cloud asset security; Secure consumer services for external cloud and cloud providers.

▲ HP believes that cloud architecture migration from traditional architectures requires four steps

China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd. infrastructure software and blade system sales China Cloud Sales Manager Lu Hong introduces HP's cloud infrastructure solutions----cloudsystem solutions. HP Cloudsystem provides the most complete, comprehensive, and open platform that enables enterprise and service providers to build and manage services across private, public, and mixed cloud environments.

▲ The composition of HP Cloud system Cloudsystem

According to Lu Hong, Cloudsystem includes three configurations, the entry-level configuration is based on the HP Cloudsystem Matrix, and for users who first build a private cloud platform, they can help users complete infrastructure and application configurations in a very short time and build an IaaS system. Infrastructure and application infrastructure as service (IaaS). HP Cloudsystem Enterprise for users who have built private cloud systems that want to extend the cloud platform, which allows users to manage across private, public, and mixed clouds and add advanced applications to infrastructure lifecycle management.

The highest level of HP Cloudsystem is the service provider version, launched for cloud service providers, provides public and managed private cloud deployments, and enables unified service consolidation and management, Cloudsystem service provider is HP Cloud Service enablement The infrastructure of the product portfolio is the foundation of services, mainly for telecommunications service providers, so that service providers can quickly launch their own new services, and easier to expand.

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